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How to Remove Yellow Tones from Blonde Hair Safely?

Although yellowish tones on blonde hair may look the same to the untrained eye, there’s actually a major difference. Yellow tones are bold and they stick out like a sore thumb, while blonde looks very natural.

When trying to find out how to remove yellow tones from blonde hair it can be a struggle, and you might feel like there’s no hope and you have to get your hair redone.

However, you can figure out why your hair has turned yellow, and you can remove the color from it both at home and with the help of a stylist.

What Causes Blonde Hair to Develop Yellow Tones?

Some things your hair may turn yellow are highly preventable, but others are just a natural part of the coloring process. However, learning what causes the issue can help you prevent it.

Pigment Showing Through

yellow tones in blonde hair

Stylists often apply a glaze or gloss to your hair when you’re going blonde. This helps hide the natural yellow element of the pigment that makes your hair color.

The gloss or glaze begins to fade with time, causing your hair to yellow. If you don’t get regular touchups on your color, then the yellow may begin to shine through.

Environmental Damage

Unfortunately, the environment isn’t a friend to dyed blonde hair. Smoke and air pollution can yellow your tresses.

Swimming in chlorine can also cause yellowing to occur, and it can bring out green tones in your locks.

Wear a swim cap, install a water filter in the shower, don’t let people smoke in your house, and use heat protection sprays as often as you can.

Heat Damage

Heat is often used to style hair but it’s not a friend to hair dye. If you leave heat tools on your strands for too long, that can create a yellow tone.

Always use a product designed to help shield your hair from heat. Plus, use high-quality tools that won’t cause too much damage.

Incompatible Products

incompatible products for turning blonde hair yellow

Not every product is designed to work well with blonde hair. Some hair sprays, styling gels, and shampoos and conditioners can leave yellow deposits.

Try changing your products if you suspect the things you’re using are discoloring your hair.

How to Remove Yellow Tones from Blonde Hair As Safely As Possible

Some of these methods to correct your hair color are a little drastic, but others offer a gentler solution to the unwanted tones. Which is best for you will depend on your situation and preferences.

Use Purple Products

using purple shampoo to remove yellow tones from blonde hair

Purple and yellow are opposite colors, so purple should cancel out yellow tones.

Purple and violet products are by far the most common types of shampoos, conditioners, and hair masks used by blondes.

You don’t have to use the purple shampoo every time, but using it at least once a week will help stop yellow from coming through.

Tone Your Hair

If shampoos and conditioners aren’t strong enough for you, then get a permanent toner and put it to work.

They can turn canary yellow hair into the beautiful, icy blonde tresses of your dreams.

If your hair is dull, toner will revitalize the stunning blonde shade until it looks as good as it did when freshly dyed.

You can tone your hair at home, but if you’re inexperienced with toning, then going to a professional for your first time would be a good choice.

How Long To Leave Toner On Your Yellow Hair?

Don’t forget to ask for tips so you can do this on your own at home in the future!

Try Bleaching

bleaching hair to remove yellow tones from blonde hair

Yellow tones are usually some of the easiest to neutralize and cover up, but sometimes they’re just too strong to fully remove with the methods above.

If the treatments above didn’t work for you, then you should just start from scratch.

Bleach your hair to remove all pigments in it. Yes, this will remove your nice blonde shade too, but it’s worth it to get rid of the unpleasant yellow.

Now you can dye and tone your hair any shade you like.

If you’re doing a drastic color change, like from dirty blonde to silvery blonde, then it would be a better idea to get professional help.

Go Darker

If you’d rather not bleach your hair, then consider wearing a darker color for a while. A few months of a darker color can totally shave up your look.

A darker shade of blonde can hide the yellow, and some shades are dark enough to stop going yellow entirely.

Going darker stops you from needing to bleach your locks. You can always go lighter again in a few months when your hair has grown out and healed a little from bleach damage.

Now you know how to remove blonde tones yourself, but going to a professional is always an option if you’re struggling with it at home.

Professional help is also best if you’re worried about damaging your tresses.

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To avoid your hair yellowing again in the future, be protected from the sun, don’t let too many chemicals into your locks, and don’t wait too long before refreshing your hair dye.

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