Hair Colors for Brown Eyes – 23 Different Shades of Hair Color

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Eyes are the most expressive part of a person’s body. The eyes bring out the emotions and often give away feelings. Therefore, the eyes are always highlighted especially in the beauty industry. Eyes are the first thing a person notices while talking. It is therefore important to give detailed attention to the eyes too while getting a makeover or makeup. The eyes colors are different for different person. Eye color plays an important part while choosing the basic beauty things like face makeup, a color of the dress or even hair color. Hair color if chosen properly can make the eye color pop or can ruin the look. Therefore, choice of hair color is also based on one’s color of the eyes. Hair Color for Brown Eyes can be of different types. Brown eyes are the most common. There are also shades of brown depending on the person’s complexion or other features.

However, there are many colors for the hair if brown eyes are considered. The shade of the color must be such that it brings out the natural color nicely and does not make it look odd. Hair color changes the appearance to a great extent. It is just not for fashion but also can define a person and the personality. Therefore, hair colors must be chosen properly. While choosing any hair color, the brand and the ingredients must be checked properly. After all, no one wants damaged hair. Products containing quality ingredients must be purchased.

Sandy Blonde

The sandy blonde hair color is a very common one. It is not meant specifically for brown eyes. But, people having a lighter shade of brown in their eyes can definitely go for this hair color. The hair color is applied and maintained evenly throughout the head. the hair is kept longer to bring out the hair color clearly. The makeup is kept neat and dewy to suit the sandy blonde hair color. This hair color is perfect for any formal wear or semi-formal outfit.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes


Auburn is a very common hair color for people with both dark as well as light hair color. It is a very bright and vibrant hair color which makes the brown eye color prominent. The hairstyle and hair texture are kept sleek and straight to bring out the hair color. The color is done from roots till the tips. This hair color would go well with a red mouth and dark eye makeup. This will suit the formal outfit as well as the casual.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Ash Blonde

Ash blonde hair is a very subtle yet striking hair color. Since the color is light, it would bring out the natural brown color of the eyes. The hair is maintained long. The ash blonde hair color is maintained darker towards the roots and lighter towards the tips. Light makeup with nude lips is best suited for this hair color. Outfits in darker colors would be matching contrasting the hair color.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Natural Brown

Natural brown hair color matches with the color of the eyes if someone has brown eyes. This hair color looks natural and is great for a casual or semi-formal look. The hair length is kept medium short and sleek complementing with the hair color. Natural brown color is best for those having soft facial features and a thin face. A natural no makeup look would look best with the hair color.

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Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate brown hair color is one of the best colors to match the brown eyes. The chocolate brown color is maintained all over the head. the tips of the few strands of hair are highlighted in lighter color to make it more prominent. For that, the hair length must be long enough. The hairstyle and color are well suited for a party look with heavy makeup.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes


Lilac is a very unique yet catchy color. The light color is subtle and is sure to grab eyeballs. The lilac color suits very well with lighter complexion and brings out the natural brown color of the eyes. To make the hair color more prominent, the eye makeup must be done accordingly. The hair color is maintained throughout the long hair. this hair color and style is suited for a casual outfit or a semi-formal outfit as well.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

White Blonde

White blonde hair color is very common these days, and it is not just limited to the celebs or popular people. It looks classy and elegant. This hair color can go well with almost any kind of eye color. Because of the hair color, it can make any eye color pop and make it prominent. The white blonde hair color can be worn with an elegant dress, bold lips, highlighted eyes and a dark colored outfit.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Golden Blonde

Naturally, blonde hair looks elegant. These days, doing the golden hair blonde has become a common trend. The golden blonde hair looks very nice and complements the brown eye color. Whether the hair is short or long, whether it is straight or wavy, this hair color instantly changes the appearance, this color can be confidently carried with any casual outfit or formal dresses. The color is mainly concentrated on the outer strands of elegantly done curls.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Pastel Green

Pastel colors are the hair colors of the era. It can bring out the brown eyes very prominently. The pastel green color is a very subtle one who can rock a bold look. The pastel green color is done all over the head focusing more on the hair ends. A bold look with denim and biker jacket with the medium short length of hair would be the suitable look for pastel green color. The color is subtle enough for the eye color and bold enough for the rock look.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Silver Ombre

Ombre color is slowly and gradually picked up by many people after it became popular with the celebrities. To complement the brown eyes, the silver ombre color can be one of the best choices. The darker colors of the roots are complemented with, the lighter hair strands. The makeup can be kept dark based on the complexion, and a bold mouth can be kept. No jewelry look is best for this look. The look can be worn with the bold outfit or any semi-formal outfit.

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Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Dark Violet

Darker colors like the dark violet always look brilliant with brown eye color because of the color contrast in colors. For people having thick and long hair and lots of volume to it, this color can be tried. It is best complemented in a longer length of hair. to match with the hair color, the mouth can be kept nude, and eyes must be highlighted. A formal, elegant look or semi-formal look can both look.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Apple Red

Apple red is a unique color and is among one of the brightest shade of hair colors. This hair color can make any eye color prominent especially the lighter shades. The hairstyle is kept neat and sleek to match the bright shade of hair color. The makeup can be done dark. The hair color is so that it can be worn with any kind of outfit with matching accessories.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes


When people look for quirky and unique hair colors, green comes to mind. Green eyes can be complemented with brown hair color. The same way, brown eye color also looks quite appealing with the green hair color. The shade of green is kept neither too dark nor too light. The green color is maintained throughout the head and is kept from the roots till the tips.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes


Purple has many shades to be colored in the hair. This shade of purple is mild and subtle in tone and goes well with the brown eye color. This shade of hair color is suited to the messy style of the hair. To match the hair color, the no-makeup look is kept, and no jewelry is suited for the look. Casual outfits are best for this hair color.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Honey Blonde

Honey blonde is yet another variant of the blonde hair color. Nearly every shade of blonde suits the brown eye color. The hair color matches the eye color. For people who like softer tones in their hair, the honey blonde hair color is the best. Minimal jewelry and a semi-formal outfit can be carried comfortably with the hairstyle and color.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Pastel Purple

Among pastel colors, the pastel purple is one of the brightest and vibrant of colors. This mild shade can highlight the eyes and eye color very well. A neat and dewy makeup with accessories is well suited for this hair color. The pastel purple is kept darker at the roots and becomes lighter as it reaches the hair ends. This hair color is also suitable for the formal wear.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Light Blonde

The light blonde hair color can make any eye color look prominent. The greatest advantage is that this hair color is suitable for all ages. The young, as well as the older women, can carry this hair color with confidence and grace. When worn with dark formals, it looks graceful. The makeup can be kept nude, and the eyes must be highlighted properly.

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Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Natural Black

Nothing looks best than the basic black and sleek hair locks. Whether the eye color is black or brown, natural black hair suits all. The hair is kept simple with soft waves. The makeup is kept light and natural. Any kind of outfit whether formals or casuals will go well with the natural black hair.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes


Caramel colored hair creates a very warm look and graceful appearance. Complementing with the brown eye color, this color makes an attractive appearance. The hair is kept simple and is kept at the length of the medium. The hair color is mainly focused on the ends of hair strands, and the roots are kept dark. This hair can be worn for any party or with an evening wear outfit.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Copper Brown

Copper brown is one such color which complements almost any complexion. Brown eyes are naturally accentuated in the copper brown shade of hair color. The hair length is long, and the locks are kept wavy and shiny. The face is kept natural with highlighted bold eyes to match with the hair color. The look is best for an elegant dress for a party or gala night.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Brownish Blonde

Brownish blonde is the subtler and lighter version of hair color of ash blonde. For all those having naturally brown hair can keep their hair brownish blonde. This hair color matching with brown eyes is kept long and casual. For a semi-formal or ultra-cool casual look, the brownish-blonde is the perfect shade of hair color. The hair ends are kept comparatively lighter which gathers attention towards the hair roots.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Salt and Pepper Grey

Salt and pepper grey are no longer for men. Women carry this hair color with equal confidence and classiness. Side parted hair is kept simple and free-flowing on the shoulders. The salt color is done only in the few inner strands which play peek a boo with the pepper hair color. Brown eye color can be highlighted for a more prominent look. This look basically grabs attention for a black dress or any bold outfit.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

Coffee Brown

To do the hair in a common yet trendy color, the coffee brown is the perfect color. The tresses are styled elegantly, and the color is concentrated towards the ends of hair strands. Highlighted eyes and chunky jewelry can be paired perfectly with the look. The makeup would look prominent if it is done dewy with bold brown eyes.

Hair Colors for Brown Eyes

If possible, trained professionals must be sought for coloring the hair. After using the best hair color for brown eyes, it is also important to use color protecting products for hair care. This will ensure that the color stays for longer.

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