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22 Gorgeous Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair Women

Thick hair is like an asset to be flaunted proudly. Those who have it are lucky and those who do not have it crave for it. If you have naturally thick hair, you are in luck as you can try out numerous Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair. However, there is no need to feel disheartened by the fact that you do not have as thick hair as you would want to have.

There are plenty of good quality hair extensions in the market that blend in with your hair and gives you the appearance of volume. You can cut hair extensions just as you cut your hair and that way they will not even be discernible. Medium length is the best for thick hair as it gives you more manageability over your hair. You are more in control of your hair and the hair can be styled within a few minutes.

Dark to Light Bob Hairstyle

This is a traditional bob hairstyle that looks great on everyone. There is not much extra work done on the hair here as this style looks the best when kept simple. But, what you surely need for this one is hair that is absolutely straight. The color of the bob has been done in the ombre technique where the color is kept dark near the roots and it lightens up gradually.

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Rose Pink Wavy Hairstyle

Rosy colors for hair are really in nowadays and you can get your hair done in the same color if you want to look bang on trend. The rosy pink color of the hair has been further accentuated by the texture has been given to the hair. The hair looks naturally wavy which makes the color look absolutely stunning. This wonderful hairstyle will suit all shapes of faces and all types of complexions.

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Dark Blue Straight Hairstyle

The fact that edgy and understated can be combined together into one hairstyle is effectively proven by this one. You can get the blue color in your hair without making it look allshocking and crazy. The inky blue color is perfect for that purpose as it blends in and looks more natural than any other daring hair color. It is the color to try when you are looking for something different.

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Ash Balayage Bob Hairstyle

The balayage hair color is a great idea for all those girls who are still taking baby steps into the world of hair coloring. Balayage looks absolutely natural since the hair color that is chosen is very similar to the actual color of the hair. Here, the hair has been cut in an inverted bob manner. The natural color is dark brown and dirty blonde and light brown colors have been added to it.

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Silver Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Silver hair color is always a good idea as it looks highly edgy and at the same time hides all of your grey hair. The medium length hair has a naturally wavy texture here but you can use your flat iron to get the same kind of wavy hair. The hair also has some very subtle green highlights that peek from behind the lovely waves. The ends of the hair have been kept cut choppy.

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Unicorn Medium Hairstyle

Unicorn colors are quite the rage nowadays and you get to see this trend in everything right from food to hair colors. There are myriad shades that you can see in here. The hair has blue, purple, pink, and silver colors. To add to the effect, the hair has been made nicely wavy all along the length. The thick hair and the wavy texture along with the riot of vibrant colors look perfect together.

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Side Swept Blonde Hair

Blonde hair has always been loved by women across the world and it has also found favors with some of the most well-known holly celebs. Make a parting on one side and sweep the hair, along with the fringes, to the other side. The hair sports an ombre look and the colors graduates into a light blonde shade from the dark blonde on top. The fringe is mostly light blonde in color.

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Color Melt Side Part Hairstyle

The essence of color melt hairstyle lies in using multiple colors to bring out that impeccable melted effect. It is a very popular highlighting technique that lets you create soft and fluid blending of colors. The whole head has a balayage and then a shade is chosen between the balayage and the root color to nicely amalgamate the two. The result does not look stark and adds enough depth to make you look younger.

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Center Part Hairstyle

You will look as pretty as a mermaid with the unique sea-green color in your hair. Even with such a vivid hair hue like the sea-green, the coloring does not look stark or in your face. The color transitions from inky blue to sea-green right from the middle of the length of the hair. If your skin has cooler undertones, this hairstyle with center parting will look great on you for sure.

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Balayage Wavy Hair with Tiny Ponytail

Does the usual balayage look too flat for you? Do you want to jazz it up with minimum effort? This hairstyle is for you if the answer to both of these questions is a big yes. While the rest of the hair is kept at the same length, one strand of hair is kept extra-long. This strand is right in the middle and it is really thin. A three-strand braid has been made in this strand.

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Razor Cut Blonde Straight Hair

Razor cuts look totally sleek and smart. It is an amazing look to try out if you want a hairstyle that is safe for office and sexy for the parties. The platinum blonde hair color is another asset for this hairstyle. The hair needs to be completely straight so run your straightener over the hair once to remove all knots and rings that might be there. Get short bangs in the front.

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Medium Layered Hairstyle

Layers look great on any length of hair and more so if your hair is of medium length. It gives you more control over your thick hair by making it more manageable than ever. The strands in the front and the ends of the hair have been colored in a golden blonde shade while the rest of the hair is left dark brown in color. It is one of the prettiest hairstyles that you can try out.

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Side Swept Balayage Hairstyle

Balayage and ombre look stunning on their own and the effect is multiplied several times when you bring these two techniques together like the way you can see in here. The natural hair color is black on which balayage has been done using dark blonde color. The hair colors blend seamlessly into light blonde starting from the center of the length. Use your flat iron to add the waves to your hair.

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Thick Brown Medium Hair

The thickness of your hair is an asset and this hairstyle is one of the best ways to flaunt that asset. This one is also a layered hairstyle but it comes with a twist. The layers have been given to only the ends of the hair and not all along the length like you normally see. These layers at the end make the hair look fuller and give the hair a healthy bounce.

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Straight Medium Hairstyle

Not all modern hairstyles are complicated. Some are as simple as you see in here. The hair has been cut to resemble the shape U as the middle part is longer than the sides. Only the hair at the top portions have been colored in the light blonde shade. The original dark color of the hair has been kept intact underneath. This way, the dark color plays peekaboo from behind the blonde shade.

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Long Layered Medium Gold Hair

Gold is such a rich color to have on your hair that you are sure to fall in love with it. The top of the hair is dark brown and from there it gradually descends into a nice molten gold color near the ends. The gold hair colors have natural shine in them so that makes your hair look all healthy and glowing from inside. The hair has been given long layers.

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Wavy Hairstyle with Rose Gold Highlight

If going rose gold all over your hair feels a bit too much for you, go for the rose gold highlights as your initiation into the color. Since the hair is darker in color, the rose gold brings in a nice contrast. The highlighting is only concentrated at the ends of the hair where there are waves made into the hair. It is an out and out fab hairstyle.

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Angled Bob Hairstyle with Highlight

The angled bob is a new age variation to the typical bob hairstyle. The hair is cut at an angle that goes from shorter to longer as one moves towards the front from the back. The highlighting is done really prominently so that it is easily discernible from the jet-black hair color. There has been no symmetry maintained in coloring the hair as both thick and thick strands have been highlighted.

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Ash Blonde Side Swept Hairstyle

This hairstyle looks so elegant and sophisticated that it is hard to take one’s eye off from it. Create a parting on one side and sweep the hair completely to the other side. The ash blonde color looks really nice against the skin with warm undertones. The ombre you see in here is so subtle that you hardly even notice it. The roots have been kept dark in color.

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Ombre Medium Curly hairstyle

The messy curls will make sure that you get all the compliments and garner all the attention in this hairstyle. The curls have been made only in the part from where the blonde part of the hair starts. The dark hair transitions into blonde from the middle. The curls that you are seeing are made using flat iron and then messed up totally using hairbrush and fingers.

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Medium hair with Burgundy Color

Very few colors can make an instantly bold statement as effortlessly as burgundy hair color. Burgundy is one of the richest shades of red to try out on your hair. The curls begin from above the shoulders and continue all along the length of the hair. It will also look good if you keep your hair completely straightened out. Most hairstyles look good with that beautiful hair color that you have got for yourself.

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Root Fade Blonde Wavy Hairstyle

The exposed roots technique has been in demand for quite some time now. One of the main reasons behind that is because the hair undergoes minimum damage this way as the roots and the scalp are left untouched by the color. The light blonde color starts from the center and the contrast between the dark roots and light ends makes this hairstyle look so eye catching to everyone.

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These twenty two Medium Hairstyles for Thick Hair contain some of the best ideas that you can think of. All you need to do is pick one according to your skin tone and the shape of your face.

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