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How to Grow Out a Pixie Cut into a Bob

Growing out a pixie cut to a bob seems challenging to the average person, but with enough preparation and understanding, you can easily rock your new hairstyle.

It’s all about patience and creativity. In this guide, we’ll provide the best tips for preparing yourself for the transition period from your pixie cut into a beautiful bob that will turn heads.

How To Grow Out a Pixie Cut Into a Bob

Many dreams of growing a pixie cut into a bob but are scared to mess up. With the right approach, you can have your desired look quickly! Here are some tips to help you get started:

Visit the Salon for a Regular Trim

How To Grow Out a Pixie Cut Into a Bob - Regular Trimming

The key to growing out a pixie cut is regular trims. This will help keep split ends at bay and ensure your hair grows evenly. Aim for trimming every 6-8 weeks to keep your style looking fresh and healthy.

When you trim regularly, you prevent additional damage by breakage. Use volumizing products to lift at roots and disguise thinning areas.

Different updos, such as braids or buns, can also cover up shorter sections until they catch up with the rest of your hair.

Be Patient

Growing out a pixie cut takes time – so don’t expect it to happen overnight!

As your hair grows out, it will go through many awkward stages, such as looking uneven at the sides. It may take several months to see results, but you’ll get there.

Try out new hairstyles or styling tips while it transitions. An excellent way to do this is by letting the hair on top and at the front of your head grow as much as possible.

This will cause each section of your hair to be the same length. Remember, hair at the back of the head tends to grow more quickly, and regular salon visits ensure you don’t accidentally grow a mullet.

Your hair will grow into the bob you want; you just have to be patient.

Deep Condition Weekly at Minimum

To ensure your locks remain strong during this transition period, deep condition them at least once weekly. You can use store-bought treatments or homemade masks made from natural ingredients like avocado or coconut oil.

Doing this will help nourish the scalp while preventing breakage due to dryness or damage caused by heat-styling tools like curling irons or blow dryers.

Style Your Hair Strategically While It Grows

How To Grow Out a Pixie Cut Into a Bob - Proper Styling

Use styling products like mousse or waxes to create texture and volume as your hair grows longer. This gives the illusion of having longer hair than what’s actually there. Use this to your advantage during the awkward “growing pixie cut” stages.

You can also try different hairstyles, such as braids or buns. These make it appear that your hair has grown faster than it has.

Keep up Basic Hair Care Habits

During this process, try not to wash too often (no more than twice per week) since over-washing can strip away essential oils needed for healthy growth; instead, opt for gentle shampoos designed specifically for color-treated hair when necessary.

Also, avoid using hot tools on wet strands. These cause a lot of frizziness, something you want to avoid if you want your smooth style in the future! 

How Long Will It Take To Grow Out a Pixie to a Bob?

It depends on each person’s hair type and growth rate. For most people, it takes six to eight months for a pixie cut to grow into a bob.

There have been cases of people who find that their hair grows faster or slower than average. So consider early how much of the length you want to keep when transitioning from a pixie cut to a bob.

If you are looking for more dramatic results, it could take up to 12 months or longer for your hair to reach the desired length.

Tips While Growing Out A Pixie Into Bob

Tips for Growing Out A Pixie Into Bob

Growing out a pixie cut can be challenging, but with the right tips and tricks, you can transition to a beautiful bob without sacrificing style. Here are some helpful tips to remember while growing a pixie into a bob.

Try Low Maintenance Styles

For example, try air drying instead of blow drying whenever possible; this helps reduce strand stress and keeps frizz at bay while still allowing some natural movement in your look as it grows over time.

Use Protective Styles

Also, consider protective styles such as braids or buns, which can help hold back shorter layers until they reach their desired length without using too many products or tools throughout the day – plus, they look great!

Deep Condition Regularly

Regular deep conditioning treatments are essential for maintaining healthy locks during this growth period – not only do they provide extra nourishment and help strengthen strands so that breakage is less likely when styling with hot tools later on down the line.

Make sure to choose a product suited for your specific hair type (e.g., fine vs. coarse) and apply it once weekly (or more often if needed).

Leave it on overnight for best results before rinsing thoroughly with lukewarm water in the morning!

So, How Can You Grow Out A Pixie into A Bob?

Growing out a pixie cut into a bob can be intimidating, but you only need regular trims, high-quality hair products, and patience. When you treat your hair with care while transitioning, you can achieve this style without damaging it.

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