25 Best Medium Straight Hairstyles for Summer

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Medium straight hair length is the best option; it’s the better option of the two worlds. Your hair is between short tresses and the long ones. Even in general, a woman either with medium hair or long hair is considered more appealing since for few people short hair is not considered feminine and it does not have the grace.

With Medium Straight Hairstyles, it is easy to maintain the hairstyle, as it does not take much time and efforts. Moreover, you can experiment because the length permits you to do so. It is an interesting and versatile option to have medium length hair. Here are some of the fabulous medium length hairstyles which you can easily carry anytime anywhere. Have a look:

The simple straight medium length short hair

Medium straight hair is not boring; instead, they are evergreen style option, and the best part is that you can never go wrong with this style. Also, it is versatile as it’s a style that suits everyone and can be styled or tied in any style. Smoothing and shining products are saviors for this style a good quality gel to tame the flyways will be needed. Importantly regular trims to do away with split ends will be needed. The hair has been colored with brown at roots and blonde at tips, which adds another dimension to the style.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Sassy pointed brown hair

Brown and boring are not the same; rather brown can be too interesting and sassy if styled accordingly. The style will add to the depth of your eyes and complexion. The hair is brown in tone, and the tips are sharp and pointed, which makes it very appealing. The length is medium therefore easy to style and maintain, just with regular trims to do away with split ends is needed. Side partition with minimal tucking of hair behind the ears is truly stylish.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Stark black hair in short-medium length

Here the style of the hair is even trendier. It has been kept to short-medium length, and a lot of effort has gone in hydrating it, so the fall is very light, which makes it a dream style. The middle partition of hair with the bangs that are long falling on the sides of the face gives a soft frame to the face, and it looks appealing. The dark color adds to the depth of the eyes. The ends are trimmed regularly to maintain the movement of the hair and remove the split ends.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Honey colored medium length long hair

The straight medium length honey-colored tresses is simply evergreen and wow. They are light as they are deeply conditioned and nourished. Middle partition of hair with teasing at the tips adds more dimension and movement to the hair. It’s a style option that will suit almost anyone and everyone. Smoothing and a shining product will be needed to style the hairstyle.

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Medium Straight Hairstyles

Edgy medium straight bouncy hair

Thin hair with edgy ends and the length ending at the shoulders looks simply stunning. The style is simple and stunning, and with just a little shine enhancing serum you can nail the perfect look. Just a bit of teasing at roots can give you the desired look of bouncy hair. The hair has been teased and twisted at the side section, and this has added to the height of the face. A section of the hair falls on the face hiding a part of the face, which makes the style a bit more mysterious and looks ravishing.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Simple with layers

If you have medium length thin hair and want to add a bit of drama and dimension to it opt for layers. Getting layers will add to its dimension, thickness, and movement. The side part with a section of hair falling on the part of the forehead will give frame to the face and take off years from the face. Use straightening and smoothening serum to get a bounce and shine for your hair.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

The honey blonde evergreen shade in an all-time classic style

The honey blonde color is appealing and is simply always in trend. The color adds much more depth to your eyes and complexion. The color is perfectly balanced between warm and light tone thus adds to dimension to thin hair, and if the mane is thick it adds much-desired tone to it. The style has been kept simple and is side partition with and covers a part of the forehead to giving the face a soft frame.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Layers with dark roots and blond lengths

The style is about dark roots and blonde lengths done on simple straight hair. The ends are sharp and to tame the flyways gel is used. A simple style that is always in fashion.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Dark black with burgundy roots

The style is simple and black with ends in a tinge of burgundy. A high bun with a bow pattern looks interesting and ravishing. Use shinning and smoothening products along with holding products to hold the bun and provide shine to hair.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Simple side bangs

The style is simple and evergreen. With side part and side bangs, falling on the forehead looks stylish and adds a layer of smart quotient to the style. To tame the fizzy hair gel needs to be used. Blow dry will give the desired style.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Messy short hair

The style is about carefree attitude. The length is up to shoulder level, and it has been kept messy with gel to give the pretty look. It is about a simple yet modern style. Deep side part from the fingers has been done. It may seem to be a low maintenance style, but it is the result of deep conditioning that has resulted in getting hair like this.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

The black and brown hues

Shoulder length hair with a middle part in dark black hair with hues of light to dark brown looks stunning. The hair has been deeply nourished and conditioned which have resulted in smooth frizz free hair that fall on the face from the sides framing the face and making a face look longer.

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Medium Straight Hairstyles

The Cleopatra style

Stark black color of hair on shoulder length hair adds to another dimension of eyes and makes it look like a deep set. The style has been achieved with the help of gel and setting spray. The style is suitable for any formal occasions where the simple yet stylish look is to be attained.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Blond and short

Shoulder length hair with blond tones and the middle part looks stunning. They have been teased and fall on the sides of the face framing the face and making it look young and thin. It is a style if you want to look the best with little effort and minimum use of chemicals and heating on hair.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Angled black

The color is dark so further enhances the skin tone and eyes. Long bob with angled cut and side part looks modern and stunning. It is the style that is perfect for the modern lady in the corporate world. Apt for thin hair as the style needs to stay close to the face and mellowed down and this is possible in thin hair.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Burgundy hues in black

Short shoulder length hair which is allowed to fly without getting fizzy is the look that one would want. Side part looks apt for the style as a section of hair falling on the forehead and side face frame the face. It is a simple carefree style but to maintain the quality of hair lots of conditioning will be required.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Caramel hair in shoulder length

Thin hair with streaks of caramel and black base looks stunning as it adds dimension and volume to the hair. The random middle part looks cute and simple to maintain. Regular trims to maintain fresh look and length of the hair will be needed.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Dark roots with brown tips

Short shoulder length hair with a middle parting and dark roots with brown ends looks simply amazing, and it adds another character to the personality. The hair falls on the forehead and cheeks slightly, and it looks cool. Deep conditioning and shining products with ample use of gel give the desired style.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Caramel and brown tones

Thin hair with side part, looks stunning and with gel. The hair is close to face and gives a thin frame to the face. The color looks very stunning and will be achieved without much use of bleach. Fizz free and pointed hair with the help of regular trims is needed. Use good quality product or serum to get the shine in hair.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Messy blonde

Simple side part with messy look will be attained with the help of gel is done and regular blow dry. The roots have been teased and thus it gives volume to the style. It is fun style and will take off years from your face. It is a style that will get on the move in few minutes.

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Medium Straight Hairstyles

The light tone thin hair

The style is about thin hair that falls closely on the face with a side parting. It looks really stunning and sassy. The style is simple and with setting products they are kept in place but as it looks very modern and stylish can be worn to any formal party or meeting. The hair length is till the shoulder which makes it easy to carry it.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

The round style

The brown highlights in dark brown hair. With middle part and the hair set with styling products to fall in round pattern take off years and weight off the face. It is a simple style but looks very beautiful and apt for any occasion. Regular setting of hair with hot appliance will call for some heat protecting products.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Sassy shoulder length chestnut brown hair

The length is short and has been casually teased with hand and randomly side brushed with fingers looks very modern and sophisticated. It is a low maintenance style but is possible only on well-maintained hair that is light in weight.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Light colored hair falling beyond the shoulders

Simple and perfect for the modern lady who needs to multitask. Middle parting with slight teasing falling on the sides gives a clear frame to the face looks stunning. A section of hair stays back and two sections comes in front from both the sides falling on shoulders looks ravishing and perfect for the red carpet event or a casual movie date.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Angled shoulder length hair

Dark roots with dark brown end look very modern and sassy. The style is modern contemporary with fine hair that is lightweight. Daily blow dry will give the result. Maintain this style will need deep conditioning and protein treatment but using good quality heat protecting product is the most important thing as this will protect the hair. Blow dry the hair and use a serum to get a desired shine to the hair.

Medium Straight Hairstyles

Shoulder length straight hair or medium straight hairstyles is the best option for the women on the go as it is easy to maintain and looks utterly feminine. The style is ravishing and can be tied in any style of braids or buns. Any length of hair needs deep conditioning, nourishment, hydration, protein treatment and much more. Stress-free life with regular exercise regimes and healthy diet is the key to healthy and beautiful hair. Use chemical free and good quality products for a healthy mane. Enjoy the styles that complement your skin tone, face cut, lifestyle and the color of eyes.

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