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35 Cool and Trendy Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles for Hair Makeover

Short and messy hair looks cool and trendy. Different types of short haircuts are meant for women of different age groups. Some short haircuts suit women of all ages. One of them is a messy pixie hairstyle. If you want to look fabulous and trendy, then you can go for a messy pixie haircut.

A messy pixie haircut is in trend nowadays. You can see many celebrities flaunting this haircut gracefully and superbly. A messy pixie cut is best for working women who could not spend much time styling their hair.

Therefore, for ladies who want to look fresh and chic without giving much time to hairstyling, messy pixie hairstyles are an absolutely great option. This haircut would add an edge to the face making you enhance your features. Hence, you can look bold and as well as super cool. With low maintenance costs, you can carry it off and represent yourself confidently.

In a pixie haircut, hair is kept a bit long at the top of the head while sides and back are kept shorter. The side hair is cut into bangs that give an edge to the face. The messy pixie hairstyle looks fashionable and appealing to young women.

The messy effect makes the style appear unique. Messy style can look good on any type of hair may be thin or tick and maybe curly or straight as well. If you got bored of your old hairstyle and want a hair makeover, you can pull off this messy pixie haircut.

This is a versatile style with different cuts such as pixie in short layers, bob-inspired pixie, asymmetric pixie cut, choppy pixie cut, fringes with a messy pixie cut, and many more. If you could not make time to style your hair, then opt for a short pixie cut and style it in a messy way to look cool and chic.


Benefits of Messy Pixie Cut

messy pixie haircut

Thin and fine hair can appear dense if styled in a messy pixie cut.

  • A messy pixie cut is easy to style and does not need much time to spend in front of the mirror.
  • Low maintenance cost but requires regular visits to the salon to maintain the cut.
  • Do not need to invest in many styling products, only some pomade or hair wax is needed to tame unruly layers of hair.
  • Long hair needs many chemical products to make them lustrous, but short pixie cut hair can look shiny easily as they are away from chemicals. Simply towel dry your hair and let them set by themselves. A hairdryer can be used if needed.
  • Hair can be styled with fingers or a broad tooth comb to achieve a messy look.
  • After styling your hair in a messy pixie cut, wear a broad smile, and show your confidence with a positive attitude.

As most women are working nowadays, this messy pixie cut is very much in fashion. This style is a great time saver and looks sexy and fashionable too. It boosts the self-belief of the wearer and has the power to make the head turn.

Check out the most loved messy pixie cut styles below, which are trending currently and get inspiration for the new look.

1. Asymmetrical Messy Pixie with Silver Touch

This is a new variation of pixie cut in thick hair. The hair is chopped into many layers of different sizes. The back is messed up and styled to look full of volume. The front part is kept light, and the side layers are long enough to cover the ear.

Blended with a touch of silver color, the style appears different and can be a choice of many modern women. The back is V-shaped, and the star tattoo is stealing the heart. This style will look good on women of all age groups. This is definitely a head-turner style.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


2. Long Messy Pixie in Cinnamon Straight Hair

If you want to chop your long straight hair to get an overall new look, pull off this long messy pixie. The hair is cut into long layers at the sides and is short from the back. The side-parted style is looking awesome in cinnamon-colored hair.

The hair is side-swept messily at one side, and from the other side, they are tucked behind the ear. This cut can implement on thin hair as the messy style give the illusion of dense hair. Heart facial-shaped women will look chic in this pixie cut.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


3. Side Swept Messy Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a versatile style with different cuts and designs. In this picture, you can see long hair on the sides and top. The back is kept short to give a contrast look. The bronze-colored hair appears shiny and lustrous.

The long unruly layers are styled in a messy way covering the side face completely and adding an edge to the face. Women who want to keep their hair a bit longer can go for this style to look chic.

This type of cut can be styled effortlessly and requires low maintenance as well. This style will suit women of all age groups.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


4. Short Messy Pixie for Older Women

Older women look fashionable with short hairstyles. This short messy pixie cut is coming back in all its glory. Career-oriented women love to wear short pixie cut hairstyles because of low maintenance and look chic as well.

In this side-parted pixie cut, the hair is cut short and is highlighted with a tint of brown color. This is clean-cut and will give you a cool look in hot summery weather. To give volume to the hair, style them with the help of a blow-dryer. By adopting short haircuts, women can look fresh and modern despite age.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


5. Messy Pixie in Thick Hair

If you cannot afford to spend much time in front of the mirror then chop your mane in this super cute pixie cut. In this style, the thick hair is cut into short layers and is styled roughly to give a messy look.

Different ranges of layers are adding dimension to the face. The layers are swept in a side, making the style look amazing. This messy pixie style would complement the women with the long neckline. Easy to style and super easy to manage, this style can be a choice for many modern women.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


6. Silver Blonde Messy Pixie

Most women think that as they are aging, they will not look good in modern hairstyles. But this is not true; they can look equally awesome in modern hairstyles if they adopt the hairstyles gracefully. Short pixie in a messy style makes the aging women look stunning.

This silver blonde messy pixie is styled into asymmetrical layers. The layers are allowed to settle and take their place on their own. The hair is kept a bit long at the front and short from the back.

Women can look great and feel more confident in any profession they belong to. Try out this hairstyle now.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


7. Blonde Messy Pixie in Choppy Layers

These choppy, uneven layers are creating dimension to the style. The different length of layers is messed and fluffed up at the top, making the style look unique. Some bangs of hair are falling at the front covering the forehead. Nothing specific is needed to achieve this style.

Women with thin hair can go for this cut as the messed and fluffed top will give an illusion of dense hair. Effortlessly styled, this pixie cut will look good on women of all age groups. As this haircut needs no time to style, career-oriented women would love to apt this haircut.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


8. Choppy Voluminous layers Pixie Cut

This super cute choppy layers style in pixie cut is messed up at the top to add volume. The layers at the top are kept a bit longer to give contrast to the cropped sides and back. They are blown dried to make pompadour with little volume.

The highlighted hair looks shiny and lustrous. Easy to style, little pomade or hair wax is needed to achieve the look. Hexagon-shaped earrings are making the overall look charming. Many celebrities and women working in the fashion industry can be seen pulling off this pixie cut confidently.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


9. Textured Messy Pixie in Short Hair

In the fashion industry of today, a pixie cut is a really super hot and sexy style to give hair a makeover. This style has the power to change the whole look of a woman. This pixie cut in thick hair is cut into short layers at the top and the back is kept short.

The textured layers are inclined at one side to give a sophisticated look. The highlighted hair is complementing the skin tone and covering the forehead, making the model look stunning. The middle nose pin and fashionable earrings are adding an element to the style.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


10. Messy Pixie with Two-tone Fringes

A pixie haircut is back with a big bang. Modern women of today have less time to spare on hairstyles. Therefore, they prefer to keep their hair short but, at the same time, want to look stylish as well. The pixie cut has an important place in the hair fashion industry.

In this picture, you can see a modern variation of the pixie cut. The hair is bleached a few inches above the tips. The hair is cut into long fringes at the front and is blown dried to add a little volume.

The two-tone fringes are swept at one side to give a messy look. Smoky eyes are adding an element to the style.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


11. Voluminous Short Messy Pixie

Check out how versatile this cut can be and how easily you can style it any way you want. You can sweep the hair at one side or back and can even messily style the hair at the top—any style work in a pixie cut. The pixie cut showing here is ideal for the summer season as the hair is kept very short in length.

The side-parted style looks amazing because top hair is blown dried to add volume and is styled messily. This neat and cool cut will steal the heart of young girls.

A sweet smile with dimpled cheeks with this haircut can make the head turn. Cherish this trendy hairstyle and make others go wow.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


12. Messy Curly Pixie

The pixie cut has crossed every level in the hair fashion world. Women working in the fashion industry are bold enough for any haircut to remain chic. The pixie cut in this picture reveals that those who have short hair can still go for waves or curls and can change their overall look.

The hairstylist has shown creativity in styling the curls in short hair. The hair at the back is straight and cropped till the nape. The long hair bangs at the side are curled and styled in such a way that it covers the side face till the eyes. The style is very charming and can make anyone look hot and sexy.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


13. Red Short Edgy Pixie Cut

These days it’s a trend amongst hairstylists to go for a pixie cut, and it’s hard for them to come up with new ideas. This pixie cut is giving a boy’s cut look from the back, but at the front, layers are kept a bit longer to give a feminine look.

The top layers are highlighted with red color and are styled messily. The edgy tips of the layers are making the style fabulous because they are defining the sharp features of the model.

The stylish earrings are looking magnificent, enhancing the attitude. The icing on the cake is fashionable oversized sunglasses.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


14. Messy Pixie Cut in Angular Bangs

Short pixie cut in a messy style is quite a trend because most of the women are career-oriented and have less time to manage long hair. In the morning rush, they can just brush their short hair and can look stylish.

The hair in this pixie cut is chopped into different sizes of layers. The front layers are longer in size and are styled in an angular way covering the forehead. The smoky black eyes and black tattoo at the nape area are creating disparity to the platinum color of the hair.

The benefit of a pixie cut is that it needs nothing to style. The overall look is fabulous and charming, which makes you look effortlessly flawless.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


15. Bob Inspired Messy Pixie Cut

Women having a pixie cut makes a unique statement in the fashion world. If it has a messy effect, it becomes even classy and sassy. It enhances the attitude as well as the confidence of the women who dares to pull off this style.

This is a super cute pixie cut in thick hair. The hair at the front is side-swept and blow-dry to add a little volume. The messy effect is making the style chic and appealing to young women.

They can carry off this style to any occasion or fashion event. This style is appropriate for both younger and older women and goes well with the personalities of all age groups.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


16. Messy Pixie Cut with Fringes

Women of today are very enthusiastic about keeping their hair short in a trendy style. Short hairstyles require low maintenance charges and less time to style. The trendy pixie cut with a messy effect can steal the show and make the head turn.

This light brown shade pixie cut hairstyle looks stunning with long front fringes. The fringes are messed up at the front to cover the forehead. The ends of the fringes are highlighted with pink color.

The hair at the back is kept short. This style will look good on women with thin hair and a high neckline. The thick black eyeliner is setting dissimilarity to the hairstyle.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


17. Textured Boyish Messy Pixie Cut

The overall look of women can change if their hair is styled smartly. Perfectly styled hair can increase the confidence level of women to meet the feet to survive in the modern world. This is again a pixie cut that has been inspired by the boy-cut style.

The hair is short from the back but is longer from the front. The front layers highlighted with a tint of brown shade are swept in the side. At the top of the head, the hair is messed up to give an unruly effect.

Nothing much is required to style this cut; only some hair wax with a blow-dry can make them look adorable.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


18. Front Swept Messy Pixie Cut

If you have the courage to cut your hair very short and blonde them too, then this pixie cut hairstyle is for you. This is basically a ramp walk hairstyle. The short layers are swept at the front with texture and styled with a messy effect. They are angularly styled to give an edge to the face.

This style is highlighting the sharp features of the model. Simple yet classy the haircut is adding feminism to the style. The tattoo at the back is making the overall look adorable. Modern women with a lot of self-confidence can carry off this style easily.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


19. Messy Pixie with High Faded Sides and Back

This is amazing creativity in a pixie cut for women. The silver-blonde hair is kept long in the middle, with sides and back are high faded, making the style unique. The edgy layers of hair from the top are swept at the front, making the style look a little mannish.

The sharper fade from the sides and back is adding modernity to the look. This haircut needs minimal time and styling products to style. To make the look feminine, multiple earrings have been worn by the model. One must have the guts to pull off this style.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


20. Wavy Ashy Messy Pixie

A pixie cut is flexible to style and can be worn differently according to your need. Short pixie with different colors and textures are very much in fashion nowadays. In this picture, the wavy hair is cut into a pixie style and is blended with ash color, which is adding texture to the hair.

The wavy bangs are swept at the front to create fringes at the forehead. Fashionable women would love to carry off this style as it is a mixture of classy and chic. This is a head-turner style that can make you grab all the attention and rock any big events and night parties.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


21. Short Edgy Pixie Cut

This is a modern variation of a pixie cut. This edgy or spiky pixie not only enhancing the beauty of women but make them create their own statement of fashion. In this pixie cut, the hair at the back is short but pretty long from sides and top.

At the front, the hair is cut into very short fringes covering half forehead. The sideburn is giving an edgy look. The top and side hair is styled in messy ways with some spike effect. This red highlighted hairstyle with the spiky effect is defining the facial features of the model.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


22. Blonde Pixie Cut with Spike

This is a super cute pixie cut on soft and fine hair in a short hairstyle. The fair-haired layers are carefully styled at the top with little volume that is looking like feathers while falling at the side, defining the heavy jaw-line. The top layers have loads of texture, making the style look unique.

One side of the forehead is styled with very short fringes, and at the cheekbone area, a short side-swept fringe is adding an extra element to the style. This style is representing the modern variation of a pixie cut with a contemporary look.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


23. Pixie Cut with Very Short Fringes

Everyday hairstyles for thin and short hair are very easy to maintain, like in this pixie cut hairstyle. Short hairstyles can be as cute and adorable as long hair, in fact, more face-flattering and feminine if perfectly styled according to the facial shape.

The light brown colored hair is cut into different sizes of layers. The hair has loads of texture and is swept at the front with little volume added. The forehead is styled with very short fringes.

The back is kept short, and the side-burn is styled with a pointed cut. Ideal for the summer season, women would love to execute this style.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


24. Messy Pixie Cut for Thick Hair

If your hair is thick enough and is thinking of giving your mane a makeover, then pull off this short messy pixie cut. This cut does not need much time to style so appropriately for working women who cannot spend much time in hairstyling.

The super shiny hair is chopped in multiple sizes of layers and messed up to style. The top and side layers are somewhat longer than the back layers. The sideburn is kept long till the earlobe.

In wavy hair, this style will look awesome. Women of all ages with long necklines can rock the party with this style.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


25. Fair-Haired Short Messy Pixie Cut

Earlier women with thin hair were not able to style their hair with a modern touch. But now hairstylists have come up with different ideas to style thin hair that can make the hair look intense. For fine hair, a pixie cut is an ideal hairstyle because, with lots of variations, it can make the style look voluminous.

Pixie cut, when styled with messy effect, can add body to fine hair and can make the wearer look fabulous as well. The picture shown here is an example of that. Very thin hair is cut into a pixie and styled in a messy way to give little volume with the help of a blow dryer.

Messy Pixie Cut Hairstyles


26. Quirky, Messy Pixie Cut

Bold and filled with attitude, this hairstyle is not for the meek. The back and sides are shaved, and the top is styled in waves falling over the forehead. Use a strong hold gel and hairdryer to get this look, and remember not to make it tidy.

With so many textures, this hairstyle gives new dimensions to the salt and pepper look.

messy pixie cut with grey highlights


27. Thick Wavy Pixie With Undercut

This funky hairstyle combines an undercut with tousled waves. This hairstyle is ideal for thick hair. The Messy waves are blown over the forehead like bangs. This hairstyle can flatter a low forehead brilliantly and is best suited for a round face.

curly messy pixie cut


28. The Sassy Pixie With Red Fringe

This hairstyle is perfect for thin hair as it adds volume to the top. Build layers around the crown which will add a sassy and fun effect.

Use curling tools to make those waves. The front fringes dyed red, and small squared glasses give you a cheerful look reflecting your personality.

messy pixie with pink highlights


29. Feathered Asymmetrical Green Pixie

The uneven feathered waves partially covering a shaved back create a cool asymmetrical look. The light green shade with deep black roots, this hairstyle is as outspoken as you.

funky messy pixie hairstyle


30. Messy Tight Curls Updo

Curls look best when messy, and this messy pixie cut celebrates the voluminous curly updo style. The back and sides are cut short, with all the volume on the top resembling a high knot.

The reddish-brown highlights add drama to the crown. This look is best suited for oval faces.

messy pixie with short curly hair


31. Side Parted Pixie With Highlights

Highlights work well exceptionally well on thick hair and add dimension to a messy Pixie cut. Many layers are added, with shorter ones falling on the forehead giving texture and amplifying the highlight effect.

This hairstyle adds to the cuteness of a small, round face shape.

messy pixie for dark brown hair


32. The Imperfect Pixie

For those who are rushing out of the door every morning with messy hair due to lack of time, this messy pixie is the choice for them for imperfection is in fashion. It suits the strong, professional look and takes the just-out-of-bed look to a different level.

blonde messy pixie cut


33. Chestnut Pixie With Long Side Bangs

This long wavy pixie cut is ideal for hiding the sides of a forehead to give width to a thin, slender face. Naturally, curly hair can be styled this way easily, just add volume to the roots. With a pair of glasses, it gives you a sharp, edgy look.

brown wavy hair with messy pixie cut


34. Side Parted Retro Waves

This style is a combination of traditional waves with the modern classic pixie. The hair on one side and curled into waves while the other side is cut short. This look has the wild and feminine elements perfectly balanced.

messy pixie with undercut


35. Choppy Spiky Pixie

The hair in the front is kept longer while the rest of the hair is chopped short. Use a styling gel and a blow dryer to get this spiky look, and remember to keep it messy. Silver locks with uneven spikes give a cool and easy vibe. This hairstyle suits square face shapes.

blonde messy pixie cut for women


Therefore, the above description of Messy Pixie Cut with pictures can make you familiar with the style and as well as benefits of pulling off a messy pixie cut. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain because of a hectic lifestyle.

Messy pixie cut looks chic and fashionable as well. So when you are going to give your tresses a makeover and present yourself a whole new you to the world?