14 Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer

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Are you uncomfortable with your hair and desire to make your hair healthy while increasing its length? You are at the right place. Here, we will give you tips on how to grow your hair while giving it a healthy look. Through these tips, you will save a lot of money. Let us go through some tips to get healthier and longer hair:

1. The use of a wide Toothed Comb

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Do you know the kind of comb you use can ruin or help grow your hair? This is the reason you should use a wide toothed comb. Always dry your hair before combing it. Comb your hair from the bottom in a systematic manner. This prevents unnecessary hair breakage and fall. Carelessly combing your hair with a wrong comb will greatly harm your hair. A wide toothed comb ensures each section of your hair attain natural oils, which enhance the growth process. Brushing your hair also enhances blood circulation around your scalp. As a result, your hair will easily attain all the vital nutrients.

2. Gooseberry

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Gooseberry can give you healthy and long hair within a short period. There are three ways gooseberry can be used to give you a long and healthy hair. Start off by boiling dried gooseberry in oil. Allow the dried gooseberry pieces to dry up before applying it on your hair. The mixture of oil and dried gooseberry should be left overnight for them to be effective. Secondly, you can boil gooseberry in water and rinse your hair using that water. Lastly, you can crush dry gooseberry into fine powder. Mix the fine power with some water and form a thick paste. Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for a few hours before washing it off. Gooseberry contains antioxidants that strengthen, increase the growth rate of your hair and its general appearance.

3. Avoid Using Shampoo Everyday on your Hair

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
A lot of women skip conditioner on their hair and instead use shampoo when bathing. This might be one of the reasons your hair slowly increases in length. Hair experts encourage people to avoid using shampoo on a regular basis if they want to grow long and healthy hair within a short period. Shampoo is commonly used to remove different types of dirt on both your hair and scalp. However, it can harm your hair if it contains sulfates. Sulfates eliminate essential oils from your hair. This automatically leaves your hair unprotected from different types of dangers. In the long run, your hair will take a long period to grow. Therefore, use sulfate free shampoo.

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4. The Use of Hair Growth Supplements

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer

Hair growth supplements can help you attain both healthy and long hair within a short timeframe. Consult with your doctor first if you can take any hair growth supplements. Supplements suit people who rarely consume a healthy diet. These products are rich in different types of nutrients. These nutrients are needed for both long and healthy hair. Hair growth supplements are so powerful in that you will notice change on your hair within a short period. Identify the nutrients your hair needs before using any supplement.

5. Avoid one Hairstyle over a long Period

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
A lot of people don’t know that keeping a particular hairstyle for a long period prevents your hair from growing. Some hairstyles such as topknot and ponytail can make your hair break because of tension. Therefore, ensure you regularly change your hair after a reasonable amount of time. This ensures your hair remains strong and protected from any danger. Above all; your hair should regularly get enough air. Enough air ensures that your hair attains vital nutrients. Inquire from your stylist how long a particular hairstyle should stay before getting changed.

6. Don’t use Hot tools all the Time

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Some hairstyles require the use of hot tools. These range from chemical relaxers, curling wands and hair straighteners, among others. Continuous use of these hot tools can greatly damage your hair, shutting down your dream of attaining both healthy and long hair. Therefore, don’t use these hot tools for a long period. Set a reasonable period in which you will be using these tools to avoid damaging your hair. Always use protective products when using these hot tools. In the meantime, focus on natural hairstyles. Natural hairstyles are recommended for people who desire both healthy and long hair.

7. Massage your Scalp

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
The state of your scalp determines if you will attain both long and healthy hair or not. Our scalp is regularly surrounded by dead skin cells, oil and dirt. These three elements make it difficult for growth of any new hair if left to accumulate. Regularly massaging your scalp with shampoo gets rid of these elements. Additionally, massage is known to increase blood circulation, helping hair absorb different nutrients. Hair that attains all the vital nutrients increases in terms of growth rate and looks outstanding.

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8. Consult a Doctor if you have any Form of Infection

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
You cannot attain long and healthy hair if your head has different types of infections. Consult your doctor as soon as you discover any form of infection on your hair. This minimizes any risks and damage on your hair. Infections are caused by different factors. Therefore, avoid factors that might cause infection on your scalp. Consequently, use anti-infection products. These products reduce the possibility of contracting any infection. It also makes your dream of attaining both long and healthy hair a reality.

9. Gently Wash your Hair

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Don’t wash your hair if you are in a hurry. This might damage your hair in the long run. Use sulfate free shampoo when washing your hair. Shampoo makes it easy to wash your hair and massage your scalp. Our hair is very soft when wet. This makes it easy to break when handled roughly. Shampoo softens the entire washing process. It also nourishes your hair, making it easy to attain different forms of nutrients. In the long run, you will attain your desired long and healthy hair without struggling.

10. Considering Deep Conditioning

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Our hair needs extra care to attain different stay healthy and grow at a fast rate. Therefore, you should frequently pamper your hair through deep conditioning. There are different deep conditioning products in the market you can use. Alternatively, you can create your own deep conditioner. Simply take some eggs, conditioner and oil. Go ahead and mix these three elements in a bowl until you get a thick paste. Apply the paste throughout your hair. Wash it off after an hour. You can use shampoo to completely wash off the paste. Deep conditioning enhances the outlook of your hair and also hastens the hair growth rate.

11. Rinse your Hair with some Cold Water after a warm Shower

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Hot or water isn’t good on your hair as you might think. In fact, it deprives your hair its natural oils, thus making it dry and prone to numerous risks. Rinsing your hair with some cold water helps your hair maintain its natural oils. Cold water also strengthens your hair follicles and seals the cuticles. In the long run, this procedure ensures your hair grows longer while maintaining various nutrients. So, what are you waiting for? Adopt this procedure today and attain long and healthy hair.

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12. Volumize your Hair

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Always thrive towards using the right hair products. Using the right hair products can increase the volume of your hair. Some products in the market are specifically designed for volumization. Regular use of these products is likely to increase the length of your hair, its general outlook and your hair strength. Remember your hair should be strong for it to grow longer or it will break or fall down. You can either use readymade volumization products or use home remedies. It all depends on your preference and taste.

13. Avoiding Stress

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Our current society is full of stressful activities. As a result, we should come up with ways of efficiently dealing with stress or it might affect our body. This statement extends up to the general being of our hair. Your hair might become unhealthy and become stagnant in terms of growth. Therefore, you should look for ways of relieving off stress from your body. It can be through jogging, swimming and engaging in different sports, among others. In addition to these, ensure you have enough sleep. Seven to eight hours will do.

14. The use of Silk Pillow

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer
Are you wary of your sleeping space? The kind of pillow you use for sleeping determines if you will get both long and healthy hair or not. Consider using silk pillow as it minimizes risks of damaging your hair. Our hair is prone to damage when we sleep. Silk pillow cannot entangle your hair.

Attaining both long and healthy hair isn’t difficult as it sounds. First, you should ensure your hair attains vital nutrients in the body. Our hair needs these nutrients for growth and to look healthy. Go through the above tips before choosing the most suitable ones.

Tips to Get Hair Healthier and Longer

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