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Top 10 Celebrities with Pink Hair (Male & Female)

This is the summer of pink, with celebrities flaunting pink hair and making a statement.

From the Barbie movie hitting the big screen to Viva Magenta being Pantone’s color of the year, pink is undeniably having its moment.

If you’re tired of the same old browns and blondes and looking to switch things up, now is the perfect time to try pink hair color.

With shades ranging from romantic blush to punchy hot pink, it’s a trend that suits everyone! Even male celebrities also embrace pink hair nowadays.

We’ve curated 10 of our favorite pink-haired looks from celebrities who have rocked this style over the years, providing you with some much-needed inspiration.

How Difficult Is It to Achieve Pink Hair?

This question depends on what color your hair is currently. Achieving pink hair is generally easier for those with lighter hair colors, while darker hair colors may require more effort and potentially professional assistance.

It’s essential to consider the health of your hair and take proper precautions during the coloring process to achieve the best results.

We’ll tell you how to get pink hair at your starting hair color and current hair color situation:

Scenario #1: You’re Already Blonde

dyeing pink hair over blonde

If you already have all-over blonde or blonde highlights, you’ll have the easiest time going pink. When you’re already blonde you can simply put the pink hair color right over the blonde

Pink hair color is a direct dye and usually doesn’t contain any ammonia. You basically squeeze it out of the tube into a bowl and apply it with a color brush.

The most important part of coloring your hair pink over blonde is just making sure you fully saturate the hair with the pink so that you get even results.

Keep in mind that very light and pastel pinks will show up best on the lightest blondes (aka platinum or white).

Darker pinks (like magenta and hot pink) can be used over very light to medium blonde hair.

Scenario #2: You Have Brown or Black Hair

If you’re starting out with darker hair, you’ll have to reach for the bleach! In order for the pink to show up, you first have to lighten up those locks to at least a dark blonde.

Depending on how much of your hair you’d like to be pink, will determine the placement of the lighter pieces.

If you’re wanting an all-over pink, you’ll want to opt for a bleach and tone. If you’re just wanting several pieces of pink, you can opt for highlights or balayage and put the pink hair color over those lightened pieces.

We recommend bleaching your hair in the salon with your trusted stylist to avoid unnecessary damage and so that you get a beautiful, even blonde for the pink.

You can always do your pink hair touch-ups at home as that part is relatively simple!

Bleaching your hair can be a bit of a commitment, so if you’ve never colored your hair before definitely talk to your stylist about the pros and cons so you’re 100% prepared for pink!

Scenario #3: You Can’t Dye Your Hair but You Still Want to Try Pink

pink hair extension

There are many reasons why you might not want or can’t dye your hair at the moment.

That doesn’t have to stop you from trying pink hair. We recommend pink clip-in hair extensions, you can attach the clips to the underneath of your hair or in a ponytail.

This is a fun and low-commitment way to still have fun with pink hair! You can order pink clip-ins from many online retailers and they come in every pink shade you can think of.

*Pro Tip: Pink hair color fades relatively quickly from the hair so even if your end goal is baby pink hair, you may want to start out with a darker pink.

A darker pink will fade into a lighter pink in just a few washes whereas a super light baby pink may rinse out of the hair in only a wash or two. A darker pink will give you more bang for your buck in our opinion.

Our Favorite Celebrity Pink Hair Moments

And now for the best part …  celebrities absolutely slaying pink hair! If there’s a look that really calls your name,  feel free to bring these inspirational photos to your hairstylist.

1. Hailey Bieber

celebrity model with  pink hair - Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is the girl we look to when it comes to the latest and greatest trends. And we want to run (not walk!) to the salon to get this subtle, dusty pink hair color.

This is a great example of how pink hair doesn’t always have to be super bright and in your face to make a big impact.

We love the dusty pink paired with an easy, breezy red carpet-worthy updo.

2. Helen Mirren

celebrity actress with  pink hair - Helen Mirren

Dame Helen Mirren proves that pink hair knows no age limit. She is the picture of sophistication with this peachy pink color and gorgeous short hair worn off of her face.

We think this color pink would work great on women of all ages and it’s subtle enough to be worn in professional settings like the office or your Zoom meetings!

3. Katy Perry

celebrity singer with  pink hair - Katy Perry

The queen of bubble gum pop with bubble gum pink hair is one of our favorite looks from Katy Perry.

Katy’s rhinestone hair accessory brings the entire look together and makes her look nothing short of a magical, fairy princess.

4. Machine Gun Kelly

celebrity rapper with  pink hair - Machine Gun Kelly

How cool does Machine Gun Kelly look with this pink hair? He is showing all the men out there that pink hair isn’t only for the ladies.

This pink color would also be a great inspiration pic for shorter-haired gals as well. We love the darker pink at the roots and the lighter pink at the ends.

5. Maisie Williams

young celebrity actress with  pink hair - Maisie Williams

This peachy pink on Maisie Williams is adorable. We feel like the tousled waves, the cute bangs, and the fun hair color will be what all the gen z cool girls will be rocking this summer.

Pink hair is so fun and youthful and we love to see it paired with an effortless hairstyle.

6. Nicki Minaj

celebrity singer with  pink hair - Nicki Minaj

This hot pink on Nicki Minaj is the #barbiecore inspo of our dreams. We love everything from the perfect bangs and bob hairstyle to the electric pink color.

If the Aqua song Barbie Girl doesn’t automatically pop into your head when you look at this hair, then what are you even doing?

7. Nicole Richie

celebrity with pink hair - Nicole Richie

When we think of the color pink, the word edgy doesn’t always come to mind. However, this look Nicole Ritchie wore on the red carpet shows that pink hair can be edgy and sexy especially paired with the right haircut, jewelry, and attitude.

8. Rumer Willis

celebrity with pink hair - Rumer Willis

We love this dimensional pink look on Rumer Willis, it reminds us of sherbet (who doesn’t love the color combination in a sherbet?).

Her hair is a peachy pink with pops of hot pink around her face. We love the idea of combining multiple pink tones in one look for a fun and funky new do.

9. Salma Hayek

celebrity actress with pink hair - Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek paired old Hollywood glamor with the most gorgeous shade of pale pink and she looks stunning.

We are loving how pink hair can be worn at fancy, black-tie events, it’s not just streetwear hair color anymore.

This makes us want to dye our hair baby pink and keep it forever, so glam!

10. Taylor Swift

young celebrity singer with  pink hair - Taylor Swift

This is for all the swifties out there. We had to include this look from Taylor Swift because it’s a great example of how you can use pink clip-in hair extensions.

The ponytail is adorable on its own but with the pink hair added to the back, it really becomes a vibe.

This hairstyle would be so fun for a night out on the town or out to dinner on vacation!

And those ladies and gentlemen are our favorite pink looks! You can see from the looks that we chose for our favorites, that pink hair can really work for everyone.

We love to see pink hair on all different ages, skin tones, genders, and lifestyles, it’s such a fun color that can really add some fun and excitement to your look!

Key Things to Remember

  • Pink hair color has to be applied over blonde hair or it won’t show up!
  • If you’re already blonde you can go straight for the pink hair dye! Remember the lighter the blonde you have, the more options of pink shades you can choose from
  • When you’re starting with dark hair, you’ll have to bleach your hair before you can be pink. You can do an all-over bleach or highlights depending on the look you want
  • If you’re unable or can’t dye your hair opt for pink clip-in hair extensions for fun pops of color!
  • Pink hair can be for anyone and everyone as our celebrity inspirations have shown us above!

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