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23 Stunning Side-Swept Bangs for A Sophisticated Look

Whether massive or feathery, lengthy or trimmed, bangs are crucial in enhancing our personality. It’s because they can perfectly frame your side part, facial structure, and overall appearance. Therefore, we are basically fascinated with the mentioned side-swept bangs hairstyles as they are remarkable and flattering.

We presume you’ll enjoy them and draw inspiration for your next hairstyle. Find out our top side-swept bangs list to see if you can find anything that suits you.


Side-Swept Bangs to Suit Any Face Type

Watch out for side bangs tresses until you book your upcoming salon session.

Beach Curls

beach curls with side swept bangs

The strands and long textured curls flow nicely next to each other, and the flower bow links it all together since the look is much more sunkissed and instinctive.

Choose a product that adds density and softens your mane to keep this classic style with side-swept bangs looking great.


Korean Wispy Bangs

korean girl with side swept bangs

Such hairstyles on this glossy black styling add an advanced, aesthetic vibe to the iconic look.

This can assist you in getting even more density while highlighting your attributes. Instead of doing layers, simply texturize the tresses.


Long Violet Strands

side swept bangs for purple hair

The shiny blonde looks great with an intense hue like violet. You can wear magenta hair with stylish or passive hues.

Take into account that this one is more difficult to keep up, as well as some gloomy colors will take additional consultations to carry to this color.


Platinum Shag

side swept bangs for short blonde hair

pixie bob with bangs to the side complements a heart-shaped face. This is what distinguishes straggly hair on the sides.

A razor was used to get the wavy strands. It is feasible to create anything comparable if your tresses are delicate.


Brunette Updo

high bun with side swept bangs

This sleek yet messy bun is transformed into a charming updo, thanks to the sideburns. It’s best suited for heading out or wowing your loved ones.

Due to the obvious contouring, this haircut is perfect for voluminous hair. Side-swept bangs with less kinky hair would not have the same result.


Blonde Tales

side swept long bangs for thick hair

This blonde look is ideal for lovelies who are extremely fearful of the full massive fringe look.

You can accessorize with ornaments or wrap the side part behind the ear. This medium-length styling is simple to replicate with the appropriate tools.


Silky Brown Locks

side swept bangs with long auburn hair

Swoopy bangs on lengthy Brunette hair are ideal if you’re tired of your thick locks. Get this style, for a flattering look showing your facial features beautifully.

Always inquire with your hairdresser if this style is appropriate for you as per your hair type.


Chin-Length Chops

Asian bob with side swept bangs

Another side-swept bangs for thin hair. Bob cut is a timeless style that flatters all face angles and hairstyles. A pin-size quantity of hair serum is ideal for creating curly strands. 


Layered Look

Blonde women searching for a different style must go for a squishy bob. The style helps to conceal weakening and fading away all along hair on top, giving you a younger and diva look.


Blonde Curtain Bangs

layered side swept bangs

A stylish bob with angled sideburns is a classic look, we can suggest. It will frame your face perfectly and give you a bouncy look. 

The snazzy style maintains its sophistication for going to the workplace while a stylish choice for heading out as well.


Tousled Fringes

copper blonde hair with side swept bangs

Here’s a gorgeous hairstyle for long wavy hair. The winged strands reduce frizziness and volume.

For a stunning side-swept bangs hairstyle, keep your hair length to your waist. The wavy texture will cause the locs to move around a lot.


Crimson Pixie Look

curly side swept bangs

For short tresses, keep side bangs in vivid colors like crimson red. If you appreciate your haircut but want to think outside the box, this style is definitely for you.

The style can dramatically change the appearance of your hair without compromising any length.


Vibrant Orange Shag

side swept bangs for colored hair

This tangy orange straggly hair is stunning. Indeed, long side-swept bangs are an excellent way to add interest to any hairstyle.

This style sweetly makes a bold statement and adds texture where it is really needed. It adds surface and flawlessness or tousles it all through.


Soft Layers

side swept bangs for dark brown hair

When you don’t want to travel with the hipster middle section, a medium-textured hairdo is a relaxing choice.

A medium-length hairstyle adds zest and gorgeousness. Go for layers at the front so that they can frame your face perfectly and gives you a flattering look.


Old School Ponytail

ponytail with side swept bangs

There’s a reason why the stylish, steep ponytail has served as a style staple for centuries. However, the hairdo is given an antique spin with side-swept bangs hairstyles.

While blow-drying your hair, use a round bristle brush to create this small inside swap.


Pale Cotton Candy

side swept bangs for blonde hair
heathersaronapiranha /Instagram

These blonde strands with lengthy side-swept fringes are quite popular. The choppy layers highlight the sides at the front, allowing you to experiment with various styles, such as forming curtain sideburns.

If you really need to maintain your hair texture, try a simple, instinctual layered haircut like this one.


Coral Pink Lob

pink hair with side swept bangs

Keep your hair slightly below your neck and choose a bright hue like coral pink for a change. The style features the side hair combined with the face-framing layers.

The strands are titrated more towards the rear end for a wispy and shaggy impact. It has a feminine look that goes well with white or gray outfits.


Silky Straight Layers

medium hairstyle with side swept bangs

Opt for mid-length blonde highlights with side-swept fringes to walk out in the streets. It will help in hiding forehead freckles.

Consider that long blonde hair requires a lot of upkeep and can be detrimental if performed improperly. Therefore, this fade is gorgeously tossed and merged into the entirety of the tresses.


Bold Balayage Pixie

side swept bangs for older women

A classic hairstyle with rough side bangs creates a super-chic look. The hair shrinks your cheekbones and highlights your adorable jawline and elegant neck.

For convenient hair, wear a shaggy bob with tousled side bangs. Besides the hairstyle’s elegance, the blonde color adds a sense of style.


Honey Blonde Waves

side swept bangs for light brown hair

A profound mid-partition with long fringes creates an iconic tousled hairstyle that is flattering on most women. It can be managed to wear by any woman, regardless of her hair variant.

This wispy look complements any hairstyle, whether short or lengthy. When your hair is thin, use a texture lotion to add density.


Sophisticated Feathery Look

side swept bangs for women with round face

If you want a bouncy, feathery bangs look, go for this hairdo without a second thought. Since side-swept bangs flatters all face structures and preferences, this long-layered haircut with balayage highlights is outstanding.


Blunt Cut

sleek bob with side swept bangs

This trending style for women is coupled with a twist of wispy styling to complement most face structures. Use hair spray to give it more formation and intensity.


Ocean Tides

side swept bangs with blue hair

A long silky fringe drifts the face gorgeously, regardless of hair dimensions. It enhances your facial features and goes well with all outfits. It’s also a great alternative if your hair is slowly eroding and you want to conceal any flaws.


Doesn’t wants much change in your current hairstyle? Then, simply changing your bangs will be enough for a hair makeover. Choose any of the listed side-swept bangs hairstyles as per your hair length, texture or occasion.

You will be surprised to see how it amp your overall look. Just consult with your hairstylist first to understand what will suit your face and then go for it.