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35 Trendy Medium Hairstyles for Over 40 Women

Hairstyles are for everybody. Men and women of all ages like to adorn a hairstyle that is unique and uncommon at the same time. But the problem mostly arises is with the age being a factor in deciding what kind of hairstyle will look good on whom.

If the hairstyles are long then women of any age ten to be relaxed as there are an ample of hairstyles that can be gone with to enhance the look.

But if the hairstyle is small or medium then that is where the confusion arises. Moreover, women who are above the age group of 40 are among these confused lot who with medium to short hair often run out of hairstyle ideas.

But interestingly there are numerous hairstyles available for women who are 40 over. It’s important that one should choose wisely among this long list of hairstyles to look gorgeous and classy at the same time.

Let’s get down seeing and understanding some interesting medium hairstyles for over 40 women.


Wavy Hairstyles with Side Bang

Wavy hairstyle is that kind of hairstyle that looks good on women of all age. But specifically, if you are a woman who crossed the age of 40 and have shoulder length hair then this wavy hairstyle with side bangs has the power to enhance your look.

This hairstyle is a perfect choice that can be carried with equal panache for both casual as well as formal occasion.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Side Part Choppy Hairstyle

Women often like to give their hair a choppy look. This particular haircut is different and diverse. Moreover, the side-parting given to the hairstyle provides an edge to the whole look.

It’s perfect for a woman over 40 as the style is hassle-free and comfortable. Pair the hairstyle with a simple pair of jeans and t-shirt or with a little black dress. You are going to rock the crown anyway.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Center Part Brown Hair

What else beats the look of a brown hair? Well, nothing. Adding waves to naturally brown hair is the best way to enhance the look.

This particular center-part brown hairstyle will look with a chic business suit or also with a sophisticated dress. And if you are bored about the whole look then you can always tie it up into a subtle bun.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Choppy Hairstyle with Bangs

The best way to give a pump to a whole hairstyle is by adding bangs. Bangs have the capacity to power up the look and provide a variation.

But when Bangs are mixed with choppy haircut then it can create magic. This particular hairstyle does the same. Try this look if you want a different style for your age.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Blonde Medium Hairstyle

Medium layers provided to a hairstyle are a perfect way to experiment with the look. If you are a woman who has just completed the 40 years mark and is of their long hair then try this hairstyle.

The cut is medium neither too long nor too short. So, you can always keep on experimenting with your hair whenever you like.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Medium Wavy Hairstyle

When there is confusion with hairstyles then go with a wavy haircut. Wavy hairstyles are those kinds of hairstyles which look good on anybody and are a safe option.

But this particular hairstyle isn’t just another wavy haircut. But it comes with a side parting and the hair falls in the behind just perfectly.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Pink Layered Hairstyle

If being over 40 doesn’t matter to you and you love different experiment irrespective of your age then this might be just the right hairstyle for you and your need.

The best part of this hairstyle is the pale pink hue added to the hair followed by the vivacious layers. It’s definitely a bold choice but worth a try.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Medium Curly Hairstyle

Are you searching for a look that has style and a touch of sophistication then have a look at this particular hairstyle!

The look is perfect red-carpet or a party hairstyle that can make even a mundane dress to be a vibrant one. The side-part and the wide curls provided to the hair make it a dreamy hairstyle and perfect one for a woman over 40.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Medium Straight Hair

This particular hairstyle is a medium cut straight hair look which is a classic. Want something safe in hairstyle?

Then nothing can beat this look. Having such a hairstyle means you can change the same at any time you want and add any other look from list simple.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Side Swept Brown Hair

This is another hairstyle that is effortless and simple too. The hairstyle comes with a side swept look that doesn’t need any hard work.

With, curls that are added down the tip of the hair one can easily carry this look. The side swept style makes any hair look so gorgeous.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Blonde Shoulder Length Haircut

Blonde and shoulder length is one of those options in hairstyles that have the power to look good on any woman. This particular is simple with very light waves and can be carried with all look.

You can either go casual with this hairstyle or can look very much chic with it. It is a perfect choice for a woman who is over the 40 mark and wants a look that can stand-out in the crowd.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Side Swept Wavy Hairstyle

This is another wavy style but with a small twist of being side-swept. The hairstyle also comes with the forte of safe and effortless hairstyles. Carrying this hairstyle is an easy task as it will go great with all kinds of attire.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Chocolate Brown Medium Hair

Who doesn’t like the color of chocolate when designed in the hair? This particular color and medium hairstyle are made for those women who are always on the run.

Busy moms who don’t have time for themselves and want a hairstyle that looks gorgeous all the time can try this look.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Side Swept Silver Hairstyle

If you want to gracefully by keeping every bit of style in your look then nothing can come close to this particular hairstyle. It is one of those hairstyles that does justice to style and age both.

The side swept simple hair has the punch of silver in the roots that gives away the grace in the hairstyle. It is a look that will look good on women who are in their early 50’s or even late 60’s and even for the bold women in their mid-40’s.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Center Part Strawberry Blonde Hair

Hair colors have the power to enhance any hairstyle. Just because you are aging doesn’t mean you cannot add the hit of color in your hair.

Try something bold and go with this center part strawberry blonde hairstyle. This color and can instantly lift your look and you can actually feel rejuvenated with just an addition of hairstyle.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Swept Back Medium Hair

It’s a sleek hairstyle that has style and elegance in every inch. The hairstyle is simple as the strands are swept back to give a variation in style.

Going with this hairstyle means you won’t have to do any extra work on your outfit. Have any impending party? Then choose this hairstyle.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Updo Hairstyle with Bangs

Updos are always a great option to flaunt the whole look. With, less hair hovering around the neck, shoulder or ears one gets to show off their jewelry, designs, toned up collarbone and shoulders.

But just any other updo won’t suit the need. This particular updo is unique as it comes with bangs that are swept from one side to another.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Side Swept Wavy Hairstyle

Want the hairstyle to not only look good on you but also look in its own way then this one might just be perfect.

This wavy hairstyle comes with big curls that tunes up the whole look and the remaining hair are bunched from one side and falls right under the shoulders. Looks good on any wear and for any purpose.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Wavy Black Medium Hair

Messy hair is a trend these days. Women of all age like to flaunt this look. This particular messy hair look is a combination of waves and side part variation that will look good on any woman who wants a style to be their second name.

One remarkable part of the whole hairstyle is the black color that is provided to the whole look. You too can take a step forward and opt to add black to your hair color to get this exact same look.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Side Part Long Bob Hairstyle

Most of the people think that bobs have gone out of style. But the news is it has returned and that too with different styles. Like this one which is a bob hairstyle with side part look.

A single wave is attached to this look which makes this hairstyle even more desirable. Try this look and if you are not satisfied with it then wait for sometime as the hair grows longer.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Dark Black Side Part Hairstyle

If you already have luscious dark black hair then keep hair worries away. This particular hairstyle is made to look good on your dark black locks. The hair is straightened and a side parting is added to the style.

This is a perfect style that can be carried to any formal meet or even a party. There’s no need of tying up this hair. You can always let loose those strands and feel the air soothe you and look turning heads wherever you go.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Center Part Straight Bob Hairstyle

Women who are over 40 years of age often prefer hairstyles that are safe and uncomplicated. This particular hairstyle actually serves this purpose.

The hairstyle is a beautiful combination of chic and gorgeous. One can easily carry this hair without even thinking of ever tying or attaching something to the hairstyle. The straight, sleek and center parting done to this particular hairstyle say everything.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Center Part Layered Hairstyle

This is another center part hairstyle that has all the properties that add style to a particular look. This particular hairstyle comes with a center parting look that amounts to a sophisticated look.

The edges of the strands that are cut so meticulously fall right on both side of the face framing it. The whole look together will give a pump to your style

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Rose Gold Medium Hair

Hair colors are so amazing that they can instantly change the whole look of an individual. This particular look is done perfectly with an addition of a rose gold color.

The hairstyle is simple with a side-parting and medium length. But what stands out is the hair color.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Loose Side Swept Hairstyle

This hairstyle is a perfect way to wrap up some of the best looks available for the women with medium hair and who are over 40. This particular hairstyle is full of fun, frill and youthful.

The hairstyle will make you look vibrant and will only enhance your style loose sides swept look provided to the hairstyle is just an icing on the cake.

Medium Hairstyles for Over 40


Loose Curls

If you have beautiful natural curls, you may not want to go too short with your hair. Your loose curls make your hairstyle effortless and relaxed suitable for summertime.

With Medium hair and rich auburn shade, you will always look your best.

curly medium bob for over 40 woman


Brunette Lob With Curtain Bangs

A lob is the perfect low-maintenance hairstyle for a woman who keeps busy. The medium length is perfect for women with a round face. It is ideal for fine hair structure.

Make your hair more versatile by adding curtain bangs and wispy fringes. The brunette shade blends well with your light skin tone.

medium bob with bangs for women over 40


Flirty Bob

A bob works well for women with oval faces. The short hair helps to highlight your cheekbones and jawline. Finger comb your hair for the fluffiness.

Add layers to your bob to create movement and curl the ends in opposite directions for a messy texture. Run hair cream through your hair for a sleek finish.

woman over 40 with medium length blonde hairstyle


Short Curly Hairstyle

The short shape suits curly hair. A bohemian-shaped cut with shattered bangs that will effortlessly add layers to your hair as they grow out.

Razor cut those rounded layers to enhance your curls and to remove weight. Use a hair cream or leave-in conditioner to manage those frizz and a salt spray for added texture.

older woman with layered medium bob and bangs


Elegant Bun

Bun hairstyles for dark and wavy are often disregarded when it comes to uniqueness and elegance. With a hectic life schedule, a bun among Medium hairstyles for over 40 women requires the lowest possible care.

It is easy to maintain and fashionable at the same time. Tightly pull back your hair and roll in a high updo. The curly texture makes the bun look voluminous.

black woman over 40 with medium curly updo


Half-up Hairdo

You can easily master this cute hairstyle with just a few bobby pins or hair ties. Take a few sections of your hair from the front and stack them at the back simply with clips or you can tie a half bun or other designs of your choice.

Let your natural curls revamp this hairstyle with their thickness and texture. Keep your short hair out of your face with a half-up hairstyle.

medium curly hairstyle for women over 40


Medium Textured Hairstyle

Medium haircuts do not require much effort to style every morning. Side part your hair and add subtle waves at the end for a layered look.

A medium lob makes your thick layers from weighing down and complements your bright face. Go for a light color over your dark roots for a fresh finish.

woman over 40 with medium blonde hair


Wild Curly Hairstyle

A wild curly shaggy bob can be styled on both fine and thick hair textures. A lot of crown layers will be covering your head to create a beautiful style.

Divide your hair into sections and style them separately using hair mousse. Use a gel in mid-lengths and ends to maintain your curls. You can add a few drops of warmed-up oil to soften your curls.

medium curly hairstyles for women over 40


Mid Parted Dark Lob

Dark hair colors have their appeal and need not be dyed to look amazing. The key point in a simple mid-part lob lies in its simplicity.

It can also be styled in various ways as per the occasion. It gives a mature vibe reflecting your experience and wisdom.

Asian woman over 40 with medium straight hair


Messy Gray Bob

Style your hair with minimal layers and styling products and subtle volume to keep your hair from falling flat. Embrace your frizz and style some messy, uneven waves using a curler to put together this carefree look.

Apply bold eye makeup to contrast with your hair—a funky style among Medium hairstyles for over 40 women.

medium blonde bob for 40 women


So, if you are in an age where most of the people lose interest in their look then you shouldn’t. All you need to do is choose any of these medium hairstyles for over 40 and keep looking fresh and evergreen.