How to do a Brazilian Wool Braid? Step by Step Guide

Brazilian wool is black and has soft woolen strands that look a lot like hair. It is a common kind of yarn used to knit and can even be braided into hair to make heavy braided hair. A Brazilian Wool Braid uses this wool and braids it into the hair to give them volume and make them look shinier.

The wool can be used as a hair extension and is very popular among African-origin people. The afro hairstyle, which is a common trend among black people, makes use of these extensions to be added to the hair.

Though they are simple braids to make, due to the trend of making them throughout the volume of the hair, it is very time-consuming to make them. Once made, they are trendy and can be further made into other hairstyles.


What Do You Need to Make Brazilian Wool Braids?

Brazilian Wool Braids


Step-By-Step Procedure to Make Brazilian Wool Braids

Steps to Make a Brazilian Wool Braid

1. Part your hair and take a small section of the hair and divide it into three sub-sections. Clip up the rest of your hair so that it doesn’t interfere with the braids.

2. Now, start with braiding these sub-sections into a normal three-strand braid.

3. After the first knot, take a thin section of the Brazilian wool and fold it in half.

4. Now take the Brazilian wool strand from the point of the bend and place it between the first know of your braided hair.

5. Add this section of wool and continue to braid with it. After another knot, add some more Brazilian wool similarly as done previously.

6. After you have added the sections of Brazilian wool and the braid is to the thickness that you prefer, stop adding the wool extensions and finish the braid.

7. Repeat the above steps throughout your head and go section by section till your whole head is covered with the braids.

8. Now, take boiling hot water and dip the ends of your hair in the water to secure them well and then pat dry with a towel.

9. Use hairspray and dry shampoo to secure the braids and settle down the frizz.

Your Brazilian wool braids are done! Now that they are done, you can choose to tie them up in a ponytail or leave them loose; they look beautiful and make your hair look voluminous at any time!


FAQs on Brazilian Wool Braids

1. How long can you keep Brazilian Wool braids?

These braids take a long time to make and are spread across your hair; thus, they need good maintenance. A good bunch of Brazilian Wool braids can be kept for up to 8 weeks at a stretch.

It is advised not to keep them for longer than that since it deteriorates the quality of hair and also pulls back your hair.


2. How do you maintain Brazilian wool braids?

These braids, once made, are easy and important to maintain. Since they are spread across the head, the scalp could get dry on occasions. It is essential to use dry shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp moisturized and to sleep with a silk or satin cloth on the braids.

Occasionally wet the braids and then pat dry with a towel. You should also periodically dip the ends in boiled water to keep them secured for longer. The better the braids are maintained, the longer they last.


3. What hairstyles can you make with the Brazilian braids?

With the complete volume of your hair tied into these braids, it is easy to make them into different styles. African women are seen styling them up into ponytails or voluminous buns and also going around with loose hair.

While making the braids, one can also add beads or clips to the braids to style them better and be more creative.