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25 Fabulous Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair to Help Refresh Your Look

Finding bob haircuts for thick hair can be difficult. Bobs are short and crowd your face, so it’s too easy to obscure your features accidentally. Luckily, this is avoidable by choosing the right hairstyle to suit your features and your desires.

A short hairstyle isn’t off the cards for someone with hair that’s a little thick or extremely thick. You just need to figure out what will work for your hair type and your day-to-day life.


Fabulous Bob Haircuts For Thick Hair

The haircuts below are all stylish, easy to manage, and very flattering for a variety of face types. Let’s see if we can find the perfect bob cut for your thick hair.

1. Bob with Bangs

medium bob cut for thick hair

Do you love a little curl? It’s not out of the question with bobs for thick hair.

This style has the ends of the hair curled into large loops, and the rest of the hair is straight to maintain length and make it easy to handle. Full bangs finish the look with a chic aura.


2. Wavy Blonde Bob

thick wavy bob

Here are more curls, only this style is slightly less classic. The hair is in the bob length but not the typical shape, and one side of the hair has a lot of volumes and covers part of the face. There are large curls running through the entire style. Similar styles shown at our friend’s site Hottest Haircuts are also amazing. Feel free to check those too! 


3. Half Up Bob

thick straight bob

Even short hair can be difficult to manage when your hair is thick, so a thick bob with a half updo can come in and help you out there. Here the hair has full bangs and is chin-length, but some are tied in a bun on top of the head.


4. Curly Perm

thick curly bob haircut

Thick hair is often naturally curly. The hair is parted just slightly to the side of the middle and there are lots of layers that add an overall nice shape to the look.


5. Feathered Look

bob for thick blonde hair

Feathering looks great on thick hair. The sides appear short as they’re pushed towards the back of the head, where the hair is slightly longer than ear length. The blonde color helps you achieve a wispy look with this haircut.


6. Flowing Locks with Side Parting

thick brown bob hairstyle

You can create a very flowy look with a thick medium bob. The hair is parted to the side and the bangs are slightly shorter than the rest of the locks, falling in a wave across the rest of the soft hair. It’s a very easy everyday look.


7. Brightly Colored Inverted Bob

thick inverted bob with undercut

Want something edgy? This inverted bob haircut starts long in the front and gets shorter towards the back.

There’s red and orange mixed into the front of the hair, right by the face, and a bright yellow color peeks out on the nape of the neck to create a truly unique look.


8. Fun Pink Curls

layered bob cut for thick hair

You’ll feel fun with bright, curly locks. The hair is longer than chin length and is in a mixture of waves and curls with lots of volume on top. Brightly colored bob haircuts for thick hair provide a quirky look.


9. Salt and Pepper Bob

Older women with thick bob

Older women will love this bob. The hair is naturally grey and teased towards the roots to take advantage of its natural, thick fullness. The hair is tight to the face and has some layers that make it appear thinner.


10. Classic Red Bob

asymmetrical bob for thick hair

You can’t beat a classic bob shape. It goes down to the chin and curls under it. It’s parted at the side and it looks very neat and chic. The reddish tone makes it stand.


11. Natural Curls

bob for black women with thick hair

Black women with type 4C hair and beyond will find this cut stylish. The curls are well cared for but left quite natural as the bob is parted at the sides and sits just above the shoulders in a wonderful shape.


12. Asian Bob

bob haircut for Asian girls with thick hair

A natural and mostly straight bob is great. Adding light waves towards the ends makes this stand out, though.

It’s slightly fanned out due to this subtle styling. The hair has some nice sweeping bangs parted at the side, but the back of the hair has no parting.


13. Choppy Look

messy bob for thick hair

Thick choppy bob haircuts look wonderful, edgy, and chic. They’re especially great for thicker hair.

This style fans across the forehead thickly, and the hair is thinner as it falls in light layers by the face. There are several blonde tones in here that draw the eye to the look.


14. Fiery Red Ombre

ombre bob for thick hair

Medium bobs that touch the shoulders are always chic. This style is slightly longer in the front than it is in the back, too. The look has full bangs and a center parting, but the focus of the look is the red ends of the hair.


15. Chic Pink Highlights

thick bob hairstyle with balayage

Fun, messy looks look excellent. The hair is tousled deliberately with flyaways on top, and the full bangs have some flyaway hairs, too. The chin-length hair with pink highlights creates an amazing look with the choppy bangs. 


16. Braided Back Bob

braided bob for thick hair

Making braids are a very smart way to keep your face unobscured. The hair is pulled back out of the face using a series of cornrow braids that go ear to ear all across the top and sides of the head. 


17. Ponytail with Curtain Bangs

bob ponytail with thick hair

Looking for an easy updo? Sweeping bangs frame the face, and the rest of the hair is pulled into a low ponytail. There’s a lot of volume on top of the head, and that looks great with a thick brunette bob.


18. Beautiful Layered Bob 

A-line bob for thick hair

This bob look is so simple, but it’s beautiful and suits people of all ages.

Light layers in the haircut are only visible at the back, and a lot of the hair is swept over to one side, creating an elegant sweep of bangs.


19. Slicked Back Hair

slick back bob for thick hair

Some hair is pushed behind the ears to emphasize the face and jawline furtherhottesthaircuts.

This thick blonde bob is brushed completely back away from the face and kept as flat as possible. It ends very bluntly and has no layers, making it look simple and chic. 


20. Thinner Choppy Ends

thick bob haircut with bangs

This look wouldn’t work well on someone with thin hair, as it wouldn’t be as chic. However, a small amount of thinning on someone with thick hair makes it work. Thick bangs fall over the eyes, and the sides of the hair fall in sleek, straight curtains with choppy ends.


21. Classic Feathered Bangs

thick bob with feathered bangs

Check out this tame and classic look with a thick long bob that falls midway to the shoulders and has no fancy styling. The styling here is all in the bangs, which are side parted and featured back, adding a lot of volume and elegance to this look.


22. Funky Blue and Purple Waves

thick bob with middle part

Bright colors are youthful and help show off your personality. The bob is parted to the side and the shorter bangs are blended in with the rest of the thick hair in gentle waves. Most hair is purple, but there’s blue towards the top. 


23. Asymmetrical Bob with Side Parting

side parted thick bob

Unique but simple styles suit anyone. This is parted at the side and one side of the look has a classic bob shape curling under the chin. The other side curls under the ear instead, and some hair feathers away from the face.


24. Curly Messy Hairdo

bob cut for thick hair with glasses

Curls make your hair look very thick. The hair has been curled messily to create a casual everyday look, and it’s parted at the side. There’s a lot of volume around the parting, and layers add more of a messy bob vibe.


25. Unique Bowl Bob

thick bob cut for women

Want something very unique? Here we have thick blonde hair that sits on top of a dark cut shaved very short. The hair at the back is ear-length, and the hair at the front is tapered and the same length. The sides of the hair are cut short, above the ears.


Did you like these haircuts? Then make sure you narrow down your options, and you too can have one of these bob hairstyles for thick hair. You’ll end up wowing your friends and family with how wonderful you look with your new do.

Shorter locks take more maintenance, so make sure you’re aware of that before the big chop. It can also be tricky to learn to style it the way you like it, so you can ask your hairstylist for tips while you’re getting the hair cut and styled.

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