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13 Unique Newfoundland Dog Haircut Ideas for Grooming

Newfoundland dogs, affectionately known as “Newfies,” are renowned for their giant-like appearance.

While these gentle giants require relatively little grooming compared to other long-haired breeds, many Newfoundland pet owners seek new haircuts to make them look unique or to adapt to weather conditions, especially in summer.

In this article, we will provide you with grooming tips and a variety of haircut styles for your Newfoundland breed pet dog.

Can I Cut a Newfoundland Dog’s Coat?

It is generally safe to trim a Newfoundland dog’s coat, but you should not shave it completely.

Newfoundland dogs have a double coat that consists of a softer undercoat and a coarser outer coat.

The double coat protects against various weather conditions, so it’s important not to shave it off completely as this could expose them to temperature extremes or sunburn.

Best Haircut Styles for Newfoundland

You can choose a haircut for your Newfoundland pet dog based on weather conditions or purely for aesthetic appearance.

We have also included some styles for mixed Newfoundland breeds that include shaving. But you must consult with a vet before choosing any cut that requires shaving the coat or trimming too short.

Here are some grooming styles to consider for your gentle giant:

1. Evenly Trimmed

This style involves carefully trimming the Newfoundland’s thick coat to a uniform length.

If you live in warmer places, this length will help to keep your gentle giant cool and comfortable.

2. Lion Cut

newfoundland with lion cut

Here is a unique style that’ll make your Newfoundland dog look like a lion!

To give this look, shave the body coat of your mixed breed Newfie from the middle to the tail. Trim the coat around the neck and head short leaving the ear fur longer.

Caution: Shaving a Newfie can damage its coat. Take your pet to a professional dog groomer to get this cut.

3. Parted on Top

If you want to give your giant Newfie a cuter look without cutting its coat short, this haircut will be an ideal option.

Part the fur on the top with a distinct middle parting line. Brush the fur on both sides of the parting so it covers the entire sides.

4. Brown Newfoundland Haircut

brown newfoundland haircut

A brown Newfoundland looks excellent with a longer coat and this style will preserve the classic look of this breed.

Trim the fur around the face, front side of the feet, and base of the tail shorter. Keep the neck and tail hair longer and brush it towards the back. Finally trim the paw, back of each leg, and body fur to medium-length.

5. Summer Cut

The summer cut is about keeping the coat to a medium length. While it’s not necessary to give your Newfoundland a summer cut, it ensures your Newfoundland can enjoy outdoor activities without overheating and maintain a neat appearance.

Newfoundland’s double coat protects it from sunburn in summer. So don’t make the mistake of cutting the coat too short. Just trim it to a comfortable length in summer for grooming.

6. Helmet Cut

Want to make your pet look like it’s wearing a half-face bike helmet made with fur?

Cut the body hair to an even length and the hair on the head and ear to a slightly longer length.

Use a blow dryer and brush to spike the fur on the head upward and fur on the sides and ear downward. The spiky furs will create a helmet-like appearance on the top.

7. Low-Maintenance Cut

newfoundland puppy haircut

The simple lower-maintenance style keeps things short but sweet. Trim the coat short all over except the sides of your dog’s head. Give the edges of the sides a blunt cut.

8. Furry Black Hair

black newfoundland haircut

Let your black Newfie go fabulous with long and wild spiky black hair that creates a shape like porcupine quills. You can also use a butterfly clip on the top for styling.

Their naturally straighter coat will complement this style and make everyone look twice! You just be sure to brush it well.

9. Medium-Length Cut

This cut keeps the hair at a manageable medium length on the body. The top is trimmed shorter and brushed outward. The side of the head is left thicker and brushed in a downward direction.

10. Shiny Curtain Bang

newfoundland with middle part hairstyle

How about trying a curtain bang hairstyle for your big Newfoundland? In this haircut, the fur on the head is kept longer and parted to fall like curtain bangs.

The hair around the neck is also kept longer and fluffy and the shiny coat on the body and leg is trimmed to a shorter length.

11. Easter Bunny Cut

newfoundland with easter bunny cut

This playful style involves creative trimming to give your Newfoundland a bunny-like appearance. It’s a fun way to celebrate Easter, complete with fluffy tails and perky ears.

12. Fuzzy Neck Hair

newfoundland hair

Let your Newf shine with lavishly long hair in the long fuzzy hair on the collar! Let those thick black or brown locks grow long and brush them daily.

13. Messy Look

For those who love the rugged look, this style is ideal. The coat is allowed to grow with minimal interference, resulting in a wild appearance.

After the coat is long enough, brush the head in multiple directions to make the coat look more messy and your Newfoundland will look like a big, scary giant.

Tips for Grooming a Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland is a low-maintenance dog. Getting a haircut for your Nefie is not necessary but you should visit a dog groomer at least 2-3 times a year to keep your dog comfortable.

Newfoundland dogs have a double coat that sheds moderately. All that excess shedding can lead to mats and tangles

Brush them at least 2-3 times a week, more often during shedding seasons like fall and spring to control loose hairs.

Here are some tips for grooming a Newfoundland dog:

  • Brush them thoroughly at least once a week. Newfies have a thick double coat that can easily get matted. Use a slicker brush and undercoat rake to remove loose hair and prevent tangles.
  • Trim the fur between their paw pads if it gets overgrown so debris doesn’t get trapped. Be very careful not to cut the skin when trimming.
  • Clean inside and around their ears every week. Newfoundlands have floppy ears that block air flow and allow moisture to build up. Use a cotton ball and dog ear cleaner to gently wipe out excess wax and debris.
  • Brush their teeth 2-3 times a week using dog toothpaste and toothbrush. This prevents tartar buildup and fights bad doggie breath.
  • Trim their nails as needed, usually every 2-3 weeks. Use proper nail clippers made for large dogs and don’t cut too far back to avoid hitting the quick.
  • Bathe them every 6-8 weeks using a mild dog shampoo. Over-bathing strips their protective coat oils.
  • Trim the sharp nail tips every 2-3 weeks to avoid injury or discomfort from overly long nails.

So, choose a haircut for your Newfoundland dog breed pet and follow the grooming tips to keep your Newfoundland dog looking beautiful and feeling comfy!

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