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Balayage Hair Color Ideas – 20 Hair Highlights That Look Natural

When you want to look brighter and more glamorous, Balayage Hair Color can give you the desired result. Balayage is an alternative method to traditional salon highlighting with foils.

Balayage is one of the most contemporary, natural-looking, and classy hair color techniques around and it adds extra beauty to your personality as well.


How to Color Your Hair Balayage At Home

ways to color hair balayage at home

However, various methods of coloring your hair are available, but doing balayage color at home should be followed in a proper way.

What You Need

  • Comb applicator
  • Plastic gloves
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Bowl and old towel
  • Hair clips
  • Balayage Hair Color dye
  • Hairbrush
  • Hair Bleach

How to Do

  1. Take a bowl and mix the hair color bleach with little water and then towel around your shoulders to stop getting your clothing tainted
  2. Make a middle parting in your hair and start applying the hair bleach by using the hair clip.
  3. Do not apply the hair color on the roots and rinse the color well after it becomes pat dry
  4. If you think your hair is still not highlighted enough, you can apply it once again
  5. After applying it properly, you will get to see a yellowish tinge on your strand
  6. Coat strands of hair evenly with the color dye and finally rinse it off with good shampoo and Conditioner


Balayage Hair Color and highlight ideas

Balayage Hair Color is such styles that look absolutely natural. The beautiful and soft creamy finish of this color helps you to look stunning and stylish. Here are 20 Balayage Hair Color and highlight ideas.

Two-Toned Blonde Hair Color

The balayage color has been highlighted in the hair. The medium-length hair has been cut into layers. The tresses, particularly towards the ends, have been made wavy. In this two-toned hair color, the above portion of the hair is colored in honey blonde and the end root of the color is dark brown.

The cut layers of the hair are made prominent by making them wavy. This hairstyle is very much suited for a formal look. The stunning color will give you an amazing look on your personality.

Balayage Hair Color


Caramel Balayage Hair Color

The Caramel Balayage Hair Color hair is proper for those who have long hair and the hair texture is also fine. The hair length is very long. The chopped ends have been made to look sharp.

The hair towards the ends is lighter in color and is also a little messy. Hair towards the roots is more fine and smooth. The dark and light shade brown hair color gives you a smooth and finest look. You can sport this look anytime at any event or party as well.

Balayage Hair Color


Light Waves Hair Color

The shoulder-length Light Waves Hair Color hair is most excellently suited for those having medium-length thick hair. The balayage hairstyle has been merged along with the beautiful light brown hairstyle, which creates an interesting combination.

The hair is kept a little wavy and loose which makes the hairstyle prominent. The hair ends have been made a little wavy. This hairstyle is perfect for a casual outfit. This hair color suits both the fair and darker complexion and you can apply it to look bold and stunning.

Balayage Hair Color


Sun Stroke Hair Color

The Sun Stroke Hair Color is styled merely. The dark brown shade looks absolutely perfect for this hairstyle. The chopped ends of the hair have been made edgy and clear. The hair is kept neat and absolutely straight towards the top of the head and the roots of the hair are a little wavy.

The hair ends have been made to look casual and chic at the same time. The entire look is carefully done so that a casual look is achieved.

Balayage Hair Color


Sunkissed Balayage Hair 

If you have long wavy hair, you can easily choose the Sunkissed Balayage Hair Color, which helps you to look absolutely amazing. The length of the hair is quite long.

The Sunkissed Balayage Hair Color with loose curls is one different hairstyle that will suit women who love to carry their hair short. The smooth and soft hair color gives you a stunning look.

The waist-length hair is wavy towards the ends. The wavy look is made in the hair ends to bring more volume to the hair.

Balayage Hair Color


Copper Tone Balayage Hair 

The Copper Tone Balayage Hair Color is perfect for those who want to keep their hair wavy and stylish. The length of the hair is long. Slight layers of your hair have been cut in the front strands of the hair.

The texture of the hair is thick. The locks are kept open and straight which brings out the balayage style of the hair. Towards the ends, the hair strands are slightly made curled. It provides you a bold absolutely ravishing look too.

Balayage Hair Color


Melted Caramel Hair Color

If you have long hair, you can go for some of the stunning hair colors. Well, light and dark hair color gives you a sharp and edgy look. Trying the Melted Caramel Hair Color, you will surely get an amazing look as well.

In this entire hair color, some of the strands are highlighted in a light brown color and other strands are quite dark.  It suits almost every complexion. The light caramel color is the highlighting portion in this color that adds some extra charm.

Balayage Hair Color


Peek-a-Boo Streaks Hair Color

When you talk about coloring your hair in a greater manner, Peek-a-Boo Streaks Hair Color will be the best option. Amongst the ample hair color, it is a little unique color, which makes you absolutely stunning.

In this hair color, few strands are highlighted with the light brown shades and the end portion of the hair is curly as well. The dramatic color makes you look beautiful and eye-catching and it suits the fairer complexion. It also gives you a bold look as well.

Balayage Hair Color


Darker Underneath Hair Color

The Darker Underneath Hair Color can look very sharp on blonde hair. In the case of long or medium hair also, it can look very trendy and modern if done the right way. The long hair length of the blonde hair is kept loose and open.

A casual parting has been done on one side of the head. The upper portion of Darker Underneath Hair Color is blonde white and the end portion is darker in shade. The hair color gives you a remarkable look as well.

Balayage Hair Color


Brightening Blonde Hair Color

Brightening Blonde Hair Color is the utter mixture of blonde and brunette. This is a very pleasing style to wear. If you have middle-length or long hair, you can easily go for this specific look. It is one of the extraordinary hair colors for autumn, which looks completely ravishing on you.

Whenever you are going to choose the right kind of hair color, you can select this one. Make a middle parting in the hair and adds some light blonde hair color to look cute.

Balayage Hair Color


Subtle Chestnut Hair Color

If you have long layered blonde hair, you can easily go for the Subtle Chestnut Hair Color. This specific and remarkable hairstyle is quite unique and also adds cuteness to your look, the end part of the hair comes with dark and vibrant chestnut hair color, which looks totally bold and beautiful on you.

Display your gorgeous and shiny locks by bringing them over your shoulders. The hair color is suitable for every complexion and it gives you a prominent look too.

Balayage Hair Color


Sleek Streaks Hair Color

The subtle Sleek Streaks Hair Color is an elegant hairstyle that one can carry. It can be worn for a social gathering or any party. The length of the hair is long. The hair is elegantly waved and curled towards the ends of the hair. This makes them look elegant.

The entire hairstyle is kept very neat and is carefully done. Large sections of hair strands have been taken to be made into elegant waves. This Sleek Streaks Hair Color is a mixture of light and dark brown as well.

Balayage Hair Color


Blondish Lob Hair Color

The Blondish Lob Hair Color is one exclusive and absolutely exceptional hairstyle that looks best in both short as well as long hair. The long hair is made a little stylish and wavy. The waves at the ends of hair make the thin texture of hair look thicker and voluminous.

This color is absolutely best suited for a casual chic look. Make a middle parting and then add some light blonde hair color to get the smooth and soft look.

Balayage Hair Color


Cinnamon Streaks Hair Color

One of the most dramatic as well as eye-catching hair shades for each and every skin complexion is golden blonde. This multi-dimensional mixture of brown and honey blonde in Cinnamon Streaks Hair Color works excellent for people.

If you have medium or long hair, you can easily go for this one. The hair color is quite ravishing and gives you a sharp and edgy look too. The hairstyle is best for both darker and fairer skin tones and you can sport the look anytime.

Balayage Hair Color


Butterscotch Waves 

As the name says butterscotch, the hair color is exceptional and beautiful. The hair color looks like a soft and smooth honey blonde, which adds some extra charm to your personality.

To create this Butterscotch Waves Hair Color, you have to dye your hair with little honey blonde color and make the end part of the hair absolutely wavy. The unique and remarkable look provides a bold and smart look too. You can sport the look whenever you want.

Balayage Hair Color


Tawny Babylights Hair Color

The Tawny Babylights Hair Color is yet another simple and also chic hairstyle that can be easily worn with an elegant dress or a casual outfit. The hair is parted in the side casually. The front sections have been cut into soft layers.

While the top of the head is kept straight, the ends of the hair have been kept wavy. The chopped ends have been made to look prominent. Few strands are highlighted with light brown color as well and add a cute and smart look.

Balayage Hair Color


Glossy Ombre Hair Color

The Glossy Ombre Hair Color is something that can be done in almost any kind of hair. The ombre hair looks quite fashionable, stylish and trendy with the balayage hairstyle. The length of the hair is up to the waist and the hair is casually parted on the side.

The hair is absolutely straight and the glossy color offers an amazing look too. You can wear this look whenever you want and it is suitable for each and every skin tone.

Balayage Hair Color


Buttery Blonde Hair Color

For the entirely natural look, you could always strive out Buttery Blonde Hair Color. While a lot of girls are born with this hair shade, others require to only dye their hair to get it. This precise shade is perfect for every skin tone.

Applying this buttery blonde color will provide you a sophisticated and elegant look too. Eventually, the hair color offers a bold look too. The color is great for the fairer skin tone as well. You can sport the look at any formal or casual party.

Balayage Hair Color


Toffee Ombre 

The Toffee Ombre Hair Color is the most excellent style for the smooth and soft look. The hair length is medium long. The hair is cut equal at all sides. The long balayage hair is straight. The hair texture is thick that actually brings out the hairstyle more prominently.

Hair is parted in the middle. This hairstyle would look well with a casual or formal outfit. The shiny and little glossy texture of Toffee Ombre Hair Color adds some cuteness and charm to your personality.

Balayage Hair Color


Soft Amber Hair Color

Soft Amber Hair Color plays in the equal arena as blonde, though this stands out by exploring rich shades. The beautiful Amber undertones make the look absolutely complete. And it looks beautiful with smooth, brown highlights.

If you have long or even medium blonde hair, then you can surely go for this specific hairstyle, which makes you look ravishing. The shade is for each and every skin tone. You can sport the look whenever you want and it gives you a bold and smart look as well.

Balayage Hair Color


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