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Braided Hairstyles are quickly becoming one of the most popular hairstyle trends. Braids are not just for kids. Even grown women can look elegant and beautiful in braided hairstyles. A braid or plait is a pattern formed by interlacing three or more strands of hair. Braids pull the hair back from your face and let your features come into focus. They also help in protecting the hair from damage by exposure to wind, sun, etc.

There’s no shortage of stunning braid hairstyles, for long and short hair alike that will make your life a lot more stylish with just a little more effort. The most simple and common hair braid is a flat three-stranded braid. Some other interesting braid types include Fishtail braid, French braid, Dutch braid, Upside down braid, Cornrow braids, Waterfall braid, Lace braid, Twist braid, Box Braids, Crochet Braids, Goddess Braids, Ghana Braids, Big Braids, Braided Updo, micro braids etc. Many more complex braids can also be created by combining two or more of these types.

How to do Butterfly Braid? Step by Step Guide

A Butterfly braid, as the name suggests, is elegant and pretty similar to the butterfly. It is also considered as one of the protective styling choices that require less amount of time. The style consists of two chunky braids, and the addition of plaiting hair helps maintain your natural hair tucked on plus protected. The two braid style ends in a thicker and jumbo braid giving a pleasing look for any type of hair. The perfect finishing touch can be obtained by accessorizing your butterfly braids with gold or silver color small strings. Click To Read More

How to Do Yarn Braids? Step by Step Guide

Yarn braids, as the name suggests, are exactly braids made of yarn. The main goal of the hairstyle is low maintenance. Yarn braids are an especially charming view of a hairstyle that concentrates on the distinguished texture that is unnatural and adorable. There is an option to choose any colors or every shade of the rainbow. The blue and white combination is generally considered very attractive. If you favor a more distant style, but don’t need it to come out too massive layered braids can be chosen in such cases. Yarn braid styles are all about versatility, and the best ones look glorious on every face. When you desire to preserve your natural hair and have a pause from daily styling, it’s an opportunity to find out how to create yarn braids. Layered hairstyles are now in high demand due to the dynamic and amazing one-length twists and braids. Click To Read More

How to Do an Elsa Braid? Step By Step Guide

Be it, kids or adults, Elsa from frozen won all our hearts with her beauty and grace. The Disney princess braid is something all out little daughters want when they feel like a princess. Even adults can pull off the elegant and beautiful hairstyle as it looks great and magical on long hair. The unique hairstyle is beautiful and easy to imitate on your hair. It is suitable to have below shoulder length, or you can easily add an extension if you have short hair. Click To Read More

How To Do Fishbone Braid – Step by Step Guide

If you have long hair, then the fishbone braid looks beautiful and gives a fantastic look to your hair. It is favorite for rushed mornings and formal events. The Fishbone braid has three strands instead of two. You can try fishbone braid on any hair type, but it gives an amazing look on long hair. There are some requirements and steps which you have to follow while making a fishbone braid. Few of them are: Click To Read More

How to do African Braids? Step by Step Guide

There is always a way to make your natural hair look fabulous daily. We have tried various hairstyles. But the count of us just admiring a hairstyle and never trying it out is much higher. We often step back from looking gorgeous with a hairstyle by thinking that it may be too difficult to recreate, which might not always be the case. The perfect solution for this is making up your mind and finding the easiest steps which will help you. Click To Read More