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22 Excellent Purple Hair Color Ideas for Women

The color Purple is one of the most impressive and eye-catching hues in the universe. This is absolutely impossible to ignore its beauty and its inextricably link to things royal and mysterious. Women who wear Purple attract attention whenever they make an appearance perhaps because they bring with them both the heat of red and the coolness of blue. The Purple Hair Color is one of the excellent funky colors that women can wear.

You can merely choose this beautiful purple color for your hair to look bold and charming. But as a matter of fact, purple color is not for every skin tone. So, whenever you are going to apply this color, try to consult with a professional stylist. But nothing can beat your look, if you can carry them off with a great confidence. But considering the condition of your hair, you should go ahead. Make sure that it suits your personality.

How to do Purple Hair Color?

Various methods of coloring your hair are available but doing purple color at home should be followed in a proper way.

  • Comb applicator
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Bowl and old towel
  • Hair brush
  • Hair clips
  • Purple hair Color dye
  • Hair Bleach
  • Plastic gloves
  • Take a bowl first and then mix the purple hair color bleach with little water and then towel around your shoulders to stop getting your clothing tainted.
  • Then, apply gently in your hair with the brush and clips
  • After applying properly, leave it to pat dry and then rinse it off with shampoo and conditioner.
  • If you do not want to color your hair at your home, you can take a help from a stylist. Going to a salon would be one of the excellent decisions of yours. But before dying your hair purple, you can consult with your stylist.

How to Care the Purple Hair?

  • Shampoo less- If you want to take a great care of your purple hair, you have to make sure that you choose the right ways. So, one of the greatest ways to take care of the purple hair color is that try to shampoo less. Do not use shampoo regular.
  • Use right shampoo- Using the accurate shampoo is one of the amazing and excellent ways to take care of the shampoo. If you do not have much idea about the shampoo, you can take help from a professional stylist.
  • Cool rinse – When you are dying your hair color, try to use cool water to rinse off. Do not use heat or lukewarm water because it can damage the hair.
  • Heat protection- Try to avoid the heat tools as much as you can. Excessive heat on your hair can actually damage your hair.

Here are the 22 most beautiful Purple Hair Color inspiration

Lilac Hair Color

As the name suggests lilac, this is one of the beautiful colors to apply on your hair. The soft, smooth and polished color gives you a charming and extraordinary look as well. The Lilac Hair Color is suitable for fairer skin but the ladies with darker skin can also choose the beautiful color as well. It gives you a polished look.

Purple Hair Color

Pastel Purple Hair Color

When it comes to choose the eye-catching and extraordinary look, you can easily go with this look. The straight hair with bangs is the perfect hairstyle to choose the Pastel Purple Hair Color. The light purple shade makes your look absolutely exceptional and amazing as well. You can choose the look whenever you are going to any party or event.

Purple Hair Color

Lavender Hair Color

Lavender is one of the beautiful colors that you can try. If you want to go funky and bold at the same time, choosing Lavender Hair Color would be one of the greatest colors that you can do. The middle portion of the hair is black and rest of the hair is colored in lavender shade as well. It brings out the funkiness in you.

Purple Hair Color

Mauve Hair Color

If you want to experiment your look by doing some exceptional hair colors, you can easily choose this one. This is a beautiful amalgamation of pink and mauve, which makes your look stunning. You can try this Mauve Hair Color in your long wavy hair. The hair color gives you a beautiful charm and boldness as well.

Purple Hair Color

Amethyst Hair Color

The Amethyst Hair Color is all about keeping the natural dark shade of hair intact near the roots while only dyeing the rest of the hair in some other color. This hairstyle that you see here combines the proper exposed roots methods with Amethyst Hair Color. The color is suitable for both darker as well as fair skin.

Purple Hair Color

Smokey Purple Hair Color

This Smokey Purple Hair Color along with a pure platinum hue through the ends and lengths is a classy and elegant choice for women with cool or fair skin tones who are finding for a natural or multidimensional platinum style. This color offers you a beautiful, bold as well as charming look. You can sport the look at anywhere.

Purple Hair Color

Eggplant Purple Hair Color

If you are opting for the astonishing and absolutely ravishing hair color to look bold and beautiful, you cannot miss this Eggplant Purple Hair Color. The entire hair is the amalgamation of black and light purple in color and the strands are little wavy too. You can sport the look at any party, event as well as festival.

Purple Hair Color

Violet Purple Hair Color

A huge number of women out there want to experiment their look with some funky colors. And what can be funkier than blue or purple. Well, applying this Violet Purple Hair Color, you will be able to look absolutely stunning. In your black hair, applying the upper section blue and the bottom strands purple would be absolutely magnificent and vibrant.

Purple Hair Color

Silver Purple Hair Color

Blunt cuts are the good option for women with fine hair, but it can get a little dull if you’re having them all the time. If you truly don’t want to give up any of your volume to layers, adding some asymmetry is quite a good balance. The amalgamation of purple and silver is one if he excellent colors, so trying Silver Purple Hair Color are absolutely charming.

Purple Hair Color

Magenta Purple Hair Color

The vibrant purple color can easily bring out the extraordinary charm and boldness in you. So, if you really want to go funky and eye-catching, trying Magenta Purple Hair Color would be a great help as well. This is a soft, polished a vibrant hair color that suits the fairer skin. You can carry the style for any party or occasion.

Purple Hair Color

Neon Purple Hair Color

Neon is one of the most attractive and eye-catching hair colors that one can wear. So, in this hairstyle, the neon rainbow colors would bring an absolute bold and striking look in you. Carrying this hairstyle with a great confidence, you will be able to look absolutely vibrant as well. You can sport the look at any festival and occasion too.

Purple Hair Color

Shades of Lilac Hair Color

If you have the soft long blonde hair, then you can easily try this one. The hairstyle is absolutely attractive and eye-catching. The amalgamation of soft pink and light purple color makes your entire look absolutely stunning. As a matter of fact, you can try this Shades of Lilac Hair Color at any kind of party, event or hangouts with friends as well.

Purple Hair Color

Dip Dyed Violet Hair Color

Violet is the color of charm. Well, if you want to go absolutely bold and stunning, trying this specific color would be absolutely magnificent for you. In this Dip Dyed Violet Hair Color, the half above portion is soft balayage brown and the bottom end is Dip Dyed Violet. The wavy hair makes you look stunning and striking.

Purple Hair Color

Indigo Blend Hair Color

The Indigo Blend Hair Color requires the proper confidence and attitude to be carried. The bright shade of purple ombre suits the long hair length. The thick and long hair is straight at the top. The ends of the hair have been made wavy and are highlighted in Pastel Blue Blonde shades. You can sport the look at any occasion or festival.

Purple Hair Color

Neon Amethyst Hair Color

The purple color itself looks radiant and vibrant. Along with the color, this look is perfect. The length of the hair is long and the hair is cut in layers. The Neon Amethyst Hair Color is kept at the top of the head. Try to curl up the back portion of the hair and then make it pastel purple shade, which will give a stunning and ravishing look as well.

Purple Hair Color

Touch of Periwinkle Hair Color

These wavy strands grazing fringe lends a resistant vibe to the look and is great for any women who don’t want their platinum hair to look cute or innocent. The Touch of Periwinkle Hair Color is one of the classic yet elegant looks that one can wear. The amalgamations of light brown and purple shade help you to look bold and charming.

Purple Hair Color

Boysenberry Hair Color

If you seriously want to experiment your look by coloring your hair, you can easily choose this color. Coloring dip-dyed violet in your short hair cut with blunt bangs would provide you the extraordinary boldness and charming style. So, applying this Boysenberry Hair Color in your hair, you would be able to look absolutely perfect.

Purple Hair Color

Pastel Lilac Hair Color

If you are worried about how appropriate Pastel Lilac Hair Color at the office, try this brunette variation. The key here is to just ask your stylist for a rooted look that fades into pastel lilac at the ends. This specific color is suitable for any darker and fairer skin as well. It gives you the striking look.

Purple Hair Color

Blended Orchid Hair Color

Think of red rose gold hair as the step up from strawberry. If you are not afraid of smart and bold pop of color, this Blended Orchid Hair Color is sure to turn heads. Ask your colorist for the Blended Orchid, which is darker at the roots and gradually, fades into pigmented pops of red rose gold color on the bottom.

Purple Hair Color

Smokey Purple Ombre Hair Color

The smoky color gives you a beautiful and classic look. If you want to something different yet modern look, this Smokey Purple Ombre Hair Color is the color to choose. Apply the light purple shade in your wavy medium length hair would give you a charming look. You can sport the look at any party and event too.

Purple Hair Color

Purple Colombre Hair Color

The combination of shiny and polished pink and purple color gives you some amazing and charming look. This beautiful hair color has shown a gradient sort of effect. The color is darker on the top, and it gradually blends into blue shade right at the ends of the hair. This is for fairer skin.

Purple Hair Color

Vivid Grape Hair Color

When you are looking for the funky yet bold look, try this Vivid Grape Hair Color. The dark bluish violet color in your short hair with blunt bangs gives you a contemporary and elegant look as well. The color suits almost every skin tone if you can carry with confidence.

Purple Hair Color

Discover your boldness and charming style by applying the polished and smooth Purple Hair Color. It gives you a stunning and striking look too.

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