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15 Stunning Purple Ombre Hair Colors Trending in 2024

Are you someone who just adores having a creative and super unique look? Then purple ombre hair might be for you. It pairs a fun color with an adorable way to blend multiple shades together.

There are tons of different hairstyles you can make to use this color configuration pop. Some are ultra-chic and stylish, but others but a more erratic spin on the look. 


Incredible Purple Ombre Hair Ideas

Need inspiration before changing your hair up? Check out the stylish hairdos below.

Straight with Bangs

straight purple ombre hair with bangs

Two shades of purple here blend seamlessly together with differing undertones. The top section of the purple has a blue undertone, but the bottom has a red undertone that makes it look pinker.

The simple haircut is so sweet as long locks cascade down the chest and bangs add depth.


Short Blonde Side Parting

purple ombre on blonde hair

Side partings are a really nice way to show off one side of your face and hide the other. Pairing your unique purple ombre with blonde hair also helps the color pop really well. 

It’s an incredibly flattering and wonderfully simple look that’s great for edgy girls to wear as their everyday look.


Dark Ombre

purple ombre on dark hair

Do you prefer a darker look? Brown or almost-black tresses look so good with a hint of a unique color on them. Styles like this look natural with some nice side bangs swept over the forehead.


Short Ombre

dark purple ombre bob

Bobs will forever be one of the chicest looks you can wear while remaining simple. They’re so easy to care for and look great with all kinds of different colors in them. 

Here the blend from dark brown to purple is seamless and impressive.


Dark to Light Waves

dark purple ombre

Unique colors always look outstanding on wavy hair. There’s something so appealing about gentle waves like this that almost makes you look ethereal.

The transition from a dark to a light shade of this color is super eye-catching and will definitely turn some heads.


Straight Locks with Center Parting

straight purple pmbre hair

Center partings are very trendy right now as they look glamorous with little effort. They look really good with straight locks as the simple hair texture helps emphasize them.

This reddish-purple ombre hair color looks so nice paired with the darker tone.


Loose Side Parted Waves

reverse purple ombre hair

Looser waves towards the ends of the tresses create natural movement in your look.  The vivid shade transforming into the lighter silvery one adds a ton of depth that complements the movement well.


Wavy Light Brown Locks

light brown to purple ombre hair

Pairing the vivid and bright tone here with light brown is an interesting choice as the two shades are so different. It creates a contrast that’s definitely eye-catching and will suit you well.

The waves create definition and life in these locks that also look really nice.


Ginger and Pastel Purple

ginger red to pastel purple ombre

People with natural ginger hair already have such vivid and interesting locks. Adding this amazing pastel purple ombre makes it better and makes the natural red pop.

The long, straight locks are a simple everyday look that anyone with naturally straight hair will love to wear.


Gentle Lavender Curls

lavender purple ombre hair

Many of the tones above are highly vivid and strong, but this lavender color is much gentler for people who want something soft and girly.

The curls help bring out the various lavender hues throughout the lovely locks. There are two shades of it here with the darker shade mostly on the ends of the curls.


Silver and Lavender Waves

lavender purple ombre on silver hair
Instagram/@ jamieleatechniques

Wavy bobs are always chic but sweet. The movement of the hair looks both natural and glamorous at the same time as it frames your face beautifully.

The color makes it appear even sweeter as the lavender and slightly darker purple tones complement each other well. It’s a wonderfully girly look that goes great with pale skin and neutral makeup.


Looped Dark to Light Hairdo

dark to light purple ombre

Dark to light purple ombre hair colors are always so eye-catching on their own due to the pleasing blend of shades and hues. However, this one looks a little more interesting due to the looped hairstyle.

A series of small loops sit in the back of the hair with strands crossing over each other nicely. 


Bright Blonde to Vivid Purple Locks

blonde to purple ombre

As we saw earlier, blonde and purple look outstanding together. Here it’s even more enthralling as both colors are so deep and vivid on their own. 

These shades paired together makes it impossible to look away!


Long Sleek Locks

long purple ombre

Long hair with minimal styling looks beautiful when you add interesting colors to it as you can see here. There’s some natural movement to the tresses as they cascade down the chest and catch the light.

It’s a look that requires minimal styling and suits someone who loves their hair’s normal movement. It’s the colors that make it truly unique as the dark shades blend together well.


Straight Locks with Blunt Ends

straight purple ombre hair with bangs

There’s a stark contrast in these locks due to the silvery light purple blending into a dark, bluish purple ombre shade. It’s an even bolder look due to the blunt ends and incredible straightness of the tresses.

If you want to look incredibly glamorous but effortless at the same time, then this is a look you definitely need to try out. It’s so easy to achieve and the colors truly pop against the simple hairstyle.


Purple ombre hair is always going to turn heads and get you tons of positive attention. All of these shades are deep and eye-catching from light lavenders to vivid violets. It’s truly mesmerizing.

If you want to make everyone in your life say “wow!” then you should definitely consider getting one of the hairdos above. It’s definitely worth putting in the time and effort to keep your color looking fresh.

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