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23 Trendy Shag Haircuts for Fine Hair for A Fab Look

With long, thick hair, one has several haircuts to try, but the choices reduce with fine hair. Thus, these shag haircuts for fine hair will be loved by them, and it’s trending too.

And why shouldn’t it be trending? All the layers to various lengths of this haircut give a natural texture to your hair which you can show off to others.

Now the question arises of what hairstyle you should opt for so that it gives you a classy and trendy look and goes well with your face, age, and occasion. If you are confused about your haircut, you are at the right place.


Lovely Fine Shag Haircuts for Women

Get a bouncy, voluminous look with these styles and look awesome.

Messy Baby Pink Layered Cut

pink shag haircut for fine hair

Get a shag haircut for your fine hair with a light pink shade. It would go perfectly with medium-length hair.

It would make your fine hair texture look naturally medium or thick. A simple combing or messy look would be relevant for an outing with friends or family.


Shag with Curtain Bangs

long fine shag with curtain bangs

You can go for diverse and creative shaggy hairstyles for long fine hair. The platinum blonde shade can be paired with any outfit.

You can go anywhere by keeping your hair open with a middle partition. Go for slight waves that would provide volume to your hair.


Feathery Mid-Cropped Look

shaggy bob for fine hair

Bob haircut is a medium-textured easy-to-maintain hairstyle, and if you made this hairstyle once, you could go to bed with the same. In addition, the shiny blonde color would give you a stylish look.

Best suited for a casual look, and women of any age can go for it. You can even go jogging with this style, wherein pairing up with headphones would make you look fabulous.


Soft Purple Waves

purple shag haircut for fine hair

Go for pastel purple highlights with light loose waves. Keep your thin bangs at the front to complement your square-faced shape. It’s a great look for any occasion,


Messy Blonde Bangs

long shag haircut for fine hair

When you don’t have much time to style your while going out, just tousle your hair. Go for the middle partition and use your finger to detangle your long shag hair.

Curl your front fringes outward to get a messy shag and add texture to your thin hair. The combination of brown and blonde colors would be stylish.


Classy Wavy Ombre

ombre shag for fine hair

Do you want to get ready for a festival or party? Here is a brown and blonde ombre for a medium-length fine shag haircut. Creating soft waves would give medium volume to your hair with a classy look at a party or any festival.


Razored Fierce Look

medium shaggy bob for fine hair

Keep the longest layer of your hair just below your shoulder and the shortest in the front. The razored and edgy look to your platinum and yellow hair would make it office-ready.


Chocolaty Curly Shag

curly shag haircut for fine hair

If you have fine curly hair, this is one of the best shag hairstyles. First, get your hair colored in a chocolaty shade, then style it messily by making a middle partition.

It is surely a style loved by teens who have less time to style their look but still want to look stylish.


Blonde Brown Edgy Waves

long shag haircut for women with fine hair

Blonde-brown shade would give your medium-length hair an elegant look. However, to make your hair look thick, go for a wavy look and leave the short front bangs messy.

Style it with ear and nose accessories, and you will rock the look. People will envy your look, and your friends will not stop complimenting it.


Greenish-Yellow Choppy Ends

green shag haircut for fine hair

Love coloring your hair? Well, this time, choose something different, go for a greenish-yellow combo.

This will give your shoulder-length hair a sharp rejuvenating look with skin grazing short bangs in front. In addition, this hairstyle would create a fuller look for your fine or thin hair.


Red Shaggy Bob

red shag haircut for fine hair

Sometimes you don’t want to handle long hair or want to go for a tomboyish look. So, go for a short shaggy bob, keeping front hair short and back long.

Then, go for this layered red bob for a voluminous, bouncy look. It will compliment your overall look and blends well with all sorts of outfits.


Blunt Cut with Razor Bangs

long shag haircut for thin hair

Give an edgy look to your medium-length hair by cutting it into long layers with razor bangs in front.

Golden brown color would give you a natural look, and messing a little with the hair would give it a natural texture. A silver nose ring would make you look cute and rebel as well.


Wispy Bangs

shag haircut with wispy bangs for fine hair

It is a big task to style your hair while going to work. But, first, you must ensure that you look presentable and professional in front of your colleagues.

Wispy blonde layers would give a stunning look to your medium shag haircut as well as texture to your fine hair.


Sassy Feathery Hairstyle 

shag haircut for fine blonde hair

When you want short hair and a beautiful girly look to your thin hair, have a feathery layered haircut. Then, style it into sharp waves with short bangs on your forehead. Golden color would make you look younger than your age.


Short Pink Bob with Curtain Bangs

shag with curtain bangs for fine hair

Curtain bangs are loved by those with wavy hair as it’s easy to manage. Also, a combination of dark hair such as dark brown with light pink looks great on a chubby face.

Here, keep your fringes and root hair in a dark shade, whereas the rest in a light shade. Then, use a wide-teeth comb or your fingers to set your hair, and it’s done. Again, a total swag look for teens.


Feathery Mullet

shaggy mullet for fine hair

In a mullet haircut, you have to keep your hair short on the top and sides and long on the back.

You can choose a mullet shag that would give your fine hair a thick feather-like look. Get a combination of brown and blonde colors to look more stunning.


Multicolor Mullet with Layers

shaggy mullet with highlights for fine hair
Instagram/@ manemisfit

Get your thin hair a mullet haircut with various layers and colors. Keep the longest layer at the sides, on your shoulder, and the shortest on your forehead.

Leaving the middle portion of your hair in black color, get the edges and bottoms of the hair multicolored with a combination of green, purple, yellow, and orange. Then, pair it with a multicolor earring.


Rebellious Burgundy-Pink Curls

short shag haircut for thin hair

If you want a rebellious and dominating look, get your hair colored in vibrant burgundy pink with chocolate brown highlights in random bangs.

To make your hair look volumized, curl it into short waves with the longest bangs just above your shoulder. Keep the shortest bangs just above your eyes styled outwardly from the middle.


Pixie Shag 

short shag for fine hair

When you want to follow the trend of short shag haircuts for your fine locs, you select a cropped haircut. The burnt orange color would give you a young look.

This would be a low-maintenance and effortless hairstyle. Pairing it with small studs in your ear would make you look amazing.


Straight Silver Hair

short blonde shag for fine hair

Go for a pixie bob with blunt bangs for fine, straight hair. Getting a multilayered short haircut can help you too.

Now to add some charm to your look, add highlights. You can get it colored in grey with sky blue at the bottoms. Wearing specs would make you look cuter.


 Edgy Bob with Blonde Highlights

shag haircut for older women with fine hair

You can easily style your thin short hair for a professional and casual look. However, sometimes you find it difficult to maintain long hair.

So you can get your long hair cropped in soft feathery layers with sharp, edgy ends. Platinum blonde color would be an excellent choice for this haircut. Also, broad frame specs would give you an intellectual look.


Shag for Over 60

shag haircut for fine white hair

It becomes difficult to handle long, fine hair. You should get a shag haircut for your white or grey thin hair to keep the longest bang below your neck. It would give your hair a soft and silky look. You can pair it up with small black earrings.


Brunette Layered Haircut

medium shag haircut for fine hair

Cutting your thin hair into shaggy layers would be a creative modern cut. Chocolate color would provide your hair a soft and smooth look with baby bangs falling on the forehead.


All these hairstyles would be like a cherry on the cake for your makeup or non-makeup look. No more worries about how to style your fine hair with these amazing shag haircuts.

Embrace your hair’s natural texture and try these styles to flaunt them flawlessly. Of course, you should always choose a hair color that complements your complexion. So get ready with these hairdos and look fab every time you go out.