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9 Cool Pug Haircuts and Styling Ideas

If you’re reading this, you’re probably looking for some haircut ideas for your pug. While the expressive wrinkles and cute figures make them perfect for styling, getting a suitable hairstyle option is often difficult.

However, there are many creative and safe haircuts for pugs that don’t require intensive trimming.

If you are interested in checking out some cute haircut styling options for your pug without damaging the coat, read this article till the end.

Do Pugs Need Haircuts for Grooming?

No, since purebred pugs have a short, smooth double coat, they do not require haircuts in the traditional sense.

However, if you own a cross-breed pug, the grooming needs can vary significantly depending on the traits inherited from the other breed. In such cases, their coats might grow longer and could require occasional trimming to maintain a neat appearance and ensure the dog’s comfort.

Best Pug Haircuts

If you want a haircut for your mixed-breed pug or a slightly trimmed cut for your purebred pug, here are some styling ideas for you:

1. Shortly Trimmed on Body

long on face short on body pug haircut

Here is a neat and low-maintenance cut for your pet. In this haircut, the coat is trimmed short on the body and the fur on the face longer is kept longer.

This is an ideal styling option for active pugs or those living in warmer climates and your pet will be less suceptible to fleas and ticks.

2. Fawn Curly Hair

If you have a cross-breed fawn colored pug with naturally wavy hair, let those curls grow freely. It adds a touch of whimsy to their appearance, making them look like little stuffed dog.

3. Black Pug haircut

This style is about maintaining the natural beauty of black pug’s fur while keeping it clean and manageable. This haircut really makes their expressive eyes and adorable face stand out.

4. Classic Cut

pug natural haircut

The classic pug style is less about cutting and more about daily maintenance. It’s the ideal style for pug owners who love their pet’s natural look. Simply brush your pug’s coat every day to keep it sleek, shiny, and healthy.

5. Longer on Face

pug haircut with beard

If you have a mixed breed dog that is half pug and half shih tzu, you can try this quirky style for making him look like a wise, old philosopher in a cute, compact body.

To get this style, keep the hair short but leave a little extra around the muzzle so it looks like a beard.

6. Longer on Ears

Another haircut for pug + shih tzu mixed breed. This style puts the spotlight on those expressive ears, leaving the fur longer to flutter and flow. Your pet will look like it’s wearing double ponytail.

7. Mohawk on Top

For the mixed pug breed with less wrinkles on face, you can try the mohawk for dog!

Trim the body coat to a shorter length. Brush the fur on the middle of the head in upward direction to lift it up.

8. Closely Shaved

This haircut is a closely shaved summer style for your purebred pet pug. However, before opting for this haircut, there are a few things to consider.

Some dog groomers do shave pugs, but there are risks associated with shaving a pug, which is why many groomers advise against it. We will discuss the reasons for and against shaving later.

If you decide to go ahead with this haircut for your pug, it should be done by a professional groomer who is knowledgeable about pugs.

9. Funny Dog Wig

pug with wig

Wigs like clown afros, long glistening locks, or other outrageous human hairstyles like the one in this pic contrast hilariously with a pug’s squished face.

Just ensure the wig is properly fitted and anchored so as not to obstruct breathing or vision.

Should You Shave Your Pug?

Though there is some debate among dog groomers regarding shaving a pug, we generally recommend not to shave your pug’s coat to be on the safer side.

However, we will discuss both side of the arguments.

Reasons to Not Shave Your Pug:

  • A pug’s fur acts as a natural insulator against both heat and cold. Removing this layer of protection can make them more susceptible to temperature extremes. Experts like Kathy Salzberg, a Certified Master Groomer, emphasize the importance of this double coat in protecting pugs from environmental conditions.
  • Shaving a pug might create a false sense of security regarding their ability to handle heat. These dogs are still prone to overheating and sunstroke, and a lack of fur increases their risk of sunburn. This misconception can lead to potentially dangerous situations for the pug.
  • The cooling advantage of shaving a pug is marginal at best, considering their already short hair. The risks, including sunburn and increased vulnerability to insect bites, outweigh any perceived cooling benefits. This is especially true for fawn pugs who are more susceptible to sunburn.
  • Some pug owners might shave their pets hoping to reduce shedding. However, this doesn’t effectively address the issue. Pugs will continue to shed, but the hairs will be shorter. Moreover, there’s a risk that the fur might grow back thicker or not properly at all, which can lead to further complications.

Arguments in Favor of Shaving Your Pug:

  • The primary argument for shaving a pug is the belief that it helps keep them cooler in hot weather. This perspective is based on the assumption that less fur equals less heat retention.
  • In certain specific cases, such as severe skin diseases or extreme matting that cannot be resolved through regular grooming, a veterinarian might recommend shaving as part of a medical treatment.
  • For owners with allergies to dog fur, shaving their pug might be seen as a way to reduce allergic reactions by minimizing the amount of fur shed around the home.
  • Many dog owners have shaved their pug’s coat and observed that it grew back without any noticeable adverse effects on texture or density. However, there are also cases where the outcome was not as favorable. In some instances, the fur grew back unevenly, changed in texture, or became patchy.

So, considering the risks, the safest decision is not to shave your pug. Instead, opt for regular brushing and possibly a light trim if needed.

If you still choose to go ahead with shaving, first try it on a small area of the pug’s skin and observe how the fur grows back. If the fur grows back normally choose a professional groomer experienced with pug for shaving more extensively.

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