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15 Stylish Coton de Tulear Haircuts in 2024

The Coton de Tulear is a small breed of dog known for its fluffy, cotton-like coat. The long curly coat allows you to choose different haircuts for this dog breed.

Selecting the right style can give your Coton a trendy new look while also keeping them comfortable.

Check this article to get some haircut ideas for your Coton de Tulear dog and take a screenshot of the one you like best and show it to your dog groomer.

Best Haircuts and Styles for Coton de Tulear

Here are 15 trendy and practical haircuts perfect for your Coton de Tulear breed dog.

1. Middle Parted Bob

This is a unique funny haircut for your Coton de Tulear dog breed. Split the fur from the center of your dog’s forehead to the nape, brushing the hair to either side to create a middle part.

Once you’ve sectioned the hair on the top and blended both sides with the ear hair, trim each side evenly so that the hair just touches the jawline when the head is held upright.

The rest of the body coat is trimmed to one uniform length, typically around 2 inches. Brush the coat above the nose softly and give it a mustache-like shape.

2. Cute Baby Cut

coton de tulear puppy cut

To give your dog a cute puppy appearance, trim the fur to a medium length. The furs on both ears are fluffed and brushed at a 45-degree downward angle.

Shape the hair on the face, ears, feet, and tail to be full and round, creating that cuddly, fuzzy puppy dog look. Regular brushing is required to maintain this style.

3. Very Long Sides

coton de tulear short top with long sides

This haircut style for the Coton de Tulear involves allowing the fur on the ears to grow out very long and flowing, with the hair on top parted in the middle.

The key differences between the middle-parted bob and this Coton de Tulear haircut are as follows:

  • The top coat is trimmed shorter and is not blended with the sides.
  • The length of the body coat is a bit longer and has a curly texture.

This style will give your pet a cute and calm appearance.

4. Longer on The Face

coton de tulear with teddy bear cut

Want to give your dog a teddy bear like appearance? Keep the coat longer on the face and back brush the forehead.

After brushing, use your fingers to push some fur in different directions. It will create a messy texture.

When grooming the body coat, trim it in one even length keeping the wavy texture intact.

5. Short Hair with Fluffy Tail

coton de tulear with short hair

A simple and low maintenance style where the coat is machine-clipped short all over, following the contours of the body and legs. Keep the fur on the tail thicker and slightly longer to soften the look.

Though this style is very simple, we recommend getting this done by a professional dog groomer because cutting the coat too short can be harmful.

Also, this style is perfect for hot climates. So if winter is approaching don’t choose this haircut for your pet.

6. Mohawk Coton Cut

This cool style features a spiky strip of fur starting at the top of the head. Both sides of the strip are brushed in such a way that the dog’s face resembles a round cotton ball.

The body coat is brushed downward from the root to create a voluminous shape that complements the overall look.

You can also choose to make the mohawk strip wider or more narrow as desired.

7. Pink Highlights

coton de tulear haircut with pink highlights

Dye a random section of your Coton de Tulear dog with a light pink hue. When blended with the white fur, it gives a beautiful contrast.

You can choose to dye lighter pink above one ear as you can see in the picture or give your pet a more noticeable transformation by dyeing bright pink on the ears and lighter pink highlights throughout the body fur.

Dog Groomer’s Tips: Do not apply human dye on dog coats. Food colors are more than enough for dyeing your Coton de Tulear’s white fur.

8. Summer Cut

coton de tulear with summer haircut

Coton owners living in hot climates may choose to give their dogs a short summer haircut. This allows your pet to stay comfortable in summer weather.

Dogs with summer cuts may need light sweaters or coats when going outside on cool days or in an air-conditioned room.

9. Messy Look

coton de tulear with messy hair

Want to give your dog an intentionally messy look that doesn’t compromise the grooming needs and comfort of your pet?

This can be achieved by following the steps given for middle-parted bob but this time you have to keep the sides shorter.

Make the fur on the top tousled with your finger so it sticks out messily but remains soft and flowing.

10. High Ponytail

coton de tulear with ponytail

The length and texture of the Coton de Tulear breed’s fur make it possible to style it into a topknot.

Gather the fur on the center of the top of the head, pull it up, and secure it with a bow or band to create a ponytail.

11. Round Shape

coton de tulear with winter cut

If you are looking for a comfortable winter cut for your dog, keep the coat of the dog longer across its entire body.

This style involves minimal trimming and blending the forehead, cheek, jaw, and ear fur to appear rounded. This cut provides a stylish look with insulation and protection for the dog.

12. Blunt Cut

coton de tulear with blunt cut

Another style involves leaving the fur longer on the ears, allowing it to flow but the head and body coat trimmed shorter. The hair on top of the head is pushed back for styling.

13. Medium Length hair

Give your pet a versatile, mid-length all-over trim, following the body contours. The natural feathering shape of the breed is maintained while avoiding an overly long or short clipped look.

14. Middle Part Hair

coton de tulear with middle part hair

If your Coton de Tulear has black fur mixed with white this haircut can be the best option for him/her.

The fur on the top of the head is precisely parted down the center from the stop to the neck. This allows the hair to sweep attractively to both sides of the face and head.

15. Fluffy Rounded Trim

coton de tulear with fluffy rounded trimmed hair

This style maintains the breed’s cottony soft coat texture. The face is trimmed to a medium length with blended curved edges in a rounded teddy bear shape.

So these are some stylish and practical haircuts for your Coton de Tulear breed pet dog. Choose a haircut minding the climate and finding a length that suits their lifestyle needs.

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