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18 Ideas of Pastel Blue Hair Colors For Major Inspiration

Pastel blue hair is in right now, whether it’s all over the head or mixed in with other natural and unique colors. It adds some fun and uniqueness to a look that otherwise matches everybody else’s, and standing out is certainly desirable if you have the confidence for it.

Luckily, having this hair color can add the confidence you need if you didn’t already have it, so there are plenty of positives to adding this shade to your style.

Plus, there are lots of styles that help emphasize the blue, so you can get super creative with your hairstyle if you like. There are endless possibilities to explore.


Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas to Show Your Fun Side Strongly

As stated above, there are lots of clever and unique looks that you can use to show off your fun side, and many of them are below. Let’s take a look.

1. Blonde and Blue Bob

Here the pastel blue is only on the top of the hair, then it fades into pink. The hair is in a bob style that’s thick and highly feathered at the ends of it, the hair at the back standing around the head.


2. Black to Blue Curls

icy pastel blue ombre hair

Now here’s a look for those of you who favor something darker. The pastel blue hair color is mixed into black, and it starts quite high up in the hair.

It then runs through large curls that sweep over one shoulder, and the black is mostly kept to the top of the look.


3. Purple and Blue Messy Bob

navy pastel blue bob with bangs

This look is a mish-mash of pastel blue hair and purple hair. The base is blue, but the purple is mixed into it in chunks.

The style is a straight bob with a lot of teasing on top and short, full bangs that sit high above the eyebrows.


4. Blonde and Turquoise

pastel blue highlights on blonde hair

You’ll find this pastel blue is more on the side of turquoise, but it still very much embodies the pastel blue vibe.

It’s on the tips of some pale blonde hair that’s very choppy and feathered outwards on one side of the head in a very edgy look.


5. Blue Undercut with Dark Roots

thin pastel blue hair

Undercuts are super edgy, and the pastel blue hair color is all over the head. There are some dark roots poking through under the front of the hair and around the side parting, but it’s a generally simple look.


6. Chic Pastel Blue Bob

pastel blue bob

You can’t go wrong with a simple bob look with the pastel blue hair color all over the head.

The cut itself is a classic bob with a side parting and some bangs that sweep back into the rest of the hair, blending in very well to the overall look.


7. Pastel Blue Braids

woman with pastel blue braids

A full head of pastel blue braids stands out in a crowd. Some of the front braids are lightly touched with a shade of purple.

The blue goes all the way to the root, and some of the braids are typed back so they’re not in the face.


8. Sweeping Blue Wavy Look

messy pastel blue short hair

Here’s a very edgy look that you might like if you enjoy a messy, textured hairstyle. All the hair is brushed over to one side and it falls in loose waves over that side of the face.

Despite the texture, it’s a very stiff style with a lot of hairspray in it.


9. Sleek Long Blue Hair

pastel blue hair with dark roots

Sleek looks can create a mysterious tone. The hair is long and straight, parted in the middle around some dark roots.

There are full bangs that brush the eyebrows, and they’re very full but they’re not super thick, so they have a feathery look to them.


10. Short Undercut Look

pastel blue hair with undercut

Undercut looks pair well with bright hair colors.

The roots and the undercut section of hair are a natural brown color, but the longer hair falling over one side and the back of the head have the pastel blue hair color that’ll make you stand out.


11. Half Up Light Hairstyle

thick pastel blue hair

You’ll be blown away by this. It’s an ethereal look with extremely light pastel blue in the hair.

Most of the hair hangs down but there’s still some pulled into a bun at the back of the head. The bun is made of hair pulled from the sides and top of the head.


12. Brown and Blue Hair with Layers

pastel blue highlights

You can still show off your natural brown shade with this. The blue is laced through the bangs, ends, and underside of the hair. The style is a long layered look with choppy layers towards the end of the hair.


13. Edgy Textured Undercut Look

jet black hair with pastel blue highlights

Crimped hair creates a super edgy look. Here it makes the locks appear nice and stuff, too. That helps add volume to this style.

Most of the hair is pastel blue, but there’s some darkness laced through it, and it’s visible at the side where there’s an undercut with a hard split in it.


14. Long Flowing Hair

long pastel blue hair

This is a wonderful pastel blue hair color idea, as the hair is just long and flowing with a side part. It’s an easy look to handle and achieve every day thanks to its natural nature.

There are no layers and there’s nothing fancy about the style. It’s simply a perfect everyday look for someone who loves their long hair.


15. Half Curly Blue Bob

short pastel blue hair

Most of this hair is pastel blue, but there’s some yellow at the ends of it. One side is straight and choppy, but the other side is delightfully curly, creating a unique look you’ll love to replicate.

When straight, the curly side would be longer, making it an asymmetrical bob.


16. Rainbow Hair with Undercut

pastel light blue hair

Rainbow hair makes you stand out time and time again. An undercut at the back of your head helps with that and it’s a nice change from the classic undercut on the sides of the head.

The rest of the style is in somewhat of a pixie cut that’s very thick and has rainbow colors mixed through the pastel blue base.


17. Long Pastel Curls

wavy pastel blue hair

Here’s a wonderful everyday look, as the hair is naturally curly and just falls across the shoulders in a slightly side parting without much extra styling.

This style can be achieved with a hair curler if desired, but that’s the only complex thing about it.


18. Feathered Pink Bob with Blue and Pink

two tone pastel blue hair

Would you like to try out a two tone look? It starts blue on top, but the ends of this are a nice bright pink. They’re both very pastel and perfect for a calming aesthetic.

The hair is in a bob style that’s thick and highly feathered at the ends of it, the hair at the back standing around the head. It’s super sweet and suits someone with a very unique personality that they love to show off.


Now that we’ve come to the end of the styles, we’re certain you’ll have found one that you’re going to take on as your brand new look. And you can always play with your styling and shake things up occasionally.

Styling your hair the way you like it should be on your mind with these styles, as getting them to look perfect will take a little effort. Once you learn how to achieve the look, the effort becomes second nature.

You’re sure to enjoy your new look once you’ve got the styling and maintenance down.

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