Blue Hair Color

20 Various New Blue Hair Color Ideas for Women

Coloring the hair is not a new trend. Women and men alike have been coloring their hair for quite a time now. The shades of different colors and the getup have changed. But, the craze for hair colors has not dimmed a bit. Trying various new hair colors has always been a fashion trend.

Among different such colors, blue hair color is very popular among the people. Not only celebrities, it has become a common trend nowadays to dye the hair in different unique colors like blue. For dyeing the hair blue, one has to know the correct procedure to do so. After coloring, there are also certain precautions which must be done to care for the blue hair.

How to do blue hair color

  • It is better if the hair is kept moisturized and free from any chemical processing or styling for at least three months prior to dyeing the hair blue.
  • The blue hair color must be selected from a good brand of hair product which will give lasting results and minimal damage.
  • If done at home, the hair must be divided into sections and then the mixture of the blue hair color must be applied as per the instructions.
  • After the hair color has been done in the desired sections of the hair, it is time to let the color sit with a shower cap for at least 45 minutes.
  • After the time is over, the hair must be washed and conditioned.

How to care the blue hair

  • The hair must be washed two days after the coloring. After that, shampoo must be used only 2-3 times per week.
  • Quality hair color must be used for blue color. Good quality hair products must be used to protect the color.
  • Hair must be washed with cold or lukewarm water to protect the hair color.
  • For blue colored hair, color safe shampoo and conditioners must be used as this will help to protect the hair color for longer.
  • When the hair is not shampooed, it must be kept dry.

Here are top 20 unique and beautiful Blue Hair Color Ideas for Women

Peek a Boo Blue

Like the name suggests, the peek a boo blue is only visible at few strands of the hair. The highlighted strands of the hair are only maintained keeping in mind the hairstyle. The hair is sleek and only made wavy at the ends. The blue highlights have been done towards the ends where they merge gracefully with the natural color of the hair. The hair color looks best in voluminous hair.

Blue Hair Color

Icy Pastel Blue

The icy pastel blue is the lighter and cooler shade of blue. For a rocking bold look, this color is perfectly suitable. The haircut is kept simple and shoulder length. The icy pastel shade of blue is maintained all over the hair. For the perfect complement to the hair color, bold looks and outfits must be worn. This shade of hair color is best done in well maintained and gelled hair.

Blue Hair Color

Platinum Blonde to Deep Navy

For the platinum blonde to deep navy hair color, it is best to be done in fine hair which has lots of volumes. The look is very unique. The blonde hair color brings out the deep navy color of the hair more prominently. For this, long hair must be maintained to bring out both the shades of hair. The blonde hair is maintained at the top portion of the hair. The deep navy color is done only at the hair ends. It creates a classy yet rocking look.

Blue Hair Color

Seafoam Dream

The seafoam dream hair color is yet another lighter shade which can be easily carried to match with any casual outfit or a formal one. The hair is elegantly styled for the hair color. The fine hair is styled into waves. The light hues of blue have been done in few strands of wavy hair which merge with the blonde hair nicely. Most of the blue shade is kept towards the ends of the hair strands.

Blue Hair Color

Bright Cobalt

The blue color can be used in many different shades and hues. The bright cobalt is a very funky and vibrant color which instantly attracts attention. The best advantage of this hair color is that it can be used for any style of the hair. The cobalt color is done throughout the length of the hair. It can be perfectly complemented with any casual or semi-formal outfit.

Blue Hair Color

Multihued Teal

Teal color is an amazing color grabs attention and also looks very funky for the entire getup. The hairstyle is also kept funky to match with the hair color. Hair is naturally colored from the roots. The teal color is done at the mid-length onwards till the tips. Towards the tips, the teal blue color is done in the entire portions. The natural color of the hair merged with the teal color makes the multihued appearance.

Blue Hair Color

Long Pale Blue

The long pale blue hair color is one such unique shade which can complement almost hairstyle. The hair must be long to bring out the hair color. It is made wavy so that the hues are made to look prominent on the hairstyle. Along with lighter shades, the pale blue is highlighted in few strands. Few strands have also been colored in dark shades and lighter shades to create a vibrant hair color altogether.

Blue Hair Color

Shimmering Turquoise

The turquoise color is itself a vibrant color. The color is maintained throughout the length of the hair. The turquoise hair looks best with any casual outfit or with the formal outfit. The hairstyle is kept casual and simple. The strands are made wavy especially towards the ends. The wavy hair brings out the hair color more prominently. The shimmering turquoise color looks best with highlighted eyes and bold makeup.

Blue Hair Color

Neon Turquoise

The neon turquoise is very much in trend these days. Neon colors look funky and add an extra edge to the entire hairstyle. The neon turquoise is also such a look which can be carried by both the younger generation and also by older women. The darker shade of the color is maintained especially at the roots. As the color progresses towards the ends, it fades.

Blue Hair Color

Petrol Blue

The petrol blue color is somewhat a mixture of the cobalt blue and turquoise color. The petrol blue is shaded towards the hair ends. The short length of the hair is cropped till the shoulders and kept sleek and shiny. The makeup and the entire getup is kept neat to complement the hair color and hairstyle. For a neat look, the petrol blue hair color is best suited for a formal dress for a party wear.

Blue Hair Color

Blue Black Hair Color

Blue-black hair can create a rocking yet classy look if done the right way. The hairstyle is done keeping in mind the hair color highlights. The chopped ends of the haircut are made prominent and the hair color is also highlighted. The blue hair color is done in few thin strands which are mingled with the black color of the hair. The highlights are more prominent towards the ends.

Blue Hair Color

Neon Azure Hair Color

The neon azure hair color is also such vibrant colors which can easily attract attention and make heads turn. The color is done throughout the length which makes it funkier. The hair has been dyed especially towards the outer strands so that the color is evenly done in the entire hair length. The neon azure hair color can be pulled off with any casual or semi-formal outfit with a bold makeup.

Blue Hair Color

Muted Turquoise

Muted hair colors are always classier just like the vibrant hues and also look cool with casuals. When turquoise is such a vibrant color, the muted turquoise looks equally cool. It looks best in the longer length of the hair. The hair color is maintained towards the hair ends. It also looks more prominent when done in the wavy strands. The hair color is perfect to be carried with casuals.

Blue Hair Color

Soft Pastel Streaks

Soft pastel shades are for all those who love hair colors but want to keep it subtle. The blue color can be done in louder shades as well as softer shades. The soft pastel streaks are done in hairs especially which are inside. It is so done that the steaks are partially visible through the natural color of the hair. The shade of the blue color is also kept muted.

Blue Hair Color

Platinum Teal

The hairstyle always looks best when a combination of light and darker shades is applied. The combination of platinum and teal looks best in the hair when done in the correct way. The teal color brings out the platinum hair color and makes it more prominent. The hairstyle is kept sleek and short so that the color looks bright. The teal color is made more prominent towards the ends and the platinum more towards the roots.

Blue Hair Color

Icy Blue Ombre

The icy blue ombre is a very soft yet prominent color which makes the hairstyle quite different. The hairstyle is done while making the hair wavy. The icy blue color is perfect for creating the soft waves. It is only done towards the roots and mid-length of the hair. The light hair color is maintained at the ends.

Blue Hair Color

Black Hair with Light Blue Tips

The blue color of the hair can always add a twist to the basic color. Matching with the basic black color of the hair at the roots till the mid length, the light blue color is only done at the hair tips. The combination is best done in sleek hair which makes the color shades stand out.

Blue Hair Color

Blue and Grey Hair

Coloring the hair grey is very much in trend these days. Blue and grey make an unusual combination but looks very good when done properly. The hairstyle is wavy towards the ends where most of the coloring has been done. The blue shade merged with the grey tones have been kept towards the hair ends.

Blue Hair Color

Dark Blue to Light Blue Ombre

The hair color can be done in two different tones of blue and yet made to look classy. Towards the rots and continuing till the mid length, the hair color is kept dark blue. The light blue color is kept towards the wavy ends of the hair. This shade will look best with a bold outfit.

Blue Hair Color

Blonde to Dark Blue Ombre

The blue color is best highlighted with blonde hair. While the blonde hair is from the roots till the mid length, the vibrant shade of blue is kept towards the ends of the hair which has been made wavy. For an ultra classy look with bold makeup, this hair color is suitable.

Blue Hair Color

These days, there are so many shades and hues of colors available and people can choose any from those according to their desired get up. The above list of blue hair color can help you to choose one from the lot.

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