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30 Short Hairstyles For Wedding That Will Suits Your Personality

Is your wedding date knocking at the door and you have no clue how to style the hair? Relax! The perfect short wedding hairstyle must suit your entire personality and individuality.

Retro curls, pieced short do, vintage 1940s waves, bob with side bangs, side bangs with veils or headband, short cut with a long veil, short feathered do, side-parted bob, short style with a long veil and others are some of the short wedding hairstyle types.

There are several Short Hairstyles for Wedding is available and choosing one according to the face shape is very important.

You can also take help from various hairstyle guidelines to look your best on your wedding day and that is why you have to know a fact that which hairstyle suits your personality.

If you want to go a little unique, you can also add several hair accessories on your hair, or else you can color your hair in a funky way.


Pixie Hairstyle with Headband

All of the women out there want to look absolutely gorgeous and stunning on their wedding day and that is why they opt for the finest and exclusive haircut.

This is one of the exciting hairstyles that you can try if you have short and blonde hairstyles. You have to make your hair fall on your forehead by combing it properly and adding a beautiful hairband to get the Pixie Hairstyle with Headband.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Curly Updo for Short Hair

If you are styling your hair for the wedding, you have to make it stylish, fashionable and exclusive. There may be nothing more fabulous than a woman with a classy hairstyle who has stray strands striking down her face.

This is an immense example for a bride and an easy-to-make casually short wedding hairstyle. Just try it and rock your fantastic look.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Side Bangs with Flower Crown

If you are going for the absolute diva look, you seriously want to have long locks. All you have to do is just focus on making your style softer.

Make some soft, smooth and easy curly waves on your bob and then add a flower to your Side Bangs Short Hair with Flower Crown. It will look absolutely stunning on you.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Short Bob with Flower Crown

If you have short and blonde hair, you must go for an exclusive haircut for your wedding. Pinup one side with a chunky ornamental clip or add a finer headband to create Short Bob Hairstyle with Flower Crown.

You have to add some extra texture to your hair easily. Maybe weave through a headband through your hair, clipping it under the top layer of the wave so it’s unseen.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Each and every girl feels quite feminine as well as attractive by wearing this stunning hairstyle. For this specific style, you require applying light styling mousse to your damp tresses and blow dries them along with the lift at the roots to boost their volume.

Slightly backcomb your bangs and then pin them back. Shape the hairstyle and fix it with bobby pins of the matching shade.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Side Comb Short Hair

A cute white decorating pin can be a key if you need to make a fabulous short wedding hairstyle. Any bob, pixie hairstyle will look stunning if you add a big white rose to it.

Basically, try to side comb your hair in a side part to make a Side Comb Short Hairstyle. This specific style will look gorgeous on you.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Vintage Curly Wedding Hairstyle

These lightly curled short tresses have classic-inspired traditional charisma. You can easily use hair spray for abundance to just set this timeless pin-up curly hairstyle.

Try to half curl your side hair to get the Vintage Curly Wedding Hairstyle. It will offer a bold and absolutely beautiful look at your wedding as well. The one specific hairstyle can give you a perfect retro bride look.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Braided Bangs for Short Hair

If you are actually planning to make braided hairstyles for special occasions, you must try this one. This Braided Bangs Short Hairstyle would be an entirely perfect and unique hairdo that stands out from others for definite.

You will look gorgeous and stunning sporting this specific look. Try to make a one-side braid and then leave a messy look by falling strands.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Blonde Bob with Braid

Your entire wedding day look is actually depending on your wedding dress and wedding hairstyle so this should be very accurate that we all know.

This lovely Blonde Bob Hairstyle with Braid is only the perfect option for you to choose and make that day. You have to make a backside smooth braid and set the rest of your hair by combing up straight.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Short Comb Over 

When you want to set your hair in a really good way on your wedding day, you must try something exclusive and excellent. But women with short hair sometimes stay in confusion that what to try and what not.

But you can easily try this hairstyle to look absolutely extraordinary. Try to comb your hair smooth and soft to create a Comb over Short Hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Layered Side Fringe 

Updos for short hair are not very common these days. This is also because it looks classy and beautiful. Try it for your next gorgeous look.

Make a side parting and then add a gorgeous flower at the side of your hair to create a Side Fringe Layered Short Hairstyle. This hairstyle is absolutely amazing and makes you look gorgeous on your wedding day as well.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Swept Back Wavy Hairstyle

If you have short wavy hair, you can try this one on your wedding day. This is one of the eye-catching and dramatic hairstyles that look beautiful.

You have to comb back your hair to get the Swept Back Wavy Short Hairstyle. Trying this look on your wedding day surely provides a bold and funky look and adds extra charm to your personality.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Side Swept Layered Hair

Each and every woman out there wants to look gorgeous on their wedding day and that is why they research a lot with their look and hairstyle.

So, if you have short hair, you can easily go for this Side Swept Layered Short Hairstyle. You have to make a side parting and then add some cute waves at the end of your hair. It will look bold and beautiful on you.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Brown Pixie with Veil

Pixie cut is one of the trendiest and buzzing hairstyles that a number of women try. So, how about experimenting with this pixie cut on your wedding day?

Well, it will look entire ravishing and along with that, it will add some extra charm to your personality. Leave a messy and little uneven look by combing your hair and then add a beautiful bridal hair accessory on the side of your hair.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Two-Toned Short Hairstyle with Crown

Don’t make it harder by selecting a complex wedding hairstyle. If you have blonde short hair, you must go for the Two-Toned Short Hairstyle with Crown.

You have to make a middle part and then comb your hair in a smooth and soft way and finally add a beautiful floral crown in the center of your hair. It will look absolutely eye-catching and dramatic.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Short Updo for Wedding

This easy and simple laid-back haircut along with the spirit of glamour is recently in the mainstream. This marvelous Updo Short Hairstyle for Weddings will completely rock your wedding look.

You can also add some shinny hairpiece to your wavy short wedding hair. This specific hairstyle is absolutely amazing and will look gorgeous on you too. You have to make a side braid and then wrap it neatly to create the hairstyle.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Long Bob for Wedding

If you have short and blonde hair, trying something unique is important. So, to look absolutely gorgeous and ravishing on your wedding day, try this Long Bob Hairstyle for Wedding.

Make a middle part and then add some hair gel to fall the strands over the ears. Try to add little waves to your hair. This hairstyle is absolutely perfect for those, who have a round face.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Pixie Cut 

Pixie is the new trend in the world of hair fashion. Women look extremely chic and glamorous wearing this look.

If you want to have style, you must know that you can carry this look anywhere like party, office meeting, and any types of gathering or on any occasion. But trying Pixie Cut Fringe Short Hairstyle along with a veil would be absolutely ravishing for you.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Pink Pixie with Flower Crown

Women with pink short hair can surely try Pink Pixie Cut with Flower Crown on their wedding day. To create this hairstyle, they have to set their hair on the forehead and then add a beautiful floral crown on the middle section of their hair.

This unique and funky hairstyle will look absolutely gorgeous on you and then add some extra charm to your personality as well.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Short Wedding Hairstyle with Ornaments

The idea is to pick out the piece of hair ornament, which compliments this ultimate hairstyle.

If you have short and straight blonde hair, then comb the hair smoothly and add a hair vine that works perfectly for the thin delicate waves and brightens the model’s eyes. This hairstyle will look absolutely beautiful on you on your wedding day.

Short Hairstyles For Wedding


Layered Curly Bob

Refresh your short hair in a bridal bob by adding long layers to it. An easy-to-style look, and if you have smooth waves, it will be hassle-free all day.

You can use rollers to enhance the waves. Use a shine spray to add life to your blonde color tresses. A bejeweled tiara is perfect for a formal wedding.

short wedding hairstyle


Soft Razor Cut Pixie

This razor-cut pixie is both edgy and soft at the same time. It has the strength and boldness of a modern pixie cut, but the razor-cut layers give it enough versatility to style in various ways.

An effortless pixie works best with oval and elongated face shapes. The warm-toned highlights and pearl headband make this style elegant and suitable for a bride.

wedding hairstyle with short pixie


High Messy Bun

It is easier to make a messy bun with short hair. First, give your hair a perm for a curly hair texture. Then, make a puff at the top of the head and gather your hair back in an updo. The curly texture of your hair and short edges sticking out gives a naturally beautiful look. If you wish to keep things effortless, a high messy bun is a style for you. You can decorate your bun with flower clips.

wedding bun for short hair


Half Up Half Down

This wavy short style invokes an old southern feel. A retro-inspired hairstyle with thick curls and volume below is perfect for a theme wedding. The warm chestnut color will lighten your face, and the beautiful white flower clip stacked at the back adds grace and romance to your look.

wedding hairstyle for short brunette hair


The Classic Pixie

The classic pixie can be worn by anyone, even a bride. The lush golden brown color makes your pixie look sweet, posh, and polished at the same time. The asymmetrical cut makes it look fashionably undone. A short hairstyle s such will easily make you stand out.  Add a silver headband for that bridal finish.

wedding hairstyle with short blonde hair


Loose Bouncy Curls

Curls defy the idea of neat and strict is beautiful. Curls can add life to any hairstyle. Wear your natural curls to your wedding and let your hair speak for itself. For a more fluffy look, you can add layers to your hair.  The beautiful flowers and lively hair make this look perfect for a spring wedding.

black woman with short wedding hairstyle


Short Platinum Bob

Sometimes less can be more. A short platinum bob proves the point. The bright color makes the hairstyle more lovable. A short bob with fringes is full of detailing and makes your facial features more prominent, making it an ideal hairstyle for wedding pictures. Finish this bridal look by using a shine serum.

short blonde wedding hairstyle


A lob

The hair is kept short in the front and longer at the back with tweaked ends to give a mushroom effect. The headband keeps the hair in place as well as allows sufficient movement; thus, you need not worry about a windy day as your fine dancing tresses will only add to your beauty.

short wedding hairstyle with ornaments


Tousled Curly Pixie

Tousled hairstyles never fail to attract everyone’s eye, whether it is a casual event or a wedding. It is easier to style if you have naturally curly hair, as all you will have to do is simply tousle or blow-dry your hair. Use a pomade mousse and fingerstyle your hair. The beautiful curls and spiky strands are enough to accessorize your hair.

wedding hairstyle with short messy hair


Vintage Curls

Short hairstyles for weddings with combed back curls on a bob make you look like a 90s bride. The razor-cut edges add a modern feel to this hairstyle.

The silver headband gives a slight lift to hair at the back to give volume to your hairstyle. Additionally, you can opt for a dramatic cathedral veil for a classic bridal look.

wedding hairstyle with short bob


People with really short hair become confused to pick the best short hairstyles for wedding. So, choosing the perfect one that suits the face shape is very important.