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How to Get White Hair Naturally to Make Your Look Ultra Trendy

If you want to know how to get white hair naturally, then you’re in the right place. It’s a highly desirable hair color that’s currently trendier than ever. Unfortunately, it’s not always the easiest hair color to get.

However, this isn’t always something people want to do. Bleach can damage your hair in the long run, so maintaining your hair can become a hair-damaging chore. Luckily, this article aims to prove that you can develop white hair naturally— if you already have the right kind of hair for it.


Can You Get White Hair Naturally If Your Hair Is Light or Dark?

method to get white hair naturally

You can’t get white hair naturally if your hair is dark. You’ll need to bleach your hair. It’s usually best to go to a hairstylist for this, though, as at-home bleach can be very damaging. 

It’s more damaging than getting your hair done professionally, as the bleach is usually strong enough to lighten dark hair in a single session. However, it’s best to lighten your hair gradually across several sessions to avoid damage.

In fact, dark hair has been known to melt and burn off if incorrectly lightened, so always consult a professional if you’re changing your hair from a brown, black, or red shade into a white one. And the lighter your hair is, the easier it will be to get white hair. Some darker shades of blonde will still require bleaching to remove all the pigment from the strands.


Steps to Getting White Hair Naturally

There are three ways you can get white hair without using bleach. These methods work if you have very light blonde hair.

Use Lemon Juice

using lemon juice to get white hair naturally

Lemon juice is very natural, so it won’t damage your hair. Just make sure you don’t do this method if you have any open wounds on or near your scalp because that will sting and irritate your wounds further.

Mix your lemon juice with an equal amount of water. The water can be warm or cold. Do what makes you most comfortable, because you’re going to need to spray this all over your hair, from root to tip.

It’s best to part your hair into little sections to ensure each one is fully covered. Now all you have to do is go and sit in the sun for about 20 minutes, making sure your hair is exposed to the UV rays. Don’t forget to cover your skin in sunscreen.

Now you can wash your hair. If your hair was very, very light, then you may already have white hair from doing this method. If not, then your hair should be light enough to be covered by a white dye.


Use Purple Shampoo

using purple shampoo to get white hair naturally

Purple shampoo is made for lightening hair. You’ll need to cover all of your hair with it, so section your hair into little strands and make sure it’s all covered.

Once your hair is fully covered, brush your hair with a thick-toothed comb or brush. This will help evenly distribute the shampoo through your hair. Leave this shampoo in for about 30 minutes before you rinse it out.

You don’t need to dye your hair after using purple shampoo. You can check white hair color ideas on hairstylecamp.

It’s designed to lighten your hair and help maintain light hair every time you use it, so do this routine regularly and you should be able to keep your hair nice and white.


Use Color Spray

using color spray to get white hair naturally

Unfortunately, the color spray isn’t a permanent solution, but it’s a great way to harmlessly get your hair white for a party or another event that you want to go to. It’s simple to apply this spray. Section off the hair, shake the bottle of color spray, and spray each section on both sides from a few inches away.

Once all your hair is covered, then nobody will be able to tell you’ve used the color spray. Let the spray dry in, and you can wash it out whenever you’re finished displaying your fantastic white hair.


How to Get White Hair at Home

Were the DIY and temporary solutions not good enough for you? Alright, let’s look at how you can dye your hair white at home, without enlisting the help of a professional.


tools to get white hair naturally

You’ll need to get your ingredients from a real beauty supply store. Go to the types of stores where the real hairstylists purchase their products including

  • A tub of bleach powder, 
  • Cream developer in a light color 
  • Toner (violet, ash-based toner is best if your bleached hair is very golden)
  • The red-gold color corrector.

Always make sure to get two of everything if your hair is waist-length or longer. It’s also a good call to pick up some toning shampoo and conditioner, especially ones made for treating hair that’s been bleached.

Lastly, you’ll need the tools to dye your hair such as a mixing bowl or two, a brush, and gloves. 


Mix Your Bleach and Developer 

mixing bleach and developer to get white hair naturally

Once you have your gear, do a few tests to ensure the products won’t damage your hair or cause an allergic reaction. Make a small amount of the bleach mixture and tap it behind your ear. Wash this after 30 minutes, then avoid getting it wet for two days.

You can do a strand test where you bleach a very small section of your hair to see how it reacts. Keep an eye on the strand as it lightens, and check how long it takes for the straight to lighten as much as it can.

Once you’ve figured out what volume developer works best for your hair and how long bleaching will take, you can bleach your whole head.

Use the same amount of bleach powder and developer. When you have your mixture measured out you can mix it up until it’s thick. Then you can add your red gold corrector, following the instructions on the product you bought. Mix that all together, and now your mixture is ready to use.


Apply Your Mixture

applying the mixture to get white hair naturally

You’ll want your hair to be dry and clean, but don’t apply it to freshly washed hair. Your hair should have been washed about a day before you want to apply your bleach.

Every part of your hair needs to be covered. Once the mixture is applied, check it’s even, then wraps your head up in cling wrap. Don’t make this wrap too tight, as you’ll need to be able to pull out strands every 10–15 minutes to check on how much your hair is lightening.

And never, ever leave the bleach on for more than 50 minutes. If your hair isn’t light enough in 50 minutes, then you’ll need to do another bleaching session in a few weeks. Once you reach 50 minutes or you have your desired color, wash the bleach out.


Tone Your Hair

toning hair to get white hair naturally

Toning your hair is a lot like applying bleach. Mix up your toner as per the instructions, which will usually be one part toner and two parts developer. Some toners are pre-mixed.

Now you can apply this to your hair while it’s still damp. Go in small sections from front to back, and get help if needed. Now you can cover your hair with a shower cap and check on your toner every 10 minutes until it’s reached the right color. Once your hair is the right color you can wash off the toner, and wait for your hair to dry naturally.


And now all you have to do is care for your white hair. Use products made for bleached hair, and avoid using heat like straightens, curlers, and blowdryers on your hair. Make sure you deep-condition your hair weekly, too.

Now you know how to get white hair naturally, or at home using bleach and toner in the traditional way. Hopefully, this article helped you! And if you find the process overwhelming, always know that you’ll be safe in the hands of a hairstylist if you choose to visit one. Good luck!

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