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18 Dirty Blonde Hairstyles to Look Natural But Glam

We all know blondes have the most fun, but do you know what isn’t fun? Upkeep! Staying on top of hiding your darker roots can really be a challenge. If you want to go blonde but wish to go longer between treatments, then maybe you’d prefer to look at some dirty blonde hairstyles?

These hairstyles usually have a series of darker tones mixed in to achieve a “dirty” look. It’ll be less noticeable when your roots grow in as it’ll look quite natural too.

There are tons of shades to choose from and ashy looks are popular right now. However, you’ll never go wrong with golden locks either.


Naturally Beautiful Dirty Blonde Hair Colors

Would you like some advice on what type of style you should get? Check out our selection below to help you choose.

Straight Simplicity

straight dirty blonde hair

We’re starting off with an easy hairstyle that anyone can wear every day. Women with naturally straight locks will have the easiest time.

Part your hair slightly to the side and dye it a shade of blonde that borders brown. Make your roots a touch darker so they can blend in with your normal hair color when regrowth starts.


Messy Ponytail

ponytail with dirty blonde hair

This is another one of the many dirty blonde hairstyles that are suitable for everyday wear. Pull your hair into a ponytail on the crown of your head and leave some strands by your face.


Short and Messy

short dirty blonde hair

It seems dirty blonde shades and messy styles pair well together! Cut your hair super short but leave the front long enough to style a little.

Ruffle up the front so it stands tall. Ensure you use a styling product that doesn’t dry hard or dark. Mess up the sides and back a little to keep a consistent look throughout the style.


Long and Voluminous

long dirty blonde hair

Now here’s a style for women with a little more time to tend to their hair. Tease the undersides of the top and sides of your locks to achieve some natural-looking volume.

If you have thick hair then you’ll be able to easily replicate the style above. Feel free to embrace your waves if your hair isn’t naturally bone-straight.


Medium Length Waves

medium length dirty blonde hair

There’s something about medium blonde hair that just suits everyone! The hair falls to the shoulders but appears a little shorter due to the wavy texture.

It’s blown back so the darker tones underneath the hair are visible. Pick this style if you want to show off the depth of your dye job.


Thick Waves

thick dirty blonde hair

Waves can look totally different depending on the length and thickness of your hair. For example, this wavy hair with dirty blonde balayage creates a more glamorous look.

The hair is lightest at the ends and has pops of lighter color throughout. 


Half Up Curls

half up dirty blonde hair

Big curls and a partial updo are a great combination if you need a style to wear to a wedding or another formal event.

Pull your tresses back and secure them below the crown of your head. Leave the front strands loose but brush them back into the hair flowing down your back.


Natural Curls

curly dirty blonde hair

Dirty blonde hairstyles are perfect for women with natural curls. Naturally curly hair is dryer and should be bleached less frequently.

The darker blonde shade ensures you need less bleach to go light. The natural-looking root regrowth also makes sure you need less frequent touchups.


Mature Look

dirty blonde hair for older women

Muted tones suit older women well. The hair borders on brown and pairs well with the natural dark root regrowth.

The style is simple too. The midsections to the ends of the locks are lightly curled. A middle parting keeps the look trendy enough to stay modern.


Face Framing Layers

dirty blonde hair with face framing layers

Long blonde shade tresses often look dull. You can breathe some life back into your look by getting some layers.

You don’t need lots of layers to look your best. Get some around your face so people’s attention will be drawn to the most important areas.


Side Parted Frizz

frizzy dirty blonde hair

It takes a lot of work to define curls and make them look their best. So why not let your natural frizzy texture show instead? It looks great when paired with a dirty blonde hairstyle.

The combination of the frizz and the color create depth in the hair. 


Face Framing Highlights

dirty blonde hair with face framing highlights

Darker shades are fine on their own, but some people may prefer to get some light blonde highlights too. If you want to minimize the upkeep then get the highlights around your face.


Choppy Layers

layered dirty blonde hair with bangs

Choppy haircuts are becoming the new go-to. You can maximize this edgy look by getting layers.

Add some light bangs that go below your eyebrows. Let the bangs remain thin enough so you can see your brows and forehead underneath.


Fishtail Braided Updo

updo with dirty blonde hair

Here’s another style that will work for a wedding or formal event. It’s casual enough to wear to less fancy events if you wish, too. Most of the style is made up of a wide fishtail braid along the side of the head.

It tucks into a wrapped updo also made of braids. The updo’s construction makes sure all the blonde shades are visible. 


Straight Bob

dirty blonde bob

Show off the depth of your hair color by wearing it in an easy style. People’s eyes will be drawn to the color rather than an extravagant style.

Part your hair to one side and wear your long blonde bob to the side to make it an easy everyday look.


Red Tinted Waves

dirty blonde hair color

Waves help show off all the different colors in your hair. Although the tresses are dirty blonde there’s a slightly red hue when they catch the light.

This slight highlight can give your hair vibrance that’s missing from a lot of styles in this color. You’ll need a talented stylist to keep this hue as subtle as it appears in the picture.


Celebrity Inspired Color

celebrity inspired dirty blonde hair

Jennifer Aniston and her character Rachel Green have to be two of the most famous dirty blondes ever! The color is on the darker side here but there are some highlights by the face.

The hair has a very natural, wavy texture that you can replicate with the right styling tools. Part your hair just slightly to the side and wear it as an everyday look.


Dirty blonde hairstyles are really some of the most natural-looking hairdos you’ll come across. They don’t take a lot of upkeep and you can style them in so many ways you’ll never get bored.

Pick the shade you want then head to your hair salon so your stylist can help you achieve it ASAP. You can then start experimenting with all the different styles to see which of them looks best on you.

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