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17 Shaggy Hairstyle for Older Women to Feel Youthful At All Times

Have you ever wondered why many older women choose to wear their hair in shaggy styles? It’s because most older ladies have thinning tresses, and shaggy hair makes the hair look thicker.

Plus, hairdos with a lot of movement help distract from signs of facial aging that women often want to avoid people paying too much attention to. Lastly, they’re simply a timeless hairstyle that has influences from many different eras of fashion history. This lets women feel very comfortable with their locks.


Timeless Shaggy Hairstyle for Older Women

There are so many different ways to style shag hair that can help older women to enhance their looks. If you’re not sure what type of style will suit you best, then read on and take a look at some of the best styles we’ve compiled for you.

Feathered Shag

feathered shaggy hairstyle for older women

Wearing the hair fanned out around the face is a totally classic look for mature ladies. Wear some light bangs and get layers. Ensure the end of each layer feathers out.

Wearing your hair in a light shade such as blonde will be very flattering for most older ladies. Let some darker roots grow out to add an extra dimension to your hairdo.


Shaggy Pixie

shaggy pixie for older women

The shaggy pixie cut is often worn by older women as it’s very easy to maintain. You won’t need to do much to style your hair each morning.

A slightly messy look due to a shag will make it easier to look good with minimal effort. Have lots of hair fall across your forehead to help frame your face, too.


Thick Medium Locks

thick medium shag for older women

Medium shag maybe seems perfect for thin hair but it also works well for thick hair. Keep your locks medium length to ensure they don’t get too long to easily keep under control. Add full bangs to help the entire look frame your head in the best way.


Curly Tresses

curly shag for older women

Women with natural curls may wish to keep their hair short to make the curls easier to control and maintain on a day-to-day basis.

Keep your hair a little shaggy and let the natural grey locs grow out if you want to make your curls the healthiest they can be.


Layered Locks

layered shag for older women

Experimenting with layers is always a good idea for women wanting to achieve a shaggy look.

Fan some of the layers out from your face and let the layers underneath fall straight. Keep your hair a light shade but let your roots grow out a little for a natural look.

Shaggy Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Wavy Undercut

shag with undercut for older women

Are you interested in an edgier look? Consider an undercut where you shave one side of the head.

Dye the rest of your locks with a unique tone such as purple. It’s even better if your hair has a wavy texture as it will add movement.


Medium Curls

medium curly shag for older women

The shaggy element of this hairdo helps individual curl clumps look more defined. Curls can easily become damaged by hair dye so it’s always best for older ladies to let their natural grey hair grow.


Short and Straight

grey shaggy hairstyle for older women

Do you want something really easy? Keep your hair short but long enough to ruffle up if you choose to. Let the top have lots of volumes but keep the back clipped much shorter.


Voluminous Top

shaggy hairstyle for older women

Would you like some volume in your hair? Focus it towards the top as it’ll make your appearance livelier.

Wearing your hair in a dark shade of brown and keeping the back longer than the front will help you retain a youthful look.


Pixie Bob

shaggy pixie bob for older women

Pixie cuts are a little too short for some women, so consider extending your hair into a pixie bob instead.

Keep the hair mostly flat at the back and let the shagginess show at the sides instead. Add some bangs that sweep across the forehead.


Fine Shag

shag haircut for older women with fine hair

Shags are always a good choice when you have very fine tresses as they can make your hair look a little thicker.

Get wispy bangs across your forehead and push the sides of your hair behind your ears so you can make your face the focal point.


Shaggy Bob

shaggy bob for older women with glasses

Bob-length haircuts are total classics for women who want enough hair to style but don’t want long locks. Consider getting a perm so your hair appears very alive due to the fluffy curls throughout your tresses.


Short to Medium Shag

medium shaggy bob for older women

Some women find bobs a little too short. If that’s you, then consider wearing a little longer so your hair is closer to medium-length.

The shaggy element of the haircut will make your hair look so much fuller. You can amplify this effect by pairing a hair color with natural grey.


Straight Shag

straight shag for older women

It’s much easier to maintain and control straight tresses. That’s why older ladies with straight hair should get a shaggy cut.

Wear your short hair quite thin and have it hug your face and neck. Let the top have a little more volume.


Long Curls

long curly shag for older women

Older women who have more time and patience to dedicate to their hair can opt for long curls.

Get an ombre so the hair lightens towards the ends and use the curly girl method to help define each curl strand and clump.


Side Bangs

shag haircut for older women

If you want to hide part of your face, particularly your forehead, get bangs. Have them sweep across your forehead from the side so they look more modern.

Leave the rest of your hair long enough to fall to your shoulders. It will have a slightly messy look due to the shag element.


Messy Mullet

shaggy mullet for older women

Mullet shag has become stylish once again for older women. Wear the thick hair messy on top and let it be thinner and longer at the back.

Get some highlights in your natural dark grey hair for making your curls pop. You’ll retain a youthful appearance if you choose a look like this.


Older women can clearly rock these haircuts! So, if you’re thinking about which hairdo to get, then definitely consider these shaggy haircuts.

There’s a good mixture of short, long, low-maintenance haircuts and more glamorous looks for you to choose from, so pick a picture and head to the salon!


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