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How Long to Wait Before Re-Dyeing Hair If You Don’t Like The Color?

Uh oh, did your hair color turn out to be brighter, darker, or lighter than you intended? That sounds like it’s time for another dyeing process, so you must ask yourself, “How soon can I re-dye my hair?”.

Take comfort– it’s not as long as you think it needs to be. But don’t dye your hair again without reading this article! Instead, continue reading to discover everything you need to know about re-dyeing your hair after blotched hair color.

How Soon Can You Dye Your Hair Again?

According to hair color experts, it’s best to wait 15 days to 4 weeks before dyeing your hair again.

What might happen when you dye your hair sooner than the said waiting time? If you don’t wait for 15 days, there is a high chance that your hair will show signs of hair damage like dryness, brittleness, and rough texture.

The waiting gives your hair a break after the first dye job. If your hair is already damaged, you should wait even longer to avoid causing more harm.

If you’re using a type of hair dye that stays in permanently, you should wait about 4 weeks.

This is because permanent dye changes your hair more deeply, which can be tough on your hair. It’s good to give your hair a break before dyeing it again.

On the other hand, if you’re using a semi-permanent or demi-permanent dye, you don’t have to wait as long between dyes. These types of dye don’t change your hair as much, so they’re not as damaging.

Why Do You Need to Wait Before Re-Dyeing Your Hair?

Why Do You Need to Wait Before Re-Dyeing Your Hair?

Here are two reasons why you should follow the recommended waiting time:

To Allow the Hair Color to Settle In

It takes 2 to 3 weeks for hair color to settle in. It’s important to respect the settling time so you can see the final color, and be able to determine what adjustments you need to carry out.

To Give the Hair a Chance to Recover

Dyeing is a chemical process that breaks open your hair cuticles, causing the moisture and nutrients in your hair to get washed away. The waiting time allows your hair to recover and replenish the lost moisture and nutrients.

What are the Factors to Consider Before Re-Dyeing Hair?

Factors to Consider Before Re-Dyeing Hair

To identify when’s the right time to re-dye your hair safely, here are the factors that you need to consider:

Hair Condition

If your hair is damaged, wait 15 days before dyeing your hair again. If the symptoms are still present after 15 days, wait for 15 more days before dyeing it again.

Type of Hair Dye

Wait for 15 days if using a demi-permanent dye and 4 weeks if using semi-permanent or permanent dye, as these cause more damage to your hair.

Developer Volume

If you used a 10 to 20-volume developer, you only need to wait for 15 days, while 4 weeks is the recommended time for a 30 to 40-volume developer.

But we recommend not using a volume developer with semi-permanent dye as this can reduce the effectiveness of the dye.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix hair color gone wrong?

If you want a lighter color but ended up with a darker shade, simply apply a darker hair dye after the recommended waiting time. If you want a darker color but ended up with a lighter shade, you need to bleach your hair before applying another hair dye.

How to fix bad hair color without re-dyeing hair?

• Use a toning shampoo to help neutralize unwanted tones in hair that turned too yellow or orange.
• Apply a mixture of baking soda and other ingredients (anti-dandruff shampoo or lemon juice) to lighten hair color that turned too dark.
• Use temporary hair color products like hair chalk and spray.

So, How Soon Can I Re-Dye My Hair?

It’s best to wait for 15 days up to 4 weeks before re-dyeing hair to minimize hair damage. To determine what’s the right waiting time for your specific situation, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

Wait for 15 days if:

  • there are no symptoms of hair damage.
  • you used a demi-permanent dye and a 10 to 20-volume developer.

Wait for 4 weeks if:

  • your hair is severely damaged.
  • you used a semi-permanent or permanent dye or 30 to 40-volume developer.

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