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20 Hottest Honey Balayage Hairstyles for 2024

Are you looking for a way to refresh your look and lighten up your hair? One of the best highlighting techniques to achieve a natural and pleasant appearance is the balayage. Honey balayage hairstyles are particularly striking as the shade mixes well with a variety of different tones.

You could have a pop of light color on really dark hair, or you could create a subtle highlighting effect by adding honey to already light locks. Finding a way to make this honey balayage shade work for you will enable you to try out new looks that you’ve never dreamed of before.


Trendy Honey Balayage Hairstyles

Look no further than the list below for every honey hairdo you could ever wish to see. Your new look is waiting for you.

Honey Ombre Balayage

honey balayage ombre hair

We’re starting off with a classic honey ombre balayage where the hair transitions from dark to light. The locks are straight and simple so they can be worn in this manner every day.


Thick Curls

curly honey balayage hair

Curls this wild are in definite need of some highlighting. The balayage technique helps bring some depth into this look and it helps the curl clumps look a little more defined.


Wavy Bob

honey balayage bob

A honey balayage bob is the perfect way to bring some life into a simple hairdo. Wave your hair to add some further liveliness to the look.

The hair should fall to just below the chin and it should feature a side parting.


Long Layered Look

layered honey balayage hair

Some women may want to wear their lovely locks long. Get some layers if you do, as they’ll ensure there’s a lot of dimension to your style.

Get honey highlights to help your hair look it’s absolute best as it cascades down your shoulders. You should pair this shade with several others so your hair has lots of variances.


Medium Waves

medium length honey balayage hair

Medium-length locks are a perfect middle ground for a woman who doesn’t want something too long, but who doesn’t want super short tresses.

Highlights and waves prevent the haircut from looking too dull so people will be envious of your appearance.


Light Honey Waves

light honey balayage hair

There are lots of different shades of honey and here we see one of the lighter ones. It compliments light brown or dark blonde hair nicely.

Most of the highlights are focused on the front sections of hair as that’s where the eye is naturally drawn to. There’s a peek of a much darker color visible on the underside of the hair.


Long Fine Locks

honey balayage hair color for fine hair

Highlights are very much needed if you have fine hair. They can make your tresses look thicker as there’ll be more colors to catch the eye. It almost creates an illusion to trick whoever looks at you.


Loose Curls

honey balayage loose curls

A honey balayage can definitely help your hairstyle stand out. The way the light bounces off these loose curls reveals so many different tones.

Wear your hair just a little longer than shoulder length and keep a middle parting which is currently trendy.


Braided Updo

honey balayage updo

We’ve mostly seen light hair colors with highlights so far, but this look proves honey looks wonderful on darker hair too.

The updo takes hair from the sides and has it form a braid. The braid sits across the back of the head with the hair from the bottom and top tucked and pinned behind it.


Long Loose Waves

honey balayage on dark hair

Here’s another example of honey tones helping dark hair pop. Here the highlights start higher on the head and they’re laced throughout the long, loose waves as they fall down the back.


Chunky Highlights

middle part honey balayage hair

Most of the styles we’ve seen so far have the highlights painted and blended subtly with the rest of the hair. Here the highlights are painted on in slightly chunky sections.

Most of the highlights are focused around the face. They make the long, straight hair stand out more as the natural dark color would look plain without them.


Dark Brown Curls

honey balayage on dark brown hair

Honey balayage highlights on dark brown locks always stand out more. Curls also emphasize the highlighted areas as you can see so much of the color’s depth.

A lot of the lighter shade is focused toward the front of the face. Almost all of the ends of the hair are also painted.


Light Honey Waves

light honey balayage wavy hair

This color has a smooth transition from medium tone to light. All the ends of the hair are light honey but the highlighting begins high on the head. 

It’s subtle towards the top and gradually becomes more pronounced as the hair forms waves. The sides are shorter than the back so the color creeps into the sides a little higher up.


Long Wavy Bob

honey balayage wavy bob

Bobs are neat and easy to maintain so they suit busy women or women who dislike having to spend a lot of time on their hair.

However short bobs can sometimes look dull so wear yours longer. Keeping it wavy will make it look good with very little effort.


Straight Hair with Bangs

light honey balayage hair with bangs

Full bangs that sit right across your forehead are a timeless look that every lady needs to try at least once. The bangs are light brown as is most of the hair.

The honey balayage element of the hairstyle is mostly focused on the ends of the tresses here.


Gradual Highlights

wavy honey balayage hair

When it comes to having super long hair, too many highlights can look dull but too few are even worse. Here the balayage appear gradually from the shoulders down.

By the time we reach the ends of the hair, all of the tresses are honey-colored.


Ultra Light Honey

light honey balayage long hair

In many of these looks, we can see several different colors in the hair. Here the honey balayage shade is most prevalent and visible all over the head.

The tresses have a middle parting and fall midway down the chest so it’s perfect for somebody who loves long locks.


Shag with Bangs

honey balayage shag haircut

Shag haircuts are trendy these days and pairing one with bangs makes it even better. The base color of the hair is very dark and visible towards the top of the head.

The way the lighter shade is painted becomes very obvious when you look at the bangs.


Face Framing Highlights

honey balayage highlights

This isn’t the only honey balayage where most of the highlights are focused around the face. However, it’s the only one so far where there are small strands highlighted specifically by the face.

The rest of the tresses have their beautiful dark color visible, especially at the back.


Long Layers

honey balayage hair color

If you’d like to create a lot of definition in your look, then consider getting some long layers. The visible layers start low on the head so they’re impossible to miss.

Most of the highlighting is done in the top layer so the lower half of the hair stands out even more as it’s darker than the rest.


Whether you opt for light on light or light on dark, there’s no denying that honey balayage hair color is among the most desirable looks to have. It truly is the best way to highlight your hair.

Go through the list and find the look that will suit your desires and skin tone. There are so many that it’s impossible for you not to find something you like!

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