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22 Fabulous Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Women

Ombre colors on your hair means going for dark shades on the roots and gradually lightening the color towards the ends. The gradient effect that you get as a result is mesmerizing to say the least.

How to do Ombre Hair Color

  • For Ombre Hair Color, begin by mixing bleach in a bowl and then brush out your hair to remove the tangles.
  • Tie each small section with a rubber band a few inches below the roots.
  • Apply the bleach more on the ends and less as you reach the roots.
  • Wash off the bleach and tie the same section to begin coloring. Finally, shampoo off the color.

How to Care for the Ombre Hair

Do not wash your hair more than two-three times in a week using mild shampoo. Keep the hair moisturized and stay away from the heated hairstyling tools as much as possible.

Here are the 22 stunning and trendy Ombre Hair Color Ideas for Women

Dusty Lavender

This one is for the ladies who are undecided about whether they want to go the daring way or keep it subtle. This one is a midway between these two extremes of ombre hair coloring. There is a combination of three colors here. The top is black from where it graduates into a lavender shade in the middle. Finally, it transitions into platinum blonde at the ends of the hair.

Ombre Hair Color

Unicorn Blue Hair

The shade bright Blue is one of the most in-demand choices among those who love vibrant shades. This amazing style showcases a deep midnight blue with a few slate-grey strands playing peekaboo. The fade starts very near to the roots and the shade becomes more vivid at the middle of the hair length. This is one of the coolest ombre hair color ideas that you can try out.

Ombre Hair Color

Mocha with Natural Highlight

The shade mocha is popular both as a hair color and as a highlight. It is the way to go for those of you who want a hairstyle that is safe for office but at the same time do not want to remain stuck with a boring, regular hairstyle. This is a very wearable kind of hair color. All you need for this one is to blend your mocha colored hair with some dark brown highlights.

Ombre Hair Color

Dark Blue To Purple

You should go for this one if you want an ombre that makes you stand out in the crowd. Let your spectacular hair do all the talking in this eye-catching hairstyle. Here, the ombre has been done using two very bright colors. The top of the head has a dark blue shade. This transitions into purple from the middle. The dark blue peeks from behind the purple.

Ombre Hair Color

Blonde to Dark Hair

You do not need to take your pick from blonde or brunette. You can get the best of both worlds by trying out this ombre idea. The top of the hair is a nice light blonde in color from where it goes into the brunette shade of chocolate brown from the middle. The ends of the hair are completely dark in color. The hair looks even prettier as the portion from where the ombre starts has been curled.

Ombre Hair Color

Ash Brown Hair

You can try out the ash brown color if your hair naturally has a dark, deep brown color. In fact, the brown that starts from the roots is so dark in color that you frequently mistake it with black. The color changes into a medium shade of brown, or ash brown as it is better known as. This beautiful warm shade will suit people with light to medium skin tones.

Ombre Hair Color

Brown to Caramel Hair

Are you in love with the perfect combination of molten chocolate and caramel? Now, get that same rich combination as colors for your hair. The upper portion has been dyed in a nice pecan brown shade. It graduates into soft red caramel hues. If your complexion has warmer undertones to it, this ombre can be your one of your best accessories to flaunt anywhere and everywhere.

Ombre Hair Color

Mint Green Hair

Channel the inner unicorn in you with this lovely mint green shade of hair. It is not easy to pull off such a funky shade as this color and you really need to be daring to go for a hair makeover as drastic as this one. The color looks more vivid if you have really fair skin tone. If you have naturally dark hair, you need to bleach it well first and then you can get on with the coloring

Ombre Hair Color

Red Wine Hair Color

The good thing about this hair color is that once you apply the shade, it is very hard to tell that it is not your natural hair color. That is how well it blends with most hair colors. Red wine color is nothing but a variant of the burgundy color. You will mostly find this color used by the brunettes. The blondes use the shade to brighten up their hair color.

Ombre Hair Color

Ash Gray Hair Color

This particular ombre begins very near the roots and starts really abruptly, accentuating on the edginess of the hairstyle. The dark gray has an understated change to a light hue that gets some lilac streaks along the way. The hint of lilac in the middle of the hair helps in adding movement to the hair. The ash gray ombre has been done in a rather uneven manner.

Ombre Hair Color

Dark Roots Ombre Hair

Dark roots have been trending for quite some time now and it is better known as the exposed roots hair coloring technique to the hairstylists. For this particular hair coloring, the roots of your hair are kept exactly in the dark natural shade that you have while the rest of the hair is made ombre. For instance, here you see light brown and blonde hues at the ends.

Ombre Hair Color

Carmel Blonde

The stark contrast between the jet-black color of the upper portion of the hair and the blonde color at the ends makes this hairstyle look so amazing. Both of the shades are really intense and the combination looks mind blowing. Make sure to cut your hair in layers and put in some soft curls at the end to make the ombre blend it better.

Ombre Hair Color

High Contrast Caramel Blonde Hair

The general notion about ombre is that you take two colors of the same family to create a seamless blend. This hairstyle completely negates that idea and puts in two contrasting shade together into one brilliant hairstyle. The top of the hair is as dark as it can be while from the mid-length the cool caramel blonde color begins. This one fits all hair textures.

Ombre Hair Color

2 Tones Ombre Hair

The two tones used for this ombre hair gives out that emo girl vibes which has been in trend since last year. The hair is an impeccable combination of the darkest black and the most pristine white. The change of color starts right from the middle of the length. Though you can always try this hair color on medium length hair, it would look best on long hair.

Ombre Hair Color

Cherry Red Hair Color

It is the hair color that can be the very embodiment of your personality. Fiery, commanding, and not afraid to make a statement are the ways to describe both your personality and this color. Any length of hair works fine to bring out the gorgeousness of this hair color. The cherry red hair color is further accentuated by adding a few subtle pink streaks here and there.

Ombre Hair Color

Mermaid Black to Green Hair

This hair color looks like it has come straight out of the deep blue oceans. There is a fun and free vibe to this hair color and the younger population among you can give this one a try. The hair is dark on the upper part and it goes into a deep sea-green shade gradually. Embellish your hair with your favorite accessories to make the shade stand out even more.

Ombre Hair Color

Soft Light Brown Hair

This is another one of the safe for office and great for parties look that you can try out. You are definitely not going to go wrong with this hair color. You will love this color too if you do not want to be too experimental with your hair color but at the same time save it from looking flat and lifeless. The color is the much-needed zing to your hair.

Ombre Hair Color

Dark to Light Brown Hair

Though dark and light brown come from the same family of colors, they cannot be more different from one another. The dark brown lies on the warm side of colors while the light brown is more of a neutral shade. Getting an ombre with these two hair colors is bound to give you wonderful results. You can add light brown to the fringes too.

Ombre Hair Color

Fire Red Hair Color

This kind of red is what people call the fire-engine red. The color is iridescent enough to make the heads turn towards you in compliment. It starts with fire-engine red on top and that changes into a vivid yellow shade at the ends. The yellow ends have a bit of red doing peekaboo from behind them.

Ombre Hair Color

Purple Peacock Hair Color

Think of the majestic grandeur of the colors in the feathers of a peacock. Now imagine that same bright combination in your hair. The hair is cut in choppy layers to keep it funky and cool. The roots are a deep shade of brown which goes deep purple in a small portion of the middle. The ends of hair as you see here are sea-green in color.

Ombre Hair Color

Soft Silver Hair Color

Want a hairstyle that hides your grays and keeps you bang on trend as well? If your answer is yes, then this one is just the hair color that you need for yourself. The exposed roots technique has been used to color the hair. The soft silver color is applied rather abruptly as some of the strands are of that color right from the roots and some are from the middle.

Ombre Hair Color

Auburn Brown Hair Color

This one is an everyday kind of shade and you can take your baby steps into the world of hair coloring by going for this shade. The transition in this case is so subtle that you hardly even notice it. The color changes from a deep brown to an auburn brown very gently. This is one of those hair colors that suits all ages and skin tones out there.

Ombre Hair Color

The twenty-two out and out fabulous Ombre Hair Color ideas are all the options that you need to dye your hair in the trendiest shades of the year.

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