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7 Cool Ways to Style Bulldogs (No Haircut Needed!)

Bulldogs are super popular dog breeds in the USA. However, when it comes to styling their coat, you won’t find many options because it is difficult to create different looks with their short coat.

You’ll see lots of videos on YouTube about shaving or giving bulldogs haircuts. But should you actually give a haircut or shave your bulldog?

We’re going to answer this and give you seven awesome styling ideas for your bulldog that don’t require the use of clippers.

Should You Shave or Trim Your Bulldog?

Bulldogs have naturally short coat and do not require trimming or haircuts under normal circumstances.

Their short fur is already well-suited to their needs. Regular brushing, skin fold care, and occasional bathing are sufficient for grooming French or English bulldogs.

While it is not recommended to trim or shave your bulldog for grooming, in some cases, your vet might recommend trimming or shaving areas of your bulldog’s coat for medical reasons, such as to treat skin conditions and it will take 2-3 months for the coat to grow back to normal after shaving.

Best Bulldog Grooming Styles

As the short and wrinkly coat of bulldog leaves us with fewer styling possibilities we have included some cool bulldog styles with different styling accessories below:

1. Classic Bandana Style

bulldog classic look

This timeless style involves accessorizing your bulldog with a stylish bandana. It’s simple yet fashionable and can be easily customized with various colors and patterns to suit your dog’s personality.

2. Mohawk for French Bulldog

Want to be creative in styling your French Bulldog with straight bat ears? Give it a mohawk look!

This temporary look can be achieved with safe, pet-friendly hair products that add a bit of spunk without the need for cutting or shaving.

Collect the furs that are shed from your dog naturally every day and make a T-shaped wig by attaching the fur with the glue effect of dog gel.

Once you have created the T-shaped wig, attach it to your bulldog’s head (between the ears) with dog gel.

Give it a cool dog collar locket and your dog will instantly look cooler with this haircut.

3. Little Lion Style

bulldog with lion cut

If you need to shave or trim the coat off your dog to treat skin conditions, here is a style that will make your pet look like a lion.

Make your dog wear a lion mane costume with fluffy fur and ears around the neck and it will look like a little lion roaming on the road.

4. Mohawk for English Bulldog

bulldog with floof cut

This one shows another mohawk style for English Bulldog and it can be achieved similarly as we described before for French Bulldog.

The French dog looked so cool in this style because of their straight ears but the English bulldog in this picture with their curved downward ears looks more like a nerdy dog.

5. Short Wig

bulldog with bob cut

This playful style features a bulldog wearing a short wig which is styled into a bob cut with bangs.

The bob cut provides a human-like hairstyle that adds a humorous and distinct touch to the bulldog’s appearance.

6. Curly Wig

bulldog with curly hair

This time the bulldog is styled with a funny curly dog wig costume. It hides the straight bat ears of the French bulldog and the dog looks like a cute little baby with curly hair.

The wig should be of a size that fits comfortably on the bulldog’s head without causing discomfort. This style is particularly striking and is a favorite for special events or themed photoshoots.

7. Natural Look

The Natural Look is all about minimal grooming. Just maintain a clean and healthy coat through regular brushing and bathing.

Minimal styling, such as accessorizing with a bandana, can subtly enhance their look without overshadowing their natural beauty.

So, these are the simple ways to style your bulldog without the need for extensive grooming. Choose a suitable one and enjoy the unique look of your pet.

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Ananya is a passionate writer specializing in dog haircuts and styling. With a keen eye for the latest trends, she provides insightful and practical grooming advice for dog owners.