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11 Tips to Remove Brassy Tones from Blonde Hair

Getting the brassiness out of your tresses when going from a dark shade to blonde is one of the hardest parts of making the transition.

People often go to great lengths to remove these unwanted tones, and they end up damaging their hair in the process.

Sometimes adding the blonde hair color over brassy bleached hair is enough to work. Other times, the unwanted tones remain even after the final color has been applied.

Don’t worry, all hope is not lost. We’re going to teach you how to remove brassy tones from blonde hair in several different ways.

How to Remove Brassy Tones from Blonde Hair

Some of these tricks should be done by a talented stylist, but there are other things you can do at home to help keep the brass at bay.

1. Choose Your Color Wisely

balayage hair coloring to remove brassy tones from blonde hair

While having a full head of single-shade blonde hair can be tempting, sometimes it’s a better idea to spice it up with highlights and lowlights in different blonde tones.

Getting a few darker blonde tones over the brassy areas can help disguise them.

You may also want to consider a balayage. This highlighting style can bring a lot of life to your hair, and it helps different shades blend in really well.

Try not to go lighter than two tones above your natural color to prevent you from needing to figure out how to remove brassy tones from blonde hair again in the future.

2. Keep Your Hair Sun-Protected

The sun is unfortunately good at bringing out warmer tones in people’s locks, so you’ll need to keep your tresses protected from UV rays.

Plus, the sun can cause your color to fade and dry your strands to dry out.

If you’ll be going out in the bright summer heat, then consider wearing an updo and tucking your hair under a hat or bandanna.

Adding a UV protection spray is also ideal not just in summer, but day to day.

3. Keep Your Showers Cold

It’s understandable that after a long day you may want to hop into a warm and relaxing shower, but this is detrimental to the quality of your hair color.

Hair is very sensitive to heat, even when that heat comes from water. Your hair will look shiny and glossy if you rinse it with cool water instead.

It would be a good idea to wear a shower cap so you can enjoy a warm shower, but then turn down the heat and remove the cap when it’s time to rinse out your hair.

4. Stay Away From Chlorine

It’s always best if your hair is around as few chemicals as possible, and chlorine is one of the worst for your locks. It’ll remove natural oils from your hair, leading to split ends, breakage, and a lack of shine.

Damaged hair becomes brassy more easily, so you’ll want to keep your locks in top condition.

If you want to go swimming, then wet your hair with regular water before you get in the pool. Wash your hair after you get out, and apply liberal conditioner to keep your follicles soft.

5. Seal In Your Colour

sealing hair color to prevent blonde hair turning brassy

Visit a hairstylist who always seals hair color in during coloring sessions.

There’s a sheer glaze that they can apply to your hair after they finish coloring it. This will help prevent your hair from fading for a little longer, and it’ll also keep the brass away.

6. Refresh Your Hair with Gloss

When wondering how to remove brassy tones from blonde hair, you should know keeping your blonde color fresh is always effective.

Consider buying a color-refreshing gloss to help neutralize unwanted tones and brighten up the blonde shades in your tresses.

Ask your stylist which brand they recommend for you, as they’ll know your hair and its needs best.

7. Use Color Correcting Products

Many blondes choose to use purple shampoo even if they aren’t dealing with brassiness. It can be used to remove brassiness in light brown hair also.

You see, violet is on the opposite side of the color wheel to yellow. This is why it cancels out any warm tones you don’t want in your hair.

Purple shampoo is the most common product to use, but you can also find purple conditioners and hair masks to help you further.

8. Start Deep Conditioning

using hair conditioner to remove brassy tones from blonde hair

Not every hair type needs deep conditioning, so ask your stylist whether or not they think deep conditioning would be good for your hair. If the treatment is suitable, then start deep conditioning once a week.

Use a specially curated deep conditioning hair treatment or mask and keep it on your hair for 20 minutes before washing it out.

If you have particularly thick, wavy, or curly hair, then hold your hair in your hands while you run the water over it to keep some of the conditioner in your hair as a leave-in.

9. Wash Your Hair Less

Everyone is different, and there may be some people who need to wash their hair every day to keep it looking good. However, most people can get by washing their hair only 2 to 3 times a week.

Using dry shampoo that’s safe for colored hair can get you by between washes if your roots look a little greasy.

If you have curly, wavy, a very thick hair, then you could consider conditioning your hair in between washes, but minimize shampoo.

10. Get a Water Filter for Hard Water

Hard water is terrible for your hair and can strip it of its natural oils, leading to brassy tones in blonde hair.

Investing in a filter for your showerhead to avoid hard water will do both your hair and skin a lot of good.

11. Use Color Protect Products

Finally, if purple shampoo doesn’t seem right for you, then look into color-protective shampoo.

Ideally, the product you use should be silicone and sulfate-free to keep your hair its healthiest and your color its brightest.

Your stylist will probably have a recommendation for a shampoo that’s best for you.

Learning how to remove brassy tones from blonde hair can seem daunting because there are so many different things you can do.

Once you start applying these to your routine, then you’ll find keeping your locks lovely and blonde is easier than ever.

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A little effort in keeping your look fresh goes a long way so your hair remains beautiful for weeks to come.

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