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Can You Straighten Hair Before Coloring It?

Many people want to change their hair color after they’ve styled it, but they wonder, “Should I straighten my hair before I dye it?” Straightening your hair before coloring ensures even color coverage. However, you must consider your hair’s condition before doing these two processes back to back.

Learn the pros and cons of straightening hair before coloring and how to do it safely, using proper hair protection to prevent damage.


  • You can straighten your hair before coloring, but wait at least 2 weeks in between.
  • Don’t straighten and color your hair on the same day or week to get the best result.
  • Chemicals in hair dye can eliminate straightening ingredients if not given enough time.
  • Straightening products contain strong chemicals like formaldehyde, which permanently changes hair structure.
  • DIY straightening is not recommended unless you have extensive hair coloring knowledge and ventilation.
  • If you dye hair too soon after straightening, the curls, waves, or ringlets can return.

Can You Straighten Hair Before Coloring It?

Yes, you can straighten your hair before coloring it, but you should wait for at least 2 weeks between the straightening and coloring processes. Avoid doing both treatments on the same day or within the same week.

If you don’t wait for the recommended 2 weeks, the hair dye chemicals may counteract the straightening ingredients. So, you won’t get your desired result.

Using high heat on your hair leads to dryness and breakage. If your hair has damage, you should avoid heat styling before coloring. Always do a patch test before coloring your hair. You can also consult a professional hairstylist to learn what’s best for your hair.

When Can You Straighten Hair Before Coloring It?

When Can You Straighten Hair Before Coloring It?

You should straighten your hair before coloring if you’re coloring your hair for the first time or want a drastic color change. Straightening helps you see the actual color of your hair after coloring and avoids surprises.

Professionals recommend straightening hair before coloring to achieve an even color coverage. Straightening curly or wavy hair prevents patchiness.

If your hair is already damaged, it’s best to avoid heat styling before coloring. The dye can weaken your hair even more, and the color might turn out differently than you expect.

Benefits of Straightening Hair Before Coloring It

One of the most significant benefits of straightening your hair before you color it is the thorough, even coverage. You won’t have patches of curls or waves without dye in your final look.

Straight hair takes color better than curly or wavy hair. If you straighten your hair before coloring it, you’ll get more saturation and vibrant color.

Straightening hair before coloring prevents damage because the heat opens the hair cuticles and allows the color to penetrate deeply.

Many people straighten their hair before coloring as a personal preference because they want to show off their new color.

If you straighten your hair before you color it, you can cause more dryness and breakage. Always use a heat protectant to keep your hair healthy during these treatments. Consult a professional hairstylist to know what is best for your hair and keep it glossy and healthy after your dye job.

How To Straighten Hair Before Coloring It

How To Straighten Hair Before Coloring It
  1. Start with clean, dry hair. The shampoo will wash away oil and product buildup from your hair. Wash your hair the day before because you can let your hair dry naturally.
  2. Apply a heat protectant to your hair before straightening it. It’ll protect your hair from heat damage from the straightener.
  3. Divide your hair into small sections and work on it one at a time. This approach will help straighten your hair more evenly. Make sure you don’t miss any section.
  4. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair before straightening it. This will prevent hair breakage and make sure your hair is smooth and straight.
  5. Start straightening your hair at the roots and work down to the tips. You’ll evenly distribute the heat throughout your hair to prevent damage.
  6. Once you have finished straightening your hair, use the cool setting on your straightener to set your hair.
  7. Wait for your hair to cool down before coloring it. Don’t color your hair while it’s still hot as it can cause damage and affect the color results.

One of the key benefits of straightening hair before dyeing is it ensures even color coverage and also prevents hair damage. However, you should use a heat protectant and consider your hair’s health. A professional colorist will assess your hair before giving you a plan.

You don’t want to cause damage by using heat and a chemical color consecutively. So, it’s best to base the decision to straighten your hair before coloring on the condition of your hair and the desired outcome of the color.

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