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Easy Short Hairstyles – 15 Best Ways to Style Short Hair

Hair is an important aspect that plays an essential part in enhancing the beauty of any person. It is true for both men and women, and they do not shy away from investing time and money to look good.

If you want to ensure that every individual takes note of your beauty and elegance, then it is time to opt for easy short hairstyles which are popular in recent times. Women do not desire to waste much time managing their long locks.

Thus, they opt for short hairdos, which not only enhance the beauty of the face but also ensure that you stay with the trends.

In this article, you will acquire information about the innovative hairstyles, which are grabbing the attention of all ladies who do not want to be burdened under the weight of hair but also do not want to compromise with the looks and styles. So, get in touch with the experts, and pick a hairdo that will work best for your face.

Picking the right hairstyle will make you the center of all attractions. These short hairstyles do not take much time and are easy to maintain. They also provide you an amazing look for any occasion.

Short Thin Hair

If you have straight to medium wavy hair, then the Short Haircut for Thin Hair will complement your looks best. This haircut will line your face and will offer you the elegance that you always deserved.

It is easy to maintain, and all you need is a quick shower and a blow dryer to get the desired look. Most professional hair experts recommend this look for office goers and college students as well. This hairdo will complement any dress that you are wearing.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Messy Short Hairstyle

Many women support the ever-popular Messy Short Hairstyle. The popularity of this hairdo has been in the fashion circuit for ages. If you desire to rock the dance floor, without worrying about messing up your hairstyle, then this is your go-to style.

With some side fringes, which fall on the forehead, and a messy crown area, you will look elegant and fashionable for any occasion. If you are a party animal, who likes to dance her heart out, make sure to set the look with hairspray.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Short Haircuts for Round Faces

If you have an oval or circular face, then the Short Haircuts for Round Faces is the perfect hairdo for you. Women with round faces need to choose between some options to look their best. This hairstyle will make sure that you look like a million bucks, without too much fuss.

In case you have a broad forehead, you can ask the hairdresser to make some fringes in the front. These fringes will work wonders to hide the forehead, and will also frame your face.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Short Haircut for Blond Hair

If you desire to turn heads in any particular event, then the Short Haircut for Blond Hair will come to your rescue. It will look good on women who have straight and short hair. Due to the straight texture of the locks, one will not have to worry about unruly curls.

Ladies with curly hair can also experiment with this look, provided they get hair straightening or apply a strong-hold hairspray or gel. It is characterized by long and side fringes, which not only hide wide foreheads but also frame your face well.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Textured Wavy Short Hair

The Textured Wavy Short Hair is the go-to hairstyle for all ladies who have wavy hair. If you have boring locks and want to experiment with them, then this hairdo will come to the rescue as well. You will require the assistance of the experts to acquire this look.

It is characterized by textured or asymmetrical lock ends, which point outwards.  If you think that it is a styling error, then you need to reanalyze your view. The hair ends are crafted in this fashion to impart a striking look.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Medium Bob

The popularity of the Medium Bob has been in the market for a long time. Fashion-forward actresses of the yesteryears had sported this hairdo on several occasions. Even today, it is one of the most sought-after hairstyles on red carpet events for actresses with short locks.

If you have a daring personality, then you can opt for long fringes on one side. For women who prefer a traditional approach, a bob with a symmetrical fringe on both sides is ideal.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Short Wavy Haircut

As the name suggests, the Short Wavy Haircut s perfect for a woman with wavy to medium curly hair. It must be mentioned that not many women have the personality to carry off this look.

The hairdo might seem messy to some, but it takes time and effort to acquire the desired results. If you have straight hair, and you desire to acquire this hairstyle, then you need the assistance of an expert. Strong hairspray is another item that you require.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Edgy Bob Haircut

The Edgy Bob Haircut is one that has been sported by top actresses for a long time. It is one look that never goes out of fashion. From the office conference room to a casual night out with your girl pals, the hairdo will match every occasion.

It is easy to maintain. All you need is a quick wash and a blow dryer, and you are set for the entire day. In case you do not want to worry about the winds ruining your style, a quick spray of setting liquid will come to your rescue.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Red Pixie Cut

Redheads are considered daring and bold, as compared to the others. If you are a natural redhead or have a fiery personality, then the Red Pixie Cut Hairstyle will match your style to the “T.”

It is characterized by sharp cuts, which give an impression as if someone had chopped off your locks with a scissor. It is a tough look to pull off. It is best for young teenagers and college students. If you are a professional, then you may stay away from this bold look.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Braided Bangs Short Hairstyle

Another hairdo that has been attracting the attention of women of all ages is the Braided Bangs Short Hairstyle. It is not your average short hairstyle but has bangs as well. If you want to acquire a subtle hairdo, then you can fashion the bangs in form of a braid.

As the bangs are long, you can take a section of the locks and form a braid with it. Then tuck the braid with a hairpin at the back of the head to complete the look.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Fringe Short Blonde Hair

Anne Hathaway is known for her delicate and feminine beauty. She likes to flaunt long wavy or straight locks. But even she was unable to resist the attraction of short and smart haircuts.

She stunned the paparazzi with a unique Fringe Short Blonde Hair makeup that complemented her face shape well. She tried it on a red carpet event and stole the limelight. It is one hairdo that is appropriate for a professional meeting as well as a night out.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Blonde Medium Bob

If you wish to set a new style statement, then you need to try the Blonde Medium Bob Hairstyle. It must be mentioned that only a few women can pull it off, and several actresses have failed in their efforts as well. It only suits women with slender and heart-shaped frames.

The hair falling on both sides will frame the face, and accentuate its features. It is traditionally a style that females with straight and blond hair opt for, but any confident candidates are free to try it.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Side Braided Short Hair

Every girl desires to look like a princess on prom night. If you have the same craving, then the Side Braided Short Hair will come to your rescue. Chuck the open hair look or the up-do buns. The side braided hair will offer you a fresh look and will assist you to create a different identity for yourself.

It is a different approach, but you can rest assured that you will be the talk of the school from the next day.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Edgy Short Thick Hair

If you have dense hair, then you can never go wrong with the Edgy Short Hairstyle with Thick Hair. It is for those who have a slender to long face structure.

Whether you have a broad forehead or a narrow one, the small and sharp fringes will add a character to your face. Maintaining as well is easy.

Easy Short Hairstyles


Side Braid Bob

If you want your bridesmaids to adorn a traditional look that is punctuated with a modern touch, then the Side Braid Bob Hairstyle is the perfect option. Women of all ages will look amazing in this hairdo.

The straight hair is modern; with the presence of the side, the braid adds a hint of a “larger than life” feel.

Easy Short Hairstyles


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