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30 Best Short Vintage Hairstyles for Women

Whenever we talk about the styling sense of 1960, which comes to our mind are some stunning short hairstyles that are still fascinating. There are so many short hairstyles that got the title of the vintage is sleek retro bobs, geometric cuts or pixie.

These haircuts never go out of style and moreover it comes back again after some years or decade. Do you really think that vintage refers to the old stuff? No, this is totally wrong. Vintage always offers something sexy and appealing.

Now, just think what will happen if vintage style gets mixed together with your hair. It will give you a stunning look that will be equally breathtaking, chic and amazing.

In this article, you will get some remarkably startling and amazing Vintage Short Hairstyles. These were not really moved out from the world of fashion. It is just revolutionized and has come back in a stunning way. So, choose the best one for yourself and rock the world.


Vintage Hairstyles for Short Hair

Short High Quiff  

This is one of the most popular hairstyles among women who have immense love for the short and vintage hairstyle. If you want to get this hairstyle then at the very first you have to chop off your hair.

The side will be very short than the top and the front portion. With the hair front part, you can create some high quiff to add details to this particular hairstyle.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Vintage Textured Bob

This vintage hairstyle is among the renowned bob cut which is extremely popular. If you want to have this hairstyle then at the beginning you have to cut off your hair till the upper part of the neckline.

If you have textured hair, then this style will look the best on you. The side portion and the bottom part of the hair can be curled for the ultimate appearance.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Hairstyle

This stunning hairstyle will make you look beautiful than ever. This style still provides a graceful look. If you want to get this hairstyle then at first make your hair short in length.

After that make a side partition and sweep them at both sides for the final look. Keep some short fringes at the front.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Vintage Bob with Hairband

In various films of Bollywood and Hollywood of the vintage era, we have seen some extremely beautiful actresses with outstanding hairstyles. They looked more beautiful wearing several hair jewelry and hairband is the best among them.

You will look younger than ever wearing a hairband with a perfect hairstyle. If you are willing to look like this then, chop your hair in the bob cut and wear any beautiful hairband to look feminine and stunning.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Vintage Curly Hair

This beautiful vintage hairstyle will look the best for the brides. This is one of them. Women, who have short hair but still want to get a stunning look on their D-day, can surely wear this.

If you are on the list then, try this for once. To have this style, at first trim your hair up to the bottom line of your neck. Then curl the side and the lower part of your hair. For the beautiful result, you can wear any hair jewelry.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Retro Short Hairstyle

To get this hairstyle, you have to cut your hair to the shoulder. Then with a sleek toothed comb, comb your hair neatly. You have to be aware of the fact that there must not be any tangle in your hair.

After that roll the bottom part and fix it near the neck. With the fringe, at the front part make a beautiful curl and place it on the hair using a spray.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Swept Back Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very easy to wear and carry. If you want to have, this hairstyle cut your hair till the neckline. After that, sweep back all the hair at the back with any brush. To bring out the best look out of it use any pomade for holding it properly.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Swept Back Bob 

If you are looking for a suitable hairstyle that is perfect for all the purposes of workplace, gathering and all, then this hairstyle is absolutely perfect for you. To get an exact look at first, you have to apply a bob hair haircut. Then you just have to sweep it back.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Curly Bob 

There are many women in the world who want to look extremely stunning in short hair. If you are also like them, then you must wear this hairstyle at least once.

There is no doubt that this particular vintage hairstyle will draw everyone’s attraction at a glance. To get this exact look, you have to cut off your hair as bobcut up to the neckline. Curl your hair for the best result.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Side Swept Layered Hair

This is a pure vintage hairstyle that is still popular among women. Women of any age can carry this look. To get this hairstyle at the very first, you have to chop off your hair at a very short length.

Ask your barber to keep some layers in the hair. Then make a deep side partition and sweep at sides and curl the bottom parts for the ultimate look.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Retro Curly Hairstyle

Many women still fantasize about the look of the old Hollywood style. They are still in love with those charismas.

This one is among those hairstyles. To look exactly like this, you just have to trim your hair till the upper part of neckline. Get some curls in the bottom part of your hair.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Pin Up Hairstyle

Though it is a vintage hairstyle, it will provide you a chic look definitely. It can be done with any length of hair. If you are willing for this particular hairstyle then at first make a middle partition.

After that, divide your hair through the middle horizontally. Take the hair of the upper part from both of the sides, roll it and pin it up on the top of your hair with a hairpin.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Vintage Water Wave Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a little bit different from the others on this list. This vintage haircut will help you to look cool and beautiful as you will get the shortest hair after having it. You will not need to spend a lot of money or time to get this.

Just take your comb and make some waves like water in the front part of your hair. Use pomade to clutch this look perfectly.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Choppy Layered Hair

If you want to look beautiful without any trouble just get this haircut. There is no doubt that it will draw everyone’s attraction just in a moment. For having this hairstyle cut your hair up to the bottom part of your neck.

Get some choppy layers on it. It will add extra beauty to your hairstyle. After that, make a side partition and leave it open with some front fringes.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Pixie Cut 

This hairstyle is very easy to wear yet provides a super cool look. To get this vintage look you just have to chop off your hair up to the upper neckline.

Keep some fringes at the front and wear any stunning and attractive hairband to complement this whole look.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Finger Waves 

This hairstyle will help you to look like a princess. If you are willing to get this vintage hairstyle, then chop off your hair till the neck.

Then, make some beautiful finger waves at the sides and make some small rolls.  Keep some fringes in the front to complete the look.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Short Wavy Cut 

If you want to look beautiful and graceful keeping short hair, then without any doubt have this hairstyle. Make your hair short up to the upper portion of your neck.

This hairstyle looks the best on women with wavy hair. Make a partition and leave it open to slay the world of fashion.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Pixie with Fringe 

This is one of the easiest hairstyles to wear for women. If you are in love with this hairstyle then, chop your hair off up to the upper part of your neck firstly. Then trim the hair of the front part and keep it aside as locks.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Razor Cut 

This vintage hairstyle is still in fashion. To get this outstanding haircut at first cut your hair up to the neck. Keep some equal length of front fringes horizontally through the forehead.

The prominent edges of the hair will provide you a bold look in this style. You can also use some blue highlighters on the hair strands to get a desired trendy and funky appearance in this style.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


Rockabilly Short Hairstyle

This hairstyle will make you look cute as well as younger. To get this hairstyle, chop your hair up to the neck length.

Make a puff at the front and wear a beautiful hairband with the prominent red flower to complete the appearance. This looks good on the straight hair.

Vintage Short Hairstyles


50s Victory Rolls

The 50s popularized a dressier version of the iconic victory rolls that elevated any look with the perfect finish of glamour.

This was the decade of experimenting with different colors and textures, and this autumnal copper is the ideal example.

red vintage short bob


Wavy Bob With Finger Waves

A simple wavy bob is one of the simplest vintage short hairstyles of all time. The short bob frames the face in a flattering way, while the finger waves add instant glamour to your look.

The 20s were the decade of women embracing their short hair in the most glamorous and sassiest ways possible.

vintage hairstyle for short blonde hair


40s Victory Rolls

While the victory rolls of the 50s were more glamorous, the 40s had a more traditional and preppy version.

This hairstyle might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it was a favorite amongst women who made one-of-a-kind statements with their hair. With the evolving pin-up hairstyles, victory rolls were a big hit in the 1940s.

vintage hairstyle for short hair


Monroe Style Curls

Not only was the beloved actress a fashion icon of her time, Marilyn Monroe also inspired the masses with her gorgeous curls.

Her blonde hair styled into bouncy retro curls were her most eye-catching feature, which was copied by numerous women in the 50s.

vintage haircut for short blonde hair


Barrel Curls Updo

Barrel curls were all the rage in the 40s, especially for those seeking a voluminous yet professional hairdo.

The bun combined with the stylized wave upfront and caramel highlights results in a sleek and heightened updo, ideal for anyone looking to make them appear thicker. Get inspired by these vintage updo hairstyles.

vintage updo with short hair


Short Wavy Bob

Young women back then seemed to have almost no desire for long hair; their hairstyles were mostly short, neat, and curled up in different ways.

This hairstyle is one of the simplest vintage short hairstyles on our list as it is easy to achieve for an everyday look while the outward curls enhance your facial features wonderfully.

vintage bob cut for short hair


Upright Pin Curls

For those professional women looking to achieve a more sophisticated and sober hairstyle, upright pin curls always seemed to do the job. This timeless hairdo is still adored by women today as it is easy to achieve and convenient.

popular vintage short hairstyle


Old Hollywood Finger Waves

The glitter and glamour of old Hollywood popularized these jaw-dropping finger waves and it’s still considered one of the most alluring and seductive hairstyles of all time.

Every classy woman in the showbiz was seen rocking this breathtaking hairstyle at least once on the red carpet.

vintage hairstyle with short brunette hair


Retro Roll Updo

Curly tresses pinned up beautifully all over the head seemed to be the most distinctive way to style your hair in that era, while the side-swept, curly bangs in the front flatters your face sophisticatedly. This was a popular hairstyle rocked by brides on their special day.

short copper brown hair with vintage hairstyle


Short Bob with Bumper Bangs

Bumper bangs were a classic way to turn your hairdo into a bold and bossy statement in the 50s as they framed your facial structure beautifully while hiding your forehead to make your face appear smaller. Popularly, these bangs were best paired with a short wavy bob.

short vintage hairstyle with bangs


The Vintage Short Hairstyles have come back with a bang just in a better way, shape and in a slightly different version.

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