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21 Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Medium Hair

As a bridesmaid, being a part of your friend or family member’s wedding is an honor, and you want to look your best on this special day.

One crucial aspect of your appearance is your hairstyle. Finding the right bridesmaid hairstyle for medium hair can be both exciting and challenging.

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid hairstyle is an important part of the wedding planning process, and with so many stunning options to choose from, it’s sure to be a fun and exciting journey.

So, instead of getting lost in a sea of endless medium-length hairstyles for bridesmaids on Pinterest, we’ve done the work for you!

Trendy Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Medium Hair

Here are 21 Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Medium Hair that’ll make you look amazing. From simple and elegant to fun and flirty, these are the best hairstyles for bridesmaids.

1. Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Rhinestone Hairpin

medium layered hairstyle for bridesmaid

If you love a simple and classic look, there’s no reason to style your hair in a fancy way for your bestie’s wedding.

Medium-length hair that falls at or above the collarbone can easily be styled by simply curling the ends up, leaving a middle part, and adding a rhinestone hairpin on the side. 

This type of bridesmaid hairstyle looks beautiful with her soft makeup palette and high neckline on her dress. It’s a demure and sophisticated look for your bridesmaids.

2. Romantic Curls with Pink Rose For Black Bridesmaid

medium afro hairstyle for black bridesmaid

As an African American bridesmaid, you can rock your natural curls on the wedding day. We love this look!

This medium-length natural curly hairstyle falls just below the shoulder and looks fun and flirty with an oversized pink rose behind the ear on one side and with colorful baby’s breath flowers around the rose and across the top of the head.

It’s a romantic bridesmaid hairstyle for African American women that’s perfect for a garden or outdoor wedding.

3. Long Bob Hairstyle With Oversized Flower Crown

medium ombre hairstyle for bridesmaid

Another look that’s perfect for garden or outdoor weddings is this long bob with a beautiful oversized flower crown.

A mix of a boho, ethereal look with a soft and subtle look from the simplicity of keeping the medium-length hair down is a stunning look for any bridesmaid.

The bottom of her bob creates an effortless soft curl like when your hair gets windblown at the beach. It’s a simple bridesmaid hairstyle with a boho vibe that’s easy to achieve and manage. 

4. Side-Parted Low Bun for Bridesmaids

side updo for bridesmaid with medium hair

When deciding what type of bridesmaid hairstyle to wear, one thing you need to consider is the dress’s neckline.

A bridesmaid dress that has thick straps and an updo is the best choice because it allows the beauty of the dress to be seen.

For this bridesmaid, a messy loose bun is the perfect choice. We love how her hair is swooped over from a chic side part with a little volume on top; then, the back is rolled and twisted into the loose, low, side bun creating a sophisticated yet ever so effortless look.

5. Short Bob With Flower Crown

Asian bridesmaid with medium hair

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know that we do love flower crowns, and how could we not?

This bridesmaid hairstyle has a life and personality of its own. Her hair is thick, black, voluminous, and oh-so-pretty styled by simply curling it under and adding a stunning floral crown with greenery and soft pastel blooms. 

Because her bob hairstyle is a collarbone length, it looks beautiful with her v-neck bridesmaid dress.

6. Red Hair With Side Part & Curls

bridesmaid hairstyle for medium red hair

This bridesmaid hairstyle is a bold and glamorous choice that’s perfect for those with long, dark red locks.

The hair is styled with large barrel curls, adding volume and bounce to the hair. The side part adds a touch of class, while the soft makeup enhances the face’s natural beauty. 

This hairstyle is perfect for bridesmaids who want to make a statement with their hair and makeup without going over the top.

7. Updo With Blue Hair Woven Through

bridesmaid hairstyle for medium hair with highlights

The hair is styled in an updo with volume on top, creating a sense of height and drama.

The low bun adds a touch of elegance, while the blue hair woven across the top and down into the bun adds a pop of color and whimsy to the overall look.

8. Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyle With Pearl Headband

medium hairstyle for bridesmaid with headband

A sophisticated bridesmaid hairstyle that can easily be done at home. Large barrel curls, a side part, and a delicate pearl headband are all you need to create this simple look. It’s soft and feminine and the perfect choice for any type of wedding.

9. Elegant Bridesmaid Updo With A Vintage Vibe

medium hairstyle for bridesmaid

We love this unique and sophisticated bridesmaid updo. The hair is parted on the side and swooped back, and the bun is teased for maximum volume in the back. Then accented perfectly with peach flowers that matched her dress.

10. Classy Updo For Bridesmaids

brunette updo for bridesmaid with medium hair

It’s a beautifully classy bridesmaid hairstyle. The hair is sectioned in the back and woven across and into each other, creating a beautiful style.

Volume at the crown of the head and her long bangs frame her face. And the finishing touch is a dainty gold headband.

11. Bold & Dramatic Wedding Day Hairstyle

bridesmaid hairstyle with medium grey hair

Now, if you want a bold and dramatic or over-the-top bridesmaid hairstyle, this is it! Her hair is a soft grey color, it’s teased and wirey and she’s wearing a huge, and we mean HUGE, flower crown and black dress. It’s a dark and moody look, topped off with a bold red lip.

12. Shoulder Length With Baby’s Breath Crown

bridesmaid hairstyle with flower headband for medium hair

Her shoulder-length hair is just gently curled, and she’s wearing a stunning floral wreath made from pine needles, leaves, and baby’s breath. It has a wintery vibe and looks so romantic.

13. Romantic Bridesmaid Updo

curly updo for bridesmaid with medium hair

A classy bridesmaid updo with a high bun and wispy tendrils of hair framing the face is always a beautiful choice for a wedding.

We always love this look, and this bridesmaid dressed it up a bit with a black hair accessory.

14. Shoulder Length Boho Bridesmaid Hairstyle

bridesmaid hairstyle with medium straight hair

For a dreamy boho wedding hairstyle, all you need is soft highlights and a flower crown. It’s a beautiful wedding hairstyle for bridesmaids attending outdoor weddings.

15. An Elegant & Simple Bridesmaid Hairstyle

bridesmaid hairstyle with straight medium hair

Sometimes simple is just best. No one ever said you must rock curls or fancy hairstyles just because you’re a bridesmaid. It’s perfectly fine to just keep it simple and wear your hair straight.

16. Edgy & Fun Bridesmaid Wedding Day Look

bridesmaid hairstyle for medium hair with bangs

For a fun and edgy look, choose dramatic eyeshadows and keep your hair straight and simple.

Side-sweep your bangs and add two large flowers tucked over your ears. You’ll be the belle of the ball.

17. Brown Bridesmaid Hairstyle For Garden Wedding

bridesmaid hairstyle with medium brunette hair

Style your hair with loose curls for volume and movement for a garden wedding, and add a dreamy flower crown.

This bridesmaid chose a floral wreath with large, vibrant yellow flowers and greenery. It’s a beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle for an outdoor wedding.

18. Short Side Braid & Blue Headband

braided hairstyle for bridesmaid with medium hair

For a romantic and ethereal bridesmaid’s hairstyle with braid, create a side braid, pull some tendrils of hair loose, and add a bright blue headband.

We love how they wove the blue ribbon into the braid. Such a beautiful and feminine bridesmaid hairstyle.

19. A Fairytale Bridesmaid Hairstyle

blonde updo for bridesmaid with medium hair

A loose low bun is a perfect base for this look, allowing the hair to flow gracefully and elegantly down the back.

The side braid creates a soft and romantic feel, with loose strands framing the face for a natural and relaxed look

Add a pearl hairpin above the bun, and you’ve mastered a fairytale wedding day hairstyle.

20. Short Hairstyle With Barrel Curls

medium length hairstyle for black bridesmaid

Bridesmaids with short hair can create a fun and flirty look by adding barrel curls. We love this look with a side part and short locks swept to one side, allowing the bridesmaid’s beauty to shine.

21. Low Bun With Floral Accents

medium updo for bridesmaid

Last but not least is a classic low bun hairstyle. This look works well for bridesmaids with short or long hair.

The hair is simply rolled and then tucked into a low bun, and for the perfect finishing touch, dainty flowers are pinned all the way around.

So, choose your hairstyle as a bridesmaid considering the wedding theme, dress style, and personal preferences. You can find the perfect hairstyle that complements the overall wedding look.

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