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20 Trendy Hairstyles with Face Framing Layers

Would you like to make your face pop while making your hair look better than ever? Face framing layers could be the perfect solution for you. These layers are cut around your face to make your features stand out. The length and shape of the sections cut are always flattering for your face shape.

You can then style the rest of your tresses to make the hairdo look as good as it possibly can. Getting this layer style is a real game-changer, and if you style your hair right, you could transform your entire look to be better than it ever was.


Flattering Face Framing Layered Hairstyles

Would you like a haircut that looks great with your face shape? Check out the looks below to see what your options are.

Messy Blonde Hair

messy blonde hairstyle with face framing layers

We’re starting off with a classic messy style. There’s some volume on one side at the top of the head, and loose tousled waves help create the messy appearance. There’s a lot of texture and movement in the style.


Layered Choppy Bob 

face framing choppy layered bob

Getting a slightly choppy texture to your face framing layers will add a lot of body to your look. Filling out short haircuts like bobs with textures like this enhances the entire style.

The short layers and side bangs draw the focus to the top section of your face.


Face Framing Highlights

layered brown hair with face framing highlights

Face framing highlights offer another method of drawing attention to your features. They enhance subtle layers and add a lot of depth to natural hair colors such as light brown. Add a middle parting to even out the look.


Medium Hair with Dark Roots

fall hairstyle with face framing layers

Layering enhances medium length hair and makes it appear so much more alive. Adding dark roots enhances the way the depth that the layers have added to the overall look.

This haircut has warm tones that are inspired by fall colors and it’s a style to consider wearing towards the end of the year.


Textured Hair 

face framing layered hair with side bangs

Textured hair highlights the ends of layers and gives your whole look a lot of movement. Bangs help create depth at the front of your look and they can help hide part of a large forehead if needed.


Feathered Bob

face framing feathered bob

Feathering your bob-length hair cut away from your face creates a lot of definition around your features.

The layered long bob itself falls to just below the chin and it has been blown out around the face seamlessly. A side parting adds a touch of asymmetry to the look.


Long Bob with Bangs

long bob with face framing layers

When face framing layers are paired with bangs you can create an unforgettable look. The bangs are parted and help enhance the forehead. They also make the face look longer and slimmer.

The layered bob falls midway to the shoulders and curls towards the face at the ends.


Long Locks with Shadow Root

shadow root hairstyle with face framing layers

Layering can only do so much to add dimension to your hairstyle. Adding a shadow root brings the entire look together. The rest of the hair falls past the shoulders and gradually gets thinner. It’s thickest around the face.


Thick Brown Locks

thick long brown hair with face framing layers

Thick tresses can be difficult to tame so adding layers helps define them and thin them out.

Many of the shorter sections in this cut are focused high up on the head where the most volume is needed. Bangs blend into the shorter sections near the top of the head, too.


Curls with Highlights

long Asian hairstyle with face framing layers

You can help make layering more noticeable by curling your hair. Looser curls that more closely resemble waves help highlight the shorter sections even further.

Subtle brown highlights in a lighter shade have been added to this naturally dark hair to add some vibrance.


Ponytail with Full Bangs

ponytail with face framing layers

Full bangs help face framing layers stand out a ton. Cut longer pieces into the sides of your bangs so they can hang down by your face even when you’re wearing a ponytail.

The layering in the rest of your locks gives the ponytail a choppy texture too.


Wispy Ombre Waves

long ombre hair with face framing layers

If you’d like to pair two colors in your hair then get an ombre look. The light brown transitions into a blonder tone that helps the hair pop.

The shorter sections cut near the face have a slightly wispy texture that makes them stand out further.


Drastic Layered Look

blonde hair with face framing layers

Many layered looks are subtle and have the sections of different lengths blending together well. This one stands out a little more as you can see a considerable length difference in the front sections of hair.

It’s a cut that a lot of young people are wearing right now.


Side Parted Balayage

balayage hairstyle with face framing layers

A balayage is a hair highlighting technique that paints the lighter color directly onto the darker tone in the hair.

It creates a high-class look that pairs well with large waves as seen here. The shorter sections of locks are focused around the side parting and side bangs.


Balayage Highlights

face framing layers with balayage highlights

Here’s another example of the balayage technique being used. It helps define the top of the hair.

face framing layers add definition lower down as the first layer sits just below the shoulders. Each section feathers out at the ends to create some distinction.


Wavy Long Bob 

face framing layered long bob

Adding very bright highlights to considerably darker hair drastically helps draw attention to your face. The wavy texture blends all the layers together and the ends fan away from the face.


Long Fine Layers 

face framing layers for fine hair

Putting some face framing layers into long fine hair will add some much-needed volume. Curling the ends of each section is another way you can do this.

Having the curly texture sitting on your shoulders complements the hair around the face well.


Straight Sleek Hair

face framing layers for women with glasses

Sometimes long, sleek, straight tresses are very subtle. You can just about see the ends of each layer.

The shortest section is chin-length and it keeps the focus right around your face. It also helps draw attention to the lower part of the face while glasses partially obscure the upper section.


Long Shag

long hairstyle with face framing bangs

Utilizing face framing layers to create a shaggy effect is a smart idea. The bangs are the shorted section and the curve away from the face.

The next shortest section curls towards the face for some variance. Many of the separate sections of hair fan out outwards to grab your attention.


Short Curly Locks

face framing layers for curly hair

The curls here help the different-length sections of hair create a graduated effect around the face.

The shortest section is eye-length, the next is chin-length, and the rest blend into the thick curls. Steady growth of dark roots stops the light blonde color from being too washed out.


You can have your face framing layers as dramatic or as subtle as you want. The way you style the rest of your hairdo does a lot to enhance the effect the layering effect has on your overall look.

Experimenting with all the ways you can style your hair and playing with different hair colors will help you achieve a look you’re highly satisfied with. Varying the length of your hair sections is another smooth way to play with your appearance.

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