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15 Fresh Balayage Bob Hairstyles That Are Trendy in 2024

Coloring has always been in trend; women love experimenting with different colors and coloring techniques. Having a balayage bob is trending these days amongst women of all ages.

After ombre, women are more inclined towards balayage. In balayage, the colors are infused in your hair, giving a more sophisticated look with two tones blending naturally.


Balayage Bob Hairstyles to Rock Any Occasion in Any Season

If you are wondering what balayage bob hairstyles you can choose or how you can use various colors, then here is a whole list of them, just for you. Opt for any one of these fantastic styles and flaunt your locks. 

1. Balayage Bob With Bangs

balayage bob with bangs

If you want a simple, effortless style that is attractive, and eye-catching style, go for this one. It is an excellent choice for anyone with brown hair who wants a natural blonde look. This style will require medium to thick hair to get that inverted look.


2. Curly Blonde Lob

curly blonde balayage bob with dark roots

A hairstyle that can suit any skin tone is the curly balayage bob. Here, the layered cut curls will create a voluminous look, and the brown hue will elevate the style. It is a chic and classy hairdo that’ll go well with a heart or oval-shaped face.


3. Inverted Side-Swept Bob

inverted balayage bob

In order to get a bold look that will accentuate your facial features, go ahead with the sleek style.

It will be ideal for medium to thick hair and suits all skin tones, especially fair skin. It’s a high fashion cut that needs very little styling and is an attractive style.


4. Pixie Layered Peacock 

pixie bob with short balayage hair

One of the most daring hairstyles is this mix of hues in a Pixie cut. It will create a cool look and go well with a round, oval, or heart-shaped face.

It is a flattering hairstyle that features asymmetrical side partings and a long fringe to suit round-shaped faces. A hint of green at the top makes it a complete boho hip daily hairdo.


5. Red Wavy Layered Hair

red balayage long bob

You can also try this red balayage long bob cut to have a subtle look. It has a fashionably tousled finish that is tonged in a random pattern of curls. This hairstyle is suitable for medium or thick textured hair and heart, oval or square faces.


6. Caramel Highlights on Brown Hair 

short balayage bob

Every hairstyle can have a varied mix and match of colors. Here is another trendy look with caramel hair that is easy to style and maintain.

It is a cute version of an inverted bob ideal for the round-shaped face. It creates a wavy, soft, and romantic look with a touch of volume at the back.


7. Sun-Kissed Hair With Layered Fringes

sunkissed balayage bob

This edgy, messy hairdo is quite famous amongst women. It will give you the feel of a stunner and will go well with a heart-shaped face and medium to fair skin tone. If you have medium or thick textured hair, then a layered style is the best way to enhance the beauty of your locks.


8. Dark Pink Wavy Lob

dark pink balayage bob

Irrespective of your hair texture, you can always have a bob cut with dark pink balayage. It looks great on a round-shape face as it adds more charm to it.

It is a clever and perfect choice for a spring hairstyle. Hot pink is a great party hairstyle because of its loving warm side.


9. Caramelized Hair With Front Bangs

graduated balayage bob

Make your casual daily style bright and interesting with this look. The highlighted lovely waves for spring and summer add an extra style to your hair. It’s a short and easy hairstyle with blunt ends that appear to be thicker, thus making it popular for medium and fine hair.


10. A-Line Grey Bob

A line balayage bob

A-line balayage bob is another great hairstyle that will never get out of fashion. It is one of the most flattering chic hairstyles which is ideal for oval-shaped faces and goes well with any hair type. It is a simple hairstyle that is suitable for even the workplace environment.


11. Curly Permed Hair

Curly bob will offer you a glossy yet natural appearance. It is one of the best choices to get a flattering shape and show off your curly pattern. It will go well with medium to thick hair, create a voluminous look, and is ideal for round-shaped faces.


12. Middle Parted Sleek Look

balayage bob with middle part

Short hair surely pops up the colors on your hair, giving you a more stunning look.  Moreover, if you part your hair from the middle, it will give you a sleek appearance that will never go out of fashion. It is ideal for an oval-shaped face and medium-textured hair. 


13. Chic Bronze Highlights 

woman with balayage bob

Instagram/@omniaestheticAn ideal style for round shaped face and thick textured hair is this one. Keep the hair length till your neck and sweep hair towards one side to give a more voluminous look.

It features rounded hair and embraces the edge of your face. It can be worn on any occasion and goes well with medium to fair skin tones.


14. Layered Lob for Thin Hair

textured balayage bob

If you have thin hair, then just opt for this layered balayage bob cut with warm blonde shades. It is a simple, sleek hairstyle that requires minimal maintenance.

The layers and waves boost the volume of your thin hair and are ideal for those women who want their locks to be a bit longer.


15. Messy Hair With Fringes

messy balayage bob

An ideal hairstyle for a portrait model shoot is the messy look. It will go well with medium or thick textured hair and a heart-shaped face. The fringes will frame your face perfectly and give you a bouncy look.


These are some of the amazing ideas for short hair wherein you can experiment with so many colors. Even if you have long hair and now want to go for shorter locks then you can surely opt for any of these sexy balayage bob hairstyles. You can choose the style as per your skin tone, hair texture, and face type, which will surely add charm to your overall appearance.