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My Hair Turned Purple After Dying Blonde – How to Fix It?

Did you dye your hair blonde? Are you now looking at a purple head of hair in the mirror? You are not alone. It is a common problem that many people experience. 

In this article, we will discuss how to fix your hair if it turned purple after dying blonde. Our guide will have your hair back to normal in no time!

Why Did Your Hair Turn Purple After Dying It Blonde?

reasons why hair turned purple after dying it blonde

Hair can turn purple after dying it blonde because of the chemicals used in the hair dye. Often, these dyes include a bluing agent or blue base. The chemicals can cause hair to become more sensitive, resulting in a purple tint.

The blue base will cause hair to turn purple if the hair has a natural yellow pigment which will interact with the blue base. The interaction of these two colors produces the unwanted purple hue.

Things to Consider

If you want your purple hair to be blonde, consider that your cooling toner may be the culprit.

Since applying bleach to your hair can make it porous, it means that your hair is more likely to absorb the color from the toner.

How to Fix Your Purple Hair And Make It Blonde

If your hair turned purple after dying it blonde, the solutions are not too inconvenient, and it’s not impossible to remove the purple from your hair. 

There are a few ways to remove the purple hue from your hair if it turned purple after dying it blonde. These are the top solutions to get your hair blonde.

#1. Clarify Your Hair

using clarifying shampoo to fix purple hair mistake

One way to remove the purple color is to use a clarifying shampoo. It will remove any excess styling products from your hair and scalp. The shampoo works well with hair dye residue. It will also help restore the pH balance of your hair and scalp.

Understand that you haven’t permanently ruined your hair. The purple color will eventually fade. Using the clarifying shampoo will speed the process up for you. Look for a hydrating shampoo as you go about using this method.

Shampoo your hair two or three times in a row with the clarifying shampoo. You can also do the same thing with an apple cider vinegar rinse. Use a deep-conditioning treatment or hydrating conditioner after you finish rinsing the clarifying shampoo.

Make sure you use a clarifying shampoo during this step, as it is far stronger than regular shampoo.

#2. Chelate Your Hair

tips to fix purple hair mistake

If you have used the clarifying shampoo a couple of times but have yet to see your natural hair color come back as fast as you hoped, try chelating your hair. 

Chelating works well for hair over-processed with chemical dyes, relaxers, and other hair treatments. It will help remove any metals or minerals from the hair shaft that still cause the purple color. 

Gather the following items for a simple at-home method for chelating your hair. 

  • Dawn dish soap
  • A lemon

Get your hair completely wet first. Use about two or three pumps from the Dawn container. Mix the Dawn soap into your hair, from the scalp through to the ends. 

Rinse all the Dawn dish soap out. Next, grab your lemon and cut it in half. The goal is to work the lemon juice into your scalp and through the top of your hair. Holding the other lemon half, grab your hair to the side and squeeze out all the lemon juice. Work the lemon juice into the hair and its ends.

Your hair will feel “squeaky clean.” It will almost feel like wool. The feeling is normal, so don’t become worried. Leave the lemon juice for about a minute, then rinse it. 

Finalize the process by using a hydrating hair mask for about three to five minutes before rinsing it. 

#3. Use a Color Remover

using color remover to fix purple hair mistake

You can buy a color remover from your local drugstore if you still have trouble with the purple color. Keep in mind that they contain a small amount of bleaching agent. It will strip your hair slightly. However, it won’t cause excessive damage like bleaching your hair might.

Use this solution if you’ve already tried the clarifying shampoo and the chelation process without success. 

#4. Bleach Wash Your Hair

bleach bath to fix purple hair mistake

If you’ve tried the three methods above, then you can perform a full bleach wash on your hair. Don’t go to this step first. Use one of the other methods before trying the bleaching solution. Only go to this step in extreme cases. 

Use only a #10 volume bleach for this purpose. Mix with a little bit of shampoo and apply it all through your hair. Work it through evenly, and then wash out your hair in less than five minutes. 

If your problem stems from the blue base toner we mentioned above, and bleaching doesn’t fix your purple color problem, then you’re dealing with a different situation than dying your hair blonde. 


So your hair turned purple after dying blonde? Don’t worry! You can do a few things to try and bring your hair back to its normal color again.

We’ve outlined the steps you need to take above. If these solutions don’t work for you, or if your hair is significantly damaged, we recommend seeking the help of a professional hairstylist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have a few questions about what to do if your hair turned purple after dying blonde? Here are the answers to the most common questions. 

Why has my blonde hair gone purple?

The purple hair color is a result of either over-processing your hair with chemical dyes, using the wrong hair dye, or having too much brassiness in your hair.

Most toners include a blue or purple pigment to help neutralize brassy tones, and your hair may have absorbed too much.

Will the purple color fade back to my normal color?

It will take a long time for this to occur. Your best option is to use one of the solutions we provided above. You can take control of the situation, and it will lead to a quicker result. 

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