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15 Inspiring White Blonde Hair Color Ideas For 2024

If you haven’t noticed yet, white blonde hair color is the trend of 2024, and you have to jump on the wagon NOW! From Kim Kardashian, Cara Delevingne to Ruby Rose, these princesses are stealing the show with their gorgeous streaks, and so should you. 

This snowy hair shade takes your dull regular colors and transforms them into a completely new and bold look. And it suits every hair length – pixie, bob, long or wavy, just name them. If you already have light hair, then you’re in for a treat. As for our dark-haired beauties – it’ll take more effort, but it’ll be worth it!


Trendy White Blonde Hair Color Looks

The white blonde look is here, and it is here to stay. Let’s look at some of the best ways to carry this shade with stunning hairstyles!

1. Complete Frosted Spiky Style  

short white blonde hair

Are you looking for a bold, punk blonde look

Then frosting your entire hair with a white blond hue and styling it into a long pixie turned wild look is the way to go! Make a crest on the top to one side and sweep some bangs on the other. 


2. White Balayage Around the Face

white blonde hair color

Framing the face with a soft balayage, can life get any better?

If you have a wide forehead, then you can use the hair to hide and surround your face while achieving a unique hairstyle. It’s a win-win.


3. Long Lob

white blonde bob
Instagram / mooiinoosthuizen

Go for a cold white look with extreme white blonde hair. It’s about going all in! 

You can always leave a reminiscent of your previous color for a contrasting look. A straight hairstyle with a middle part is a classic. But complete coverage is a hot look nonetheless!


4. Beach Waves 

white blonde hair with dark roots
Instagram / lynsee_sharpe

Combining the warmth of dark hair and the coldness of blond white hue is already the best of both worlds. But add a touch of waves, and you have a done deal!


5. Braided White Blonde Sands

white blonde braided hair
Instagram / the_shearedge

Balayage helps you accentuate your hair already, but you can spice it up even more if a well-placed braid. 

As depicted in the picture, take some hair from the front and form a braid to the bottom. Braid till the very end and leave it hanging. It’ll emphasise your darker shades on the root. You’ll have to show it off for all your effort, right!


6. Shades With a Bun

half updo with white blonde hair
Instagram / fabyy_blondeperfect

People often ask us what we should do with our short white blonde hair? Our answer – Everything! 

With short hair, you have got the freedom to experiment with a hairstyle with low maintenance. A loose top bun will perfectly emphasise your hair while also keeping the look together.


7. Bangs to the Whites

white blonde hair with bangs
Instagram / the_blonde_collective

Who says bangs do not go with white blonde shades? No one!

So don’t be afraid to sprinkle your hair with this enticing shade and chop some bangs. Make them look better by curling your side hair.


8. Close Cropped White Tone

white blonde pixie
Instagram / laurapalmahairdesigner

Close cropped pixie hair is synonymous with low effort, and we get why. 

Just dye your hair in a white tone, trim your sides, and you’re done! While white shade is high maintenance, given that it is easier to dirty, short hair will ensure that you won’t spend too much time on it!


9. Messy Ash Blonde Bun

white blonde updo
Instagram / fabyy blondeperfect

Let’s be honest – everyone loves themselves with an ashy blonde look. So do we!

Make a sophisticated blend of black or any other dark hair with a shade of white blonde, and watch your look transform. There are plenty of hairstyles that can contrast stand out, but we recommend a high bun or ponytail.


10. Reverse White Blonde Balayage

white blonde ombre hair
Instagram / attila.katona

Want something different? Then go opposite!

Leave the darker hair for the top with a reverse balayage and color your lighter shades on the tips.


11. Bright Whites

white blonde highlights
Instagram / vidogisalon

Rumors about white being a dull color are wrong. How do we know? Just take a look at the picture!

If styled with the best products, white can be a bright color with its own charm. With a hint of contrast on the roots, you can ensure that it gets proper attention.


12. Box Braids Highlights

white blonde braids
Instagram / braidzbymansupercharged

There’s no way you can go wrong with a combination of highlights and box braids.

With box braids, the colors are conspicuously contrasting which gives a unique and beautiful look. Balayage and a reverse one can also be a good look with the braids with white blonde on the roots and blacks on the tips.


13. Blonde Babylight

white blonde balayage
Instagram / si.walker

Just wish to add a more natural look to your light blonde hair? Then go for the babylight technique! With the cool look of white, you can add more dimension and a subtle finish to your natural hair.


14. Sleek and Straight

long white blonde hair
Instagram / hairby.madisonkylie

Not a fan of extravagant hairstyles to go with your white blonde shades? Just leave it straight and sleek. It’s simple yet elegant; what more can we ask!


15. Side Sweep Bob

medium length white blonde hair
Instagram / lyndzrehair

Bobs are stylish, youthful, and perfect for just every other occasion!

If you’ve thin hair, then this is your savior! With the right fluff and shiny white blonde, you’ll have the world at your fingertips.


Be inspired, and hop on this latest 2024 trend ASAP! White Blondes are perfect in all aspects – name the style and length, and see the magic unravel on your hair. It sure is high maintenance, but in the end, you’ll look bold, chic, and on-trend.