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13 Creative Bearded Collie Haircut Styles

Bearded Collies, with their flowing coats and expressive eyes, are a delight to any dog lover. The long fur of this dog breed provides the opportunity to style them with creative haircuts.

However, it’s important to avoid cutting their fur too short or shaving it, as Bearded Collies have a double coat that serves as protection and insulation.

Keeping this in mind, we have curated a selection of cool hairstyles for your Bearded Collie that are sure to make your pet stand out in the best possible way.

Best Hair Grooming Styles for Bearded Collie

While regularly brushing the coat is sufficient for a Bearded Collie’s grooming needs, slight trims can be beneficial in keeping their coat at a manageable length or for styling purposes.

As these breeds should not be shaved, here are some unique haircut options for your Bearded Collie that don’t require shaving at all:

1. Parted Bob Look

This style involves brushing and then trimming the fur to an even length around the body and providing a round shape on the leg.

To style the face, part the long coat in the middle above the nose, and arrange the long fur on top of the head to the sides. Trim the edges to ensure symmetry, but be careful not to cut too much, maintaining the length and fullness.

However, the style shown in the above picture can obstruct the dog’s view. You can trim the coat that blocks the view for your Collie’s comfort.

2. Warm Weather Cut

Bearded Collie’s long thick coat is more suitable for colder climates. On summer days, you can trim the coat shorter (not shaved) all over the body. This style is easy to maintain and will keep them cool.

3. Bowl Cut

bearded collie with bowl cut

This style features a rounded cut where the fur on the head is trimmed in a circular bowl shape, with the rest of the body fur kept at a moderate length.

4. Puppy Cut

bearded collie with puppy cut

Many Beardie puppies have very soft, dense coats that can easily become matted. Before the adult coat grows in around 9-12 months, a puppy trim can help prevent painful mats.

Ask the groomer for an even 2-3 inch trim over the body using clippers or scissors. Puppies should become accustomed to brushing and bathing during this stage.

5. Long Furr

In this haircut, the dog’s full-length coat is left completely natural, with no trimming or styling.

Let the fur flow long over the body, legs, and head for a shaggy look. However, this style requires extensive brushing for maintenance.

6. Short Ponytail

As Beardie’s coat grows longer on the top, you can easily style your pet with a ponytail.

Keep the fur on the body short, with a slightly longer section at the top of the head tied up in a small ponytail.

7. Pigtails

Similar to the short ponytail, here is a more dramatic hairstyle for your dog but with two longer ponytails positioned symmetrically on either side of the head.

To create this look, gather two sections of longer fur tied with bands on either side of the head above the ears. The rest of the coat is neatly trimmed.

8. Before and After Shor Hair Look

If you want to get some idea about the final look of your Beardie after giving it a short haircut, here is a before and after pic of a shortly-trimmed Beard Collie. It goes from an unkempt, shaggy mess to a neat stylish dog.

9. Middle Parting

bearded collie with middle part hairstyle

For this grooming style, the fur on the head parts neatly down the middle from nose to top of the head in a straight line, creating a nice definition.

10. Teddy Bear Cut

This is a slightly longer version of the puppy cut which gives your dog a plush, teddy bear-like appearance. It’s adorable and practical, especially for active dogs.

11. Spring Haircut

A lightly trimmed haircut for your Bearded Collie, often with playful styling elements, that’s designed to keep the dog comfortable as the weather warms up in spring.

12. Spiky and Messy

This edgy style involves styling the fur in a way that it stands up or looks tousled, giving a fun, spiky, and slightly messy appearance.

Trim the coat into uneven spikes all over the body and head for a “messy on purpose” textured look.

13. Long and Undone

If you prefer a more natural look where the fur is kept long and slightly unkempt, you will love this haircut for your pet.

Just let the coat grow longer without trimming and brush the hair on the head backward to prevent it from blocking the eyes.

How to Groom Bearded Collie

Grooming a Bearded Collie’s coat requires a bit of time and patience, as they have a long, dense double coat that can easily become matted.

The thick coat of a bearded collie requires regular brushing. Use a pin brush and work through the coat layer by layer. This helps to prevent mats and tangles. Brush your Bearded Collie at least a few times a week, or daily during shedding seasons.

Bath your Beardie once a month. The thick fur on their face traps food while eating and gets dirty. So pay special attention when cleaning this area.

After a bath, gently pat the coat with towels to remove excess water. You can use a hairdryer on a low heat setting to dry the coat, but keep the dryer moving.

Although Bearded Collies do not require extensive trimming, it’s important to trim around the feet, hocks, and ears to keep them neat. During grooming, check for any signs of fleas, ticks, or skin issues.

So, choose a grooming style for your Bearded Collie from the list, show it to your dog groomer, and follow the regular grooming tips to keep your pet’s coat neat and healthy.

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