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15 Iconic 70s Hairstyles – Every Modern Women Wanted to Try

Having a nice hairstyle can make you look entirely different and there are some people who are not even recognized if they change their hairstyle. Both old and new trends remain in the fight for the best haircuts and 70s hairstyles are giving the best competition to the modern hairstyle.

Although the 1970s is a long-gone time, the hairstyles of people during that time are worth applauding. There were many hairstyles which were opted by both men and women in a sporty manner. It is seen that pixie and afro hairstyle were always famous but there are some iconic hairstyles which can be also chosen by youngsters in the coming year.


Famous 70s Hairstyles

The hairstyles which were carried by people in 70s were long, medium or short Shag haircut which was preferred by both men and women. To get a shaggy look, one can prefer this hairstyle. The feathered look of mid-length hairs brushed backward and outwards from the side impact a perfect bird-like appearance.

That was the time, when a straight and sleek haircut was also preferred which is even loved by ladies now. To get a chic look, one can go for straight and sleek open hairs. Men preferred to go with mustaches, sideburns and beards during that time.

The wedge and pageboy haircut was preferred by women with shorter hair lengths. Men preferred longer curly locks which gave a stylish appearance and this hairstyle can be opted for the youngsters to get a cool look.


Sleek and Straight with Flicked Ends

Of all the 70’s hairstyles around, this one is one of the easiest to create and maintain. The hair is long and straight with some extra volume on top and ends that are flicked up playfully in a slight curl.

It’s sleek and shiny, absolutely stunning, and it makes a great look for everyday, parties, and business-casual occasions.

70s sleek hairstyle


Voluminous Curls

This is a glamourous hairstyle that you’ll love for everyday wear or formal occasions. There’s a lot of volume on top and the bangs fall across the forehead in an enormous curl that resembles a wave on the ocean.

The rest of the curls are tight and sleek, and there isn’t a hair out of place. The golden blonde color goes well with red clothes and makeup.

70s blonde bob hairstyle


Extremely Feathered Hair

This is one of the most iconic 70’s hairstyles. The hair is cut into a varied length with the front shorter and the back longer, and the bottom of the hair is feathered back into a sweeping curl with a ton of volume. The sandy blonde color is natural, and it’s an overall elegant look.

bob haircut of 70s


Short and Slick Platinum

This is a simple hairstyle with the hair kept short and pulled away from the face. It’s pulled back into a thin shape that falls down the back of the neck, and there’s not much volume to it.

This sets it apart from most of the other of hairstyles of 70’s. The light blonde color makes it look like a sleek ‘do that anyone will love.

70s blonde hairstyle


Long and Free with Headband

This is a classic style from the laid-back hippie era. The hair is long and barely styled, hanging loose to mid-way down the torso.

It has a simple center part and is a nice, natural auburn color. The hair is decorated with a thin woven hairband worn around the forehead.

long hairstyle of 70s for women


Messy Mushroom Cut

This hair is cut into the shape of a mushroom, but you can’t fully tell it’s a mushroom cut thanks to its messy waves and curls.

It’s a wonderful everyday style that’s easy to maintain, so it would suit a busy woman who just wants to quickly fluff up her hair and go about her day.

70s hairstyles for women


Curly Shag

Everyone who knows about hairstyles from the 70’s knows about the shag, and it’s definitely back in style. The shag is a style that’s full of choppy layers and has thick bangs that are full of volume.

This particular style has all of those features and is made softer by gentle waves in large sections throughout the hair.

70s curly shag with bangs


Blonde and Brown Perm

Perms hit it big in the 70’s, and this is the perfect example of one. It’s full of tight curls, and it’s made more interesting by the blocky brown and blonde colors throughout it. It’s as fashionable now as it was back then and it suits anyone for any occasion.

70s curly hairstyle with highligths


The Beehive

Who could forget the classic beehive? The hair is worn long with sweeping, feathered bangs, but the beehive is definitely the star of the show. It stands tall and round on top of the head adding tons of height.

70 half up half down hairstyle


Puffy Bob

This blonde bob cut is made more interesting by its 70’s shape. It’s slick and puffy, full of volume on the sides but flatter on top. There’s still a little volume in the bangs, which are pulled back and out of the face.

70s blonde bob haircut


Huge Curls with Tons of Volume

These curls are huge. but the hair is full of volume on the sides and lacks volume on top. The hair is decorated by a nice flower decor, pulling one side of the hair out of the face. The other side of the hair is let fly lose.

70s medium length hairstyle


Classic Shag

This is classic shag style. It’s not curly or wavy, it falls naturally in relatively straight sheets by the face. The bangs are long with feathered ends and the choppy style brings an edgy look.

70s Hairstyles for women


Long Free and Decorated

This hair falls free with lots of flyaway hairs. There’s a slight side parting, and the hair falls to mid-way down the torso. It’s made more interesting by the gold chains that decorate the top, adding an elegant touch.

70s messy hairstyle


Huge  Chunky Layers

These huge, chunky layers will add interest to your look. The hair is layered in large sections, giving it enormous volume. The bangs are feathered, and they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the hair.

layered hairstyle of 70s


Short and Shaggy

Here’s another hairstyle inspired by the shag, but it’s much shorter and more modern. The hair is messy and choppy and isn’t quite shoulder-length.

The bangs are full and slightly swept to one side, and they’re framed by longer pieces of hair that curl towards the eyes. The hair is slightly curly.

70s shag hairstyle with bangs



In this section, we’ll answer some common questions about 70s hairstyles.

What is a 70s haircut called?

The seventies were all about shag, from carpet to hair. Shag hairstyles are the most iconic look of the seventies for women. One of the most popular shag examples is the young Jane Fonda.

Other haircuts and styles common in the seventies were feathered hair, fringe, and the beehive.


Are 70s hairstyles coming back?

We all know the infamous saying that fashions come back around. The shag, big blown-out bangs, and roller curls are no exception. Yes, the seventies are coming back to the 21st century. 

Some 70s hairstyles have already made their appearance in modern pop culture. Celebrities like Taylor Swift are reinventing these iconic looks.


Were wigs popular in the 1970s?

Fashionable wigs were still young in the seventies. They were not as commonplace as they are today. But, wigs were most definitely on the rise. Women and men dabbled in wigs for large afros and roller curl looks. 


What hair accessories were famous in the 70s?

All the iconic hairstyles from the seventies needed accessories. Headbands, combs and afro picks, scarves and bandannas, clips, and barrettes were all popular in the seventies. 


Why was long hair so fashionable in the 70s?

Long hair was popular for men and women in the seventies. The seventies was a time for growth and revolution. Kept hair in neat styles or cuts was the norm in periods before the seventies. Long hair broke that tradition and became an authentic statement piece for the generation. 

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