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Should I Use Heat Protectant on Wet or Dry Hair?

Heat protectant is a product designed to keep your hair follicles safe from damage when using any device that applies heat to your hair. Straightened and curled hair is a desired look that can not only make us feel more beautiful but leave our hair looking flawless.

The question isn’t whether or not to apply heat protectant, but rather when you should use it – do you put heat protectant spray on dry or wet hair? Knowing whether your protectant spray works on wet hair, dry hair, or both will ensure it does its job in protecting your hair.

Do You Use Heat Protectant Spray to Dry or Wet Hair?

The answer is both. You can spray heat protectant on damp hair, where it’ll absorb the moisture more easily, but most hair-protecting products can work on dry hair with similar effects.

More likely than not, wet hair is the best base for hair protectant spray, such as blow drying. However, it ultimately comes down to the product you are using.

It’s wise to read the instructions on the heat protectant to determine what this specific hair care brand had in mind for its product. Doing so will ensure that the product is used efficiently and will offer you the best service.

Some products may not be suited to dry hair, while some may be designed specifically for dry hair, such as heat protectants for curling or flat iron. If you want a product that works with both, you can find those as well.

Unless stated otherwise, heat protectant spray will work on your hair no matter the state it’s in.

Should You Use Heat Protectant Before Or After Styling?

It’s best to use a heat protectant before applying heat to your hair.

The purpose of heat protectant spray or oil is to encase the hair with a sealed layer of product. This offers a blockade between the damaging high temperature and the follicles you wish to protect.

Your hair will still straighten, curl, and crimp, but the protectant will take most of the heat to prevent intense damage. Without protecting your hair, it can break and dry out, leading to split ends.

Using heat protectants after the fact won’t protect your hair, but using other products afterward, like hairspray to aid frizz and oil to aid moisture, will.

How Long Does Heat Protectant Last In Your Hair?

Heat Protectant will last in your hair for about four hours total before it loses its effect.

For the best protective coverage, you should style your hair shortly after using the heat protectant. For it to just simply work, you need to style your hair within those hours.

While it’s best to apply heat soon after you spray your hair, within an hour, if you get side-tracked, within the next couple of hours your hair will remain protected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about hair protectants.

How often should I use heat protectants?

You should use a heat protectant every time before applying heat to your hair. Whether it’s blowing it dry or straightening it, heat protectant will keep it safe from damage.

What happens if I don’t use a heat protectant?

Not using heat protectants will subject your hair to damage. High temperatures can break your hair follicles, even with one use.

Is it possible to use too much heat protectant?

A thorough application of heat protectant is best for your head. While too much won’t lead to further damage from the heat, too much product alone isn’t healthy for your hair.

Build-up can dry out your hair and lead to the damage you’ve been trying to prevent.

So, Should You Use Heat Protectant to Dry or Wet Hair?

You can use a heat protectant on both dry and wet hair. The specific brand will specify whether it’s meant to spray on wet hair, dry hair, or either.

As long as you apply the heat protectant before styling your hair with heat, and the spray isn’t sitting for longer than four hours on your head, your hair will be protected and healthy.

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