30 Straight Hairstyles to Look Fabulous

Natural straight hair is beautiful. Most straight hair are healthy and smooth because natural oils easily spread on your entire head. The smooth texture of straight hair makes it easy to try out different styles. You can easily enhance the looks of straight hairstyles by adding layers, subtle texture updo looks and side bangs. Straight hairstyles look good on women with either medium sized or long hair. Straight hair is prone to damage. As a result, it should be well maintained. Consider using shampoo when washing your hair. Shampoos are rich in nutrients. These nutrients are needed for proper growth of hair. They will also give your straight hair a glamorous look. Click To Read More

20 Beautiful Passion Twists Braids Hairstyles

Ladies have made the hairstyle clear; they will keep experimenting with new hairstyles. Straights are no longer their style; they have focused on passion twists braids. Making this style is time-consuming, and one needs to prepare her hair well before starting the process. The best part of this style is, the hairstyle remains for a long period. You can maintain the hairstyle for a week or so. There are many self-help video‚Äôs available online to guide you about the hairstyle’s basics. Click To Read More

30 Trendy Wavy Hairstyles to Look Gorgeous

Fashion for some is all about sporting good clothes while for some, it is all about being comfortable. Clothes and their deigns and recent cuts matter a lot when it comes to sporting a style that is much in vogue and is a trend. However, a major part of fashion holds for an excellent stylish and trendy hair that has the power to change the look and provide a new dimension to the entire appearance. Thus if the hairstyle suits you and is an attractive one then half the battle is won. Click To Read More

30 Different Braids for Long Hair to Get an Elegant Look

Braided hairstyles are undoubtedly a sure way of getting that charming and classy look. Braids themselves are synonymous with elegance and the culmination of vintage and modern style. And braids on long hair are just enough to pomp up your look altogether. The curvy and twisty flow of the hair mixed with various styles and patterns are perfect for women with long hair. Here are 30 gorgeous Braids for Long Hair that are designed to give you a modern as well as classy touch. Click To Read More

Top 20 Knotless Box Braids Hairstyles

There are plenty of hairstyles in the world of fashion, and no one style has the same look. However, Knotless Box Braids have become a great substitute hairstyle. Knotless Box Braids are quite well known African American styling choices that are known as protective styles. Knotless Box braid has a very creative look. If you do not have time to deal with your natural hair and the daily time invested in tying up and untying bothers you then this style is something that will definitely be your savior. Click To Read More

Voguish Hair Cutting Styles for Men with Haircut Names

Every person is unique in some or the other way in the whole complex of his physical and spiritual peculiarities, but at the same point of time, he embodies the essence of the race and also specific features of his class to make the inner attractive himself to be visible to the world. Some people would argue that fit of your clothing or your footwear is the first thing people pay attention to, but actually, it is the Hair Cutting Styles that wields its own measure of power as a focal point. Most of the men choose to douse their hair in oil and slick them to the side in a misguided attempt to look clean and handsome; many choose to express their personalities through their Hair Cutting Styles. Click To Read More

25 Honey Hair Colors to Change Your Look

Hair colors not only to cover your white hair but also for styling purpose as well. Majority of women get a different hair color that improves their spirits and makes their hair look gorgeous. Nevertheless, the color taken should be well researched about. We have all encountered the bad hair day thing, but making a hair color mistake is something to live with for an extended period that is both torturing and depressing. Bad hair day may pass but choices which make your hair bad like dyeing your hair with another color like silver blonde just because your favorite actress has dyed theirs, then it may harm your appearance. Click To Read More

13 Formal Occasion Hairstyles with How to do Steps

Formal occasions are literally unavoidable. There are specific hairstyles specifically designed for formal occasions that pop your way. Formal occasion hairstyles are purposely designed for different events. This saves you from the hustle of attaining one hairstyle after the other. All hairstyles on this list require people to at least medium length hair. There are different types of formal occasion hairstyles. They range from chignon bun, hair roll, French twist hair, chignon hairstyle, knotted ponytail and basic hair bow, among others. These hairstyles have different requirements. Check out the requirements before trying any hairstyle. Click To Read More