27 Victoria Beckham Hairstyles World Looks up for Inspiration

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Victoria Beckham is a name in the fashion business that needs no introduction. The woman’s haircuts have always been a style craze from the times she came on to the spotlight as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls. She hit the spotlight in the Nineties as a Spice Girl, wedded the famous footballer David Beckham and propelled her design name that same decade going with each profession and picture change with a time characterizing haircut duplicated the world over.

From her poker-straight bounce to highlighted haircuts and more, Victoria Beckham Hairstyles have made fashion history. With time characterizing styles and look, one thing is for certain that there is no stopping Victoria Beckham and her stylish appearances. She is a style icon the world looks up to for inspiration. The following are a few of her hairstyles that have earned the most popularity among her devoted fans all over the world.

Tousled Shoulder Length Hair + Deep Brown Hair Color

This hairstyle is a nice deviation from her usual style where she like to keep the hair on one side of the shoulder. The cut and the color are both very natural and easy to carry off. The length reaches just below her shoulders. There is a parting made in the middle. The ends of the hair have been made tousled to complete the look. She has gone for deep brown hair color.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Swept Updo Hairstyle

It is one of the signature looks of the fashion icon. This is again one of those looks that is effortless and easy to try out. You will need to have poker straight hair like she has to go for this look. Brush your hair well and leave the fringes in front to frame your face. Make a small parting on one side. Pull up all of your hair into a bun.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Messy and Tousled Side Swept Medium Hair

When Posh Spice does the bedhead look, you just keep staring at how amazing she looks. The bedhead look has never been out of fashion and she pulls off the look brilliantly. You can try this hairstyle too. Just put in plenty of hair gel all along the strands. Now use your fingers to scrunch up the hair. Scrunch it as much as you can to make it look messy and tousled.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Wavy Bob Hairstyle + Chestnut Brown Hair Color

The tousled bob like this one looks very stylish and sexy. The curly and wavy edgy bangs bring a voluminous appearance to this short bob. The long ombre tinted bob yet again provides a very fashionable and perky style to the bob. The hair looks so stunningly beautiful that it is hard to take your eyes off it. The color of the hair has been kept a warm chestnut brown which looks shiny.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Swept Medium Hair with End Curls

Go for this hairstyle if you want to add more volume to your hair. The lack of volume in your hair will not be so apparent when you try out this look. The front portion of the hair needs to be straightened up and then tucked behind the ears. Use your flat iron to curl up the ends of the hair and then mess up the hair with your fingers.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Puffed Updo Hairstyle + Natural Brown Color

Show up your striking forehead using this amazing hairstyle. The style is not as difficult to pull off as it looks. However, you must have really straight hair to give this look a go. Begin by blow drying your hair and pulling it backward. Puff up your hair on the top and leave a few locks loose here and there. Even the puffed up top portion need to be too neat.

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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Swept Long Bob + Deep Brown and Light Blonde Hair Color

No one does the Long bob or Lob as well as Mrs. Beckham. She sure knows how to jazz up a simple lob to make it look wonderful. The hair color here has touches of ombre as the color graduates from deep black to deep brown and light blonde. Get the hair cut in asymmetrical lob and curl up the ends of your hair. Make the curls messy and you are done for the day.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Top Knot Updo Hairstyle

This hairstyle is perfect for the formal and semi-formal settings. It looks stylish but does not have too much of hassle involved in it. The first thing you will have to do for this one is add texture to your hair by back combing the inner portions. Then, pull the hair together again in a high bun. Pull out a few loose strands to fall on your face nicely. Spritz on some hair spray.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Simple Inverted Bob

The simple inverted bob is extremely attractive and stylish. The hairdo is basic with a voluminous bulge behind the hair instead of the usual layers. The brunette color given to the hair heightens the simplicity of the hairstyle and it also gives the inverted bob an understated but cool appeal. When a hairstyle looks this amazing, you need not much add on in the form of any funky hair colors.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Hairstyle + Sun Kissed Blonde Hair Color

This stylish bob has long bangs on one of the sides along with nicely done layers behind the hair. The edgy shades and along with the bob make for a really sophisticated fashion statement. She has chosen a sun kissed blonde hair color for this look. Tuck one side of the hair behind the ears and keep the other side to frame the face. This is a variation of the typical inverted bob.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Gelled Updo with Messy Bun

The gelled up-do tried by Victoria Beckham has a very glamorous essence to it. This hairdo has a suave and sleek subtlety to it. The bun endings that look almost like spikes give her a super stylish look. The style looks really unique and very classy. Gel your hair well and then use a really fine-toothed comb to pull it high up together. At the top make an out and out messy bun.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Swept Choppy Haircut

The thing about the bobs tried out by her is that they all look so remarkably different from one another. This is one more of her really popular bobs that have captured the heart of millions of the fans. There is a gradual fringe in the front along with layers cut in the straight bob to bring out the gorgeous look.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Asymmetrical Messy Hairstyle

There is nothing not to love about this fabulous hairstyle. She has made the really short bob appear chic and voluminous by bring in some small style changes. Firstly, the hair has been curled just at the ends to bring in a naturally voluminous look. There is no prominent parting on the hair and the asymmetrical cut makes the hair look absolutely attractive. The front of the hair is kept the longest to make it look like a bang.

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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Loose Ponytail + Brown Blonde Hair Color

If you are opting for the excellent hairstyle, then this would be one of the ideal styles for you. To create this hairstyle, you need to pull the entire hair back and create a beautiful and loose ponytail in the back. The hairstyle will look absolutely stunning on you. The straight brown blonde hair is perfect for this hairstyle. This suits almost every face type like round face; square and oval face as well.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Straight Brown Blonde Bob

If you have an obsession on trying different unique hairstyles, then you can also try this one. In this straight brown blonde hair, you can easily make a hairdo, which will look stunning on you. To crate this style, you have to make a middle parting and then keep the front strands at both the side. And make a beautiful hairdo at the end. The hairstyle is quite amazing to every face shape.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

White Blonde Bob Haircut

In recent times, bob cut is one of the trendy and wonderful styles, which makes you stand out amongst the crowd. In your white blonde hair, you have to make it straight and a middle parting as well. The bob cut gives you a sharp, edgy and prominent look. The hairstyle is suitable for oval face. You can try the style at any party, event or corporate meeting, because of the elegant and sober look.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Lower Ponytail Hairstyle + Dark Brown Hair Color

In order to look sharp and smart, you can try a lower ponytail like this. This is one of the striking hairstyles, which give you a ravishing look. First, you need to make a middle parting and then pull the strands in the back and make a tight power ponytail. If you have straight blonde hair, this is one of the perfect hairstyles that will look best on you. This looks great on oval face.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Part Bob Haircut

The short length hair on the scalp can provide you a stunning look when arranged and cut in the best manner. The straight hair in bob cut style up to your shoulder can give you the best appearance. The brown color on your hair can give you a smart and young appearance. You need to part your hair from a side to get this style. The layers of the hair strands can give you a cool look.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Lower Ponytail Dark Blonde Hair

In order to create this particular hairstyle, you need to get a messy look. Make a middle parting in your dark blonde hair and in this case, your hair should be crunched up. Make a lower ponytail and give a sharp look as well. The hairstyle is one of the trendiest and beautiful styles, which have become hype nowadays. You can try this style at any marriage function, party or any corporate event.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Swept Medium Length Hair

Amongst the medium hairstyles, this is one of the excellent hairstyles, which have become quite popular. Make a middle parting in your dark brown hair and then keep it straight. There are quite a few types of hairstyles tried by the celebrities but you can try this exclusive one to look different. In this style, you need to keep the hair strands long in one side and short on other side.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Parting Messy Ponytail

Apart from other hairstyles, braids are one of the beautiful hairstyles. So, to create this hairstyle, you need to make a side parting and then make a three strand braid at one side. The blonde highlighted hair strands with naturally straight hair texture can give you the best look in this style. You can try it any party, function or even marriage ceremony as well. This suits the oval face.

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Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Loose fishtail Hairstyle

Braids are the beautiful and very easy to carry hairstyles. You need to make a little voluminous puff in the front section and make a lower three strand braids in your hair. It gives you a cute yet elegant look too. You can try this hairstyle at any party, event or even corporate office meeting too. Anyone can try this hairstyle at anywhere at any time and this is the simplest hairstyle to make.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Choppy Messy Short Haircut

If your hair is little messy then you can cut your hair up to your shoulder. You need to part your hair from middle in this style. The specialty of this cut is that you need to keep the edges of the hair strands sharp in this style. The multiple layers of the hair in this style can give you a messy and prominent appearance. This can give you a round shape face as well.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Straight Loose Wavy Hairstyle

The thick and straight hair should cut and arranged in multiple layers can give you a straight as well as smart appearance. The blonde straight hair on the scalp and uneven layers of the hair strands can make your appearance remarkable in this style. The sharp edges of the hair can give you a perfect look as well. Girl with round face and oval face can try this hairstyle.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Fringe Layered Long Hair

If you want to get a round shape face, then you can go for this cute and smart appearance. The front fringes on your forehead and long length cut hair can provide you a young look. You need to part the hair from a side. The side ward comb of the layers can give you an additional charm in this style. The edges should be prominent and sharp in this style. Create a stunning look by trying this hairstyle and stand apart from others.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Side Swept Blonde Hairstyle

If you are opting for the excellent hairstyles, then this is one of the great hairstyles that look best on you. To create this exacting hairstyle you have to do a middle parting and this will offer you a little bit of messy look, which suits the round face. Women with the oval faces can easily go for this look. In this hairstyle, you will get a little messy and uneven look. This is absolutely suitable to the creamy white and blonde hairstyle and if you have hair like this, then you can surely go for the style.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Sassy White Blonde Bob Haircut

If you are opting for the smart and sassy look, you cannot miss this hairstyle to try this summer. If you have a round face, this beautiful straight bob cut will look extraordinary on you. The hairstyle gives you a prominent, edgy and absolutely sharp look. The hairstyle helps you to look the best on your wedding or any day. Also this hairstyle is absolutely suitable to any face shape too.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles are quite trendy and fashionable for each and every one of you women! So, grab the latest trend and style by trying these hairstyles to stand apart from others.

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