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How to Remove Green Tones from Blonde Hair Without Damaging It?

Dying your hair is totally simple, right? You apply the color, wait for it to develop, rinse it out, and then you have a brand-new look.

However, blonde is one of the trickiest colors to deal with as there are several issues that may arise. One common problem is the hair turning green.

This leads to people needing to figure out how to remove green tones from blonde hair, but don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than you think. You may not even need professional help to get the job done.

Why Does Blonde Hair Turn Green?

Some people who favor unique shades may be trying to go from green hair to blonde hair.

However, some people who’ve never touched green in their life might find themselves dealing with a green tint that seems to have come out of nowhere.

The blonde hair turns green due to copper found in swimming pools. The copper mixes with chlorine and becomes oxidized, then it binds to your hair strands.

The green color will be stronger or harder to remove the longer you spend in the pool water.

Tips for Removing Green Tones from Blonde Hair

Blonde is a little high maintenance, but its beauty is worth it. Trying out the six methods below is sure to remove the green tones from your blonde hair in no time.

1. Do a Clarifying Wash

Get yourself a clarifying shampoo. These are full of chemicals, such as sulfate, that totally strip your hair of chemicals and even its natural oils.

You really should avoid clarifying too often as it can damage your hair and fade its color. However, a quick wash should get rid of most or not all of the green.

Condition well or do a hair mask when you’re done to return moisture to your hair follicles.

2. Do an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

using vinegar to remove green tones from blonde hair

Acidic substances are always effective at getting rid of chemicals in your hair. How the acid works is by neutralizing the unwanted green tones in blonde hair to remove the tint and restore your color.

Use a 2-to-1 ratio, so 2 cups of water and 1 cup of apple cider vinegar for example.

Shampoo and condition your hair as normal, then rinse it with the apple cider vinegar mixture.

3. Get a Toning Conditioner

One of the easiest tricks in the book when correcting hair colors is to use toning products. Red and pink are opposite green on the color wheel, so that’s what you use.

Get yourself a red/pink-toned shampoo and conditioner set and use these to wash your hair.

If you can find any designed for removing brassy colors in your hair, then consider these. They also work to remove green tones from blonde hair.

4. Get Your Hair Dyed Blonde Again

Sometimes the green is simply too strong to fully remove, so you may just have to get an all-over color treatment.

Ideally, you should use professional-grade color products if you do this at home, as box dye is incredibly damaging to your hair.

Sometimes trying to dye the blonde directly over the green will still leave green tones showing through. So, getting an all-over color a couple of shades darker than desired should do the trick to hide the green.

You should wait about a month before attempting to go lighter again so your hair has time to heal. But don’t worry, soon you can return to all your favorite shade of bright blonde.

5. Seek Professional Help

You may be able to purchase professional-grade hair products, but that doesn’t mean you know which ones to get.

Visiting a stylist who can evaluate the tones in your hair is best in some instances.

The stylist will likely apply ashy toner multiple times, and this will show you how to remove green tones in your blonde hair in the future.

Purchase the same toner your stylist used so you can do this treatment at home if the problem occurs again.

6. Try Some Bleach

bleaching hair to remove green tones from blonde hair

If you can’t afford a stylist and you don’t want to dye your hair darker, then you may wish to bleach it instead.

You should avoid bleaching your hair as much as possible as it’s horribly damaging.

But bleach really is your only option if nothing else is working and you need to get the job done at home. Be very, very careful and follow the instructions exactly.

Once your hair is bleached, then you can dye blonde over it. Condition your hair well or do a hair mask when you’re done.

Once you know how to get remove green tones from blonde hair then you can repeat the steps in the future if this problem happens again.

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If you want to stop the problem from happening in the future, then invest in a rubber swim cap. It’s not the most fashionable thing in the world, but it keeps your tresses secure when you’re in the pool.

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