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40 Most Popular Copper Hair Color Shades

Copper hair color is definitely the most underrated hair color option as people associate it with red and do not consider it as a viable option.

However, there exist a wide variety of copper hair colors to suit your style and personality. They are improved versions and will definitely be loved by all. Here is color options for the red copper hair:


Medium Copper Hair with Long Soft Waves

The long soft waves with copper red hues are the best option. For this style, you have to keep your hair straight at the roots, but make them a little wavy at the ends.

Colored hair and wavy hair will need ample conditioning, moisturizing, and hydration, but the effort will be worth the result. Use a hot iron to curl your hair, and you are good to go.

Copper Hair Color


Long Copper Hair with Waves

The style is straight at the roots and then has curls at the end, the color illuminates in style making the hair look really classy and interesting.

Again colored hair and wavy hair will need ample conditioning, moisturizing, and hydration to maintain the look. So keep that in mind and provide nourishment to your hair to hold the style.

Copper Hair Color


Copper Blond Bob

The color treatment to the bob haircut makes the hair look feather-light in appearance that is flattering and bright.

The length is short thus adds to the modern and carefree personality and also adds to the easiness of maintaining it. The color and length complement the style very well.

Copper Hair Color


Fiery Orange Highlights with Side Bangs

It’s like a mix of bright orange-colored highlights on your copper hair giving you a ravishing and stylish look.

The side bangs falling on the forehead adds to the frame of the face beautifully. It is a trusted style that you need to try if you desire to pass under the radar.

Copper Hair Color


Sandy with Red Hues

It is a perfect blend of colors; at the tips, it has shades of red ranging from light to dark.

The hair is side-parted and falls lightly on the sides of the face giving a soft frame to the face. The style due to its length is easy to manage and at the same time looks very flattering.

Copper Hair Color


Curly Copper Ombre

The length is long thus allows more stretch for creativity, and the result is worth the effort that goes into creating the long colored cascades. The front bangs are appealing and give a proper frame to the face and are of a length that does not create a hindrance for the eyes.

Copper Hair Color


Soft Waves with Light Copper Red

This color has the beauty of both worlds it is light in tone and at the same time has the beauty and vibrancy of red. The ends are sharp which adds to the glam look of the style.

Copper Hair Color


Deep Side Part with Orange Hues

It is the sunshine hairstyle that looks very sassy. Deep side part covering half the forehead looks stunning and comes as an angled look with precision.

It is best suited for straight hair, so blow-drying the hair is essential the hairstyle is in short circular pattern, and this adds to its stunning look. It will give a very professional and sassy look. Use gel to tame the flyaway.

Copper Hair Color


Light Copper

Copper looks great with hues of reds, and there is no denial to the fact. Further loose soft curls in this shade add to the beauty of the style.

For fine hair, the color creates an illusion of thick hair and creates a balanced look too. The length is short which is a plus point as it will be easy to manage.

Copper Hair Color


Long Brightened Copper Hair

The color has the shine, and the cut is simple with long at the back and sides, but the front bangs are kept short. It is a stunning style that is wearable and brings no unwanted attention.

The straight and colored hair will need maintenance in the form of conditioning and moisturizing. To tame the frizzy hair use gel.

Copper Hair Color


Copper Blonde with Waves and Bangs

The hair is straight in this style, and with the help of a hot iron soft waves have been created. The color will be light but will have a red hue in it. It will appear to be natural but still will need too much care as hot iron treatment will be required to maintain the curls.

Use good quality setting gel before using hot iron the hair. The color is an excellent option if you want red but need not want to make it loud. Also, the bangs will make you look young as it will frame the face and take years and weight off the face.

Copper Hair Color


Long Sunshine Cascading Hair

Copper color has a light of its own, and with an orange hue in it, the light gets enhanced and makes a bright aura about you. The length is long, and that is the addition to the look.

The ends are entangled in soft waves that are adding to the dramatic look. Lots of moisturizing and protein treatment will be needed to maintain the hair. It is a style that will add to your personality.

Copper Hair Color


Angled Bob with Bright Crimson Hues

The angled haircut is in short length with crimson red hues. The depth of her hair makes her look all the more alluring.

The hair falling on the forehead with a side-parting looks all the more stunning and gives a frame to the face. The haircut and hair color all create a very modern and contemporary persona. Use of hot iron to get the desired will be needed.

Copper Hair Color


The Vintage Style with Electric Orange

The style is truly classic and ecstatic. It is a high voltage color, and the half updo at center with middle-part in the crown along with curls at the back all looks inspired from the Victorian era.

The color and style add to the dramatic look but will need maintenance. From the use of hot iron to straightener the hair will need care.

Copper Hair Color


Light Mahogany in Blunt Cut

The color and cut both are classic in this style. The two options are evergreen and will never be out of fashion. The length is short, and thus it will be easy to manage.

The front locks are kept short, and in the middle part, they fall on the forehead very softly. It is a style that will take off years and weight off your face in a very mild and subtle way.

Copper Hair Color


The Long Old Hollywood Auburn

It is the carefree style and on thin hair will work the best as it will add dimension t the hair. The shade will look good on anyone; thus it is a versatile hairstyle and has been done in a chic way.

The curls are soft and fall on the shoulder playfully. However, it is crucial to deep condition the hair maintain the bounce of the hair.

Copper Hair Color


Straight and Electric Orange

The color will have an electrifying effect due to the sunshine orange, but as the hair are thin and sleek it will balance the look.

The hair will need smoothing and shining products to add charm and create the look. Regular trims will be required to do away with split ends and gel will be needed to remove the flyways.

Copper Hair Color


Angled Bob with Razor Cut

The style is very contemporary, and due to the short length, it is easy to maintain it but will need regular trims. The color is nowhere a natural tone thus will need to bleach the hair entirely and to keep the neon shades it is required that protective spray or gel is used before stepping out.

Further, the length will need inside rolls to get the desired look. The front side bangs are longer than the back where it has a razor cut, and that is the beauty of the style.

Copper Hair Color


Dusty Red

It is definitely the most opted and loved red hair. The red is soft and dusty matching the skin tone and has a touch of brown to it. If you are scared to try red, then this is your shade. It has a bit of teasing at the crown, and the falls are sleek and straight.

You will need straightening and styling products and some gel to tame the fizzy hair. It is the care that is bestowed on the style that will make the look desirable.

Copper Hair Color


Rosy Copper Hair

It is a style that is the epitome of perfection. The style has long hair that is straight and sleek but has immense volume.

Middle-parted of hairstyle with hair falling on the shoulders looks stunning and gives a frame to the face. It is suited to those who desire to make their face look sleek.

Copper Hair Color


Long Curls with Front Bangs

A stunning color that will make you shine and rise. The front bangs are short and fall on the forehead giving the face a complete frame. It is a desirable cut and color if you want to stand out of the crowd.

The long soft curls in the long lengths of the hair are stunning. The bangs end just above the brows, and this gives a cover to the eyes creating a mysterious look.

Copper Hair Color


Orange-Red Wavy Hair

The orange-red or the dusty red is your go-to shade if you want red but at the same time want to keep it soft. Side part with hair falling on your shoulder and sides of the face giving a soft frame to the face looks stunning.

The soft curls look breathtakingly pretty and add to the beautiful appearance. A must try style in the red tone that is apt for most of the skin tones.

Copper Hair Color


Sparkling Ginger

For the fair skinned ones who love to have a touch of gold in their look this is a welcoming color. It adds depth to your eyes and compliments your skin tones.

It makes you look stunning and simply ready for the event. The hair is done with a cut of layers to add dimension and movement to the style.

Copper Hair Color


Electric Orange in an Angled Bob

All the factor from the cut, color to style in this haircut is very contemporary and simply ready for the ramp. Angled bob will need time to style it, but with the help of styling gels and hot iron, it will be done in a few minutes.

The electric orange shade will need maintenance and care as it’s an unusual and dark color and will lose its charm if not cared for using a sunscreen for hair before stepping out in the Sun.

Copper Hair Color


Golden Copper

The best color combining the beauty of the two worlds, it has the golden hint and the vibrancy of copper-red. It has several hues apart from just one single overall color. This is best for people who have medium to light skin tones. It will add dimension to your complexion.

The front part with long bangs on both the sides and cascading curls is a very appealing look. Hot iron to create the look is needed.

Copper Hair Color


Brown Red

It is a signature color and has a long length to show off the beautiful shade. It has beautiful tones adding dimension to the shade. The hair is thick, and thus the color shows off so well.

Straight long hair with a middle parting in this color is truly delightful. To tame the flyways use gel and opt for regular trims to maintain the smooth finish of hair.

Copper Hair Color


The Red Riding Hood

Long straight hair with a tinge of brown and more red is a wood-inspired color. To maintain the straight, smooth finish of hair regular smoothing and shine products will be needed. The length and color will add to the extra dimension of hair.

The color is stunning and will compliment all skin types. The length is great but for a fresh look regular trims will be needed and it will also help to avoid the split ends. If the headband is used to accessorize the hair it will look great.

Copper Hair Color


Chopped Funky Red and Brown

The length is kept short, and thus the colors show off very well. The strands have brown and red hues and therefore look so beautiful. The length is a plus point as it is easy to maintain it. The use of gel makes it possible to get the rugged style.

It is a very versatile and trendy style option. The style is so pretty that it takes off years and weight off the face. Adapt the style if you want a trendy style that comes with low maintenance. Regular trims to maintain the length will be required.

Copper Hair Color


The Dark Mahogany

The color will surely attract all towards you. The color is bright and vibrant and is very appealing. The cut is in layers and thus adds ample movement and dimension to the style. The color and cut if done on thick hair will give all the more dense look so people with thin hair can try it for getting a dense look.

The length of the hair is long thus adds to more character for the hair. The color adds to the depth of eyes; thus, it is surely a very adaptive color and will suit all the skin types. Smoothening and shining products to maintain shine and frizz-free hair are highly required.

Copper Hair Color


Angled Lob

A very stylish haircut that brings out the beauty of red color with much more beauty. A must try if you have thin and short hair as it will add volume and bounce to the style.

Regular hydrating and moisturizing for the long curls will be needed. Rest the style will take off years from your face as the style is short easy to maintain.

Copper Hair Color


Copper Layers and Curtain Bangs

The sophistication of straight hair combined with the boldness of copper hair is a classic combination that you can never go wrong with.

Topping this classy look off with short curtain bangs will help frame your face flatteringly and pull your entire look together with chicness.

long copper brown hair with bangs


Short and Wavy Copper Bob

If the texture of your hair is more on the wavy side, a shoulder-length bob will surely do you justice. The texture of your natural waves will show off every highlight and shadow of your gorgeous copper hair in the most flattering way possible.

dark copper brown wavy bob


Red Copper Straight Bob

For a more youthful and eccentric appearance, this is definitely one of the best copper hair color shades for you. This reddish copper shade will look most alluring in the form of a short and straight bob, topped off with layered bangs.

red copper bob with bangs


Pale Copper Natural Curls

When trying to achieve sophistication and class in your game, opting for a pale copper is the best option for middle aged women.

You can accentuate the hues of this subdued copper with the help of your natural curls which will top your look off with a youthful finish.

curly copper brown hair


Sleek Copper Bob with Short Bangs

Copper hair is an ideal way to turn heads and catch eyes while remaining a professional appearance, and this sleek bob is the perfect example. The short bangs complete the look with a bold statement that’ll surely leave onlookers stunned.

copper bob with short fringe


Maroon Copper Bedhead

The bedhead hairstyle is already universally adored due to its effortless allure, and this maroon shade will enhance your look even further. It’s charming, it’s playful, and it’s easy to manage; what more could you want from a hairstyle?

dark copper brown curly hair


50s Red Copper Pin Curls

The 50s brought a wave of timeless trends that are still adored to this day, one of which is the classic pin curls hairstyle. Copper hair color shades flatter this retro look the most as the reddish hues allow for a better shine and a classier result.

vintage hairstyle with copper hair


Long Brown Copper Hairstyle for Thin Hair

If you have fine and long hair, the best option is to let it loose and avoid heat styling. The brownish copper shade results in a natural and healthy look for your hair while the red highlights add the perfect pop of color to get the right attention.

straight and long copper hair


Layered Vintage Copper Waves

If you’re looking for a dressier, heat styled look for a more formal occasion, we’ve got your back.

This 70s and 80s inspired haircut features feathery layers and a voluminous fringe which will cover your forehead most flatteringly. This orangey shade of copper is the perfect way to enhance the shine of this hairstyle.

copper red layered hairstyle


Naturally Wild Copper Curls

Let out your inner Merida from Brave by letting down your wild and natural curls and showing off the different hues of your copper hair. This look is effortless, eye-catching, and timeless in the best possible way.

girl with curly long copper hair


There is a red for everyone, and depending on your skin tone, hair type, eyes color just opt for one of it. You will rock the look and stun everyone. Take good care of your hair and using chemical-free natural products to maintain its shine and luster.

A healthy diet and avoiding junk-free food is the primary key to healthy tresses. Not to forget the inclusion of iron and protein-rich food is essential to maintain the shine and volume of hair. Regular exercise will also contribute to long healthy hair. Above all stay stress-free for healthy shining hair.

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