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25 Best Pink Hair Colors For You To Check Out In 2024

All of you who are looking to get a major hair makeover in 2024, should definitely give a thought to trying out a pink colored hairstyle? Why? Because it simply is one of the best colors out there, and it can look just as gorgeous when you incorporate it into your hair too.

There is a pink that substituted everything from bold to soft. From pastels to neutrals and darker shades to soft neon shades, there’s a color out there for everyone and you just need to explore a little bit to find out what works best for you. Well, we have made that exploring easier for you with this list of 25 different pink hairstyles.

But before we move onto the various pink hairstyles, let us know a little more about coloring, dying and highlighting your hair and how you can take care of it post coloring.


What is Highlighting and Coloring?

coloring hair

Highlighting is simply coloring the hair strands and is done in 4 different ways: foil highlights, painting of the hair, frosting and chunking.

While highlighting only involves changing the color of a few strands such as streaks or highlights, coloring, on the other hand, is the process of dying all the hair.


How to Take Care of Your Dyed or Highlighted Hair?

tips to take care of dyed hair

Taking care of your hair after coloring is very important since the hair is prone to major damage otherwise. Lack of proper care/maintenance may lead to your hair becoming dry and damaged which sometimes may be irreversible. Hence, here are a few tips and tricks to keep it in good shape:

  • Use hair products that are specifically made for colored hair, such as sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.
  • Adding dye to your conditioner will help to slightly re-dye your hair and slow down the fading process so your hair can look fresh and new for longer duration.
  • Do not use hot water to wash your hair
  • Don’t wash your hair every single day. Try washing your hair every couple of days. You can also sometimes switch to dry shampoo which is a great alternative.
  • Use products like leave-in conditioners during styling since they will help to retain the moisture long after styling and thus provide a good amount of hydration.
  • Before using heating tools, use a heat protecting spray.

So these are just some handy tips and tricks that will go a long way in helping you to protect your hair. Now let’s move on to explore the various styles.

1. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Not sure if you want to tie your hair up or just let it down freely? Well, you can do both with this half up half down hairstyle. The hair is colored in various shades of pink from a dark shade to a lighter shade.

Just take a thick section of hair and then tie it up as a high bun on the middle itself. The rest of the hair can be let down as it is. The bun and the freely flowing hair clearly show the color variation that is arising from the highlights. A lovely pink hue that looks very aesthetic too.

Pink Hair Color


2. Neon Pink Ponytail

If you love brighter and flashy shades more than neutral or pastel ones, then you will surely like this neon pink look. The hair is just maintained in a wavy texture, and subtle layering has been done on the hair.

A few layers of hair on the front are also cropped short and left hanging to frame the face. The rest of the hair is pulled back and tied in a normal knotted ponytail style which makes it look amazing.

Pink Hair Color


3. Short Bob in Mauve Color

We all love this mauve pink shade. It doesn’t look too pinkish, nor does it look too neutral that it becomes a really light color. And since you can also see the natural black roots of the hair, it contrasts well against the brunette roots.

The bob is very short and maintained at the length of the shoulders itself. Subtle layering has also been done to add a deeper dimension and volume to the hair.

Pink Hair Color


4. Soft Neon Pink on Long Hair

This is one of those really good hairstyles and one that is totally Instagram worthy. In fact, this is one of those looks that became famous due to the various Instagram styles itself.

We all know how the Kardashian sisters are famous for their various colored hairstyles, so if you’re looking to add some inspiration from them, this hairstyle would be perfect for you. It’s quite simple actually since most of the styling just includes dying all of the hair in a soft neon pink color.

Pink Hair Color


5. Pink Braided Style

Whoa, how stunning is this thick hair look? And those onion pink and dusty pink highlights that have been colored all over just make it look stunning. The hair here is subtly swept over to the sides, and a few sections of hair on the longer side are thickly braided.

The braids are then neatly tucked in with the rest of the hair that is simply left hanging down. The color also fades out to a soft and pastel pink as we go further towards the bottom.

Pink Hair Color


6. Neon Pink Wavy Hair

Layering is of significant help when it comes to adding more volume to your look. And especially if you have thin strands of hair, the layering technique really helps to make it look good.

The same can be seen here in this hairstyle where the hair is chopped into several layers. A neon pink color dye has also been painted all over the hair.

Pink Hair Color


7. Warm Pink Tones

This is a much-loved shade of pink and one that is quite popular thanks to Instagram. So how exactly do you get this killer hairstyle? Well for starters, make sure that no matter what length your hair is in, you should style it in a wavy cut.

The style may appear to be a layered one but it is not so. Almost the entire hair is maintained at a single length itself except for some subtle layering on the front parts. And then the whole hair is highlighted in warm and nude pink tones.

Pink Hair Color


8. Long Mauve-Pink Hair

The beauty of this mauve hairstyle is just unmatched on all levels. It’s not too dark a pink shade nor too light that it becomes faded color. It juts the right balance of the pink shades. The hair is maintained straight and long and also in a shaggy hairstyle that is quite the rage these days.

You should definitely dye your hair this color and try this hairstyle out if you have long and thick locks of hair to flaunt.

Pink Hair Color


9. Pop of Pink

The original pink color that we all drooled over as little girls. Most girls have had this fascination with pink color from childhood itself. It may be because of how it is the color associated with girls just as blue is for boys.

Anyway, this color just looks lovely. The hair is maintained in subtle curls and is tied up a little in a knot-like style. You can also notice a color variation as the hair is also highlighted in a dusky pink shade in some random places.

Pink Hair Color


10. Dusty Pink Short Bob

Are you a fan of short bobs? Well, give a twist to your usual bob style by dying it in a dusty pink shade all over. We’re sure that you are going to love it. Dusty pink is one of the most trending colors these days and mostly because it just looks so dope and aesthetic, which makes it totally Instagram worthy.

The bob is done in an angled style where the layers are short on the front but get longer as they go towards the back.

Pink Hair Color


11. Soft Pink Bangs and Bun 

Well, this is a look that combines many different styles to create a single killer hairstyle. And the best part is that they all compliment each other very well too. So let’s start with what’s on the front.

The hair on the upper front portion has been styled as long and layered bangs but instead of letting them hang straight, the layering helps to keep them in a subtly side-swept style.

Then again, the rest of the hair has been cut in a deeply layered style. Some strands are even pulled to the front to frame the face. The rest of the hair on the back is then tied up into a really high bun.

Pink Hair Color


12. Mid-Length Wavy Haircut

Are you craving beachy waves that just look gorgeous? Well, you don’t have to worry about curling or styling your hair every single time. Instead, you can just go for this super cool hairstyle where the hair has been cut in a layered manner.

The hair is also entirely highlighted in a gorgeous pink shade. It is almost like an ombre highlighting style since you can see both darker as well as lighter shades of pink all over the hair.

Pink Hair Color


13. Wavy Neon Pink Hair

Are you looking for a stunning hairstyle that will show off your long and thick locks of hair in the best way possible? This one definitely must be on your list of choices since it just looks so real and good.

The main focus here may be the neon pink color that has been painted all over, but we just can’t take our eyes off how straight and gorgeous those thick locks of hair look.

Pink Hair Color


14. Flashy Pink Hairstyle

Oh well, here is a really flashy color if you are someone who just loves attention. With this hairstyle, surely all heads and eyes will be turned on to you no matter where you go. You can literally be the center of attention. The color is just a darker version of the popular neon pink style.

If you are speaking in photographic terms, this shade looks like a little exposure has been reduced, and the contrast increased from the neon pink color to arrive at this shade.

Pink Hair Color


15. Hot Pink Color Hair

Easily, one of the most popular colors of pink among girls, hot pink is totally a favorite for many girls. From clothes to accessories to basically everything that girl is likely to have, it all comes in the shade of this fabulous hot pink. So why not try it out on your hairstyle too?

That is exactly what we can see here. The hair is long and straight and may be quite basic, but the pink just makes it all the better.

Pink Hair Color


16. Pink Rainbow Mix

Want to look like a pink unicorn? Well, we have got even that covered for you with this gorgeous pink rainbow style.

The hair is just a beautiful mix of various shades of pink, ranging from normal pink to a darker pink color that almost looks like red and a lighter pink color which has slightly orange shades to it. If your favorite color is pink, then you are surely gonna fall in love with this super cool and hipster look.

Pink Hair Color


Rainbow Dark to Light Pink Color

The color of this hair looks fantastic and when you keep the hair open it will look more beautiful. This color can be done by any woman, but it’s more popular among young women who want to look cool and bold. The length of hair is perfect, as it will allow you to show your complete rainbow.

To make the look more stunning you can curl the hair, As curls will allow you a chance to show all the shades of this beautiful hair color.

Pink Hair Color


18. Pastel Pink Wavy Hair

If you are a lover of warm, neutral and pastel shades, then you will definitely like this one. Pastel pink and subtle blonde is what describes this style perfectly.

The hair is very casually swept over to the side and then it has been maintained in long and wavy layers—quite an ideal hairstyle for those who have thin and long hair.

Pink Hair Color


19. Short and Sleek Bob

Want to go a low key look instead of being too flashy, especially with all that pink? Give this look a try.

If you have curly hair, you can still try it out since you only need to straighten your hair and make it look very sleek as well as slick. Dyed in an onion pink shade, this hairstyle just looks simple and lovely.

Pink Hair Color


20. Ombre Pink Highlights

Darker beetroot pink on the roots to light and soft pink on the tips, the color variation on this hairstyle looks quite beautiful. Done in an ombre pink style, the highlights have been painted all across the hair.

Thanks to the color transitioning, this style will look still amazing even when all the colors start to fade away.

Pink Hair Color


21. Mauve and Onion Pink Wavy Lob Style

so the lob as we all know is just another variation of the popular bob hairstyle. The hair here is maintained at a little above shoulder length and has been cut in choppy layers that help to add some much-needed dimension to the look.

The roots are dark brown and they complement the pinkish tones quite brilliantly. The hair changes from an onion pink color to a soft mauve shade as we reach the ends.

Pink Hair Color


22. Onion Pink and Dusty Pink

If you just love both these colors and can’t seem to choose one between them, then why not try out both these hair shades. They’ll surely add a pop of color to your look and make you look very vibrant too.

While the upper part of the hair is in a dusty pink color, it changes to a lovely onion pink throughout the bottom, and it’s not even that visible and looks very natural enough

Pink Hair Color


23. Short Bob in Pastel Pink

Rita Ora looks simply fabulous in this short bob which features a pastel pink color that has been dyed throughout the entirety of the hair.

It just looks lovely. This shade is also one that would go well with all skin tones without making it appear too obvious. Fits naturally as though it was real.

Pink Hair Color


24. Blonde Wavy Hair with Highlights

Now, this look may confuse you because you probably can’t see any pink hair at first glance. But that’s why they are called barely-there highlights because it’s there enough for you to see them but it also sometimes looks like they aren’t there.

And the pink shade is a very light one with a resemblance to the blonde shade itself, it just makes more sense why these are called barely-there highlights. This is perfect for those who want to show off very little color but not too much. The hair is maintained in wispy layers and waves with spiky bangs on the front.

Pink Hair Color


25. Brown Blonde and Pink

This gorgeous style combines three different colors together and makes for a lovely combo. On the roots, the hair is a faded-out version of the dark brown color. Then it moves on to a blonde shade with a tint of rosy pink and finally settles on the strawberry pink shade.

Instead of just random highlighting with all these colors, a different technique has been used here, similar to a color block.

Pink Hair Color


I hope you all loved this list of some fantastic pink hairstyles. So go on and flaunt your pink head in style and grace.

And remember, even if you didn’t exactly like these pink colors, there are still a variety of different colors that you can try out.