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30 Boho Braids Hairstyles to Revive Your Charm

Experimentation can lead to a lot of Discovery, and when experimentation is done on hair, what comes is various ways of looking gorgeous. There is a buffet of styles in which women can tie their hair. There are short hairstyles, long and medium. On these lengths, one can do ponytails, crochet, wear their hair down straight, or wear them fully curled. Also, there are hairstyles like the crown, the twists, buns, and braids. Among all these, the maximum scope of choice is given by the braids hairstyle. There are different kinds of braids, like simple to waterfall to fishtail. One such variation of the braided hairstyle is the boho braids.

The Origin of Boho Braids

The boho braid haircut started from a preceding period. While the 1940s haircut was based further on a roll or wavy look, contemporary boho braids tidy the hair to 1 front and have a more uneven look. The term boho braids come from the source term bohemian, which usually suggests an individual who exists beyond the norms of conventionality. Bohemian style thus combines an expression that highlights bright clothes, running skirts, low slippers, bangles, and interesting stone ornaments — all which are supposed to be assisted in compliance with boho braids. Because the boho braid is designed to be relaxed, it provides the impact of a further tousled, bohemian look.

The boho braid usually goes best for medium to lengthy hair as the hair requires to be drawn of one side of the head to the other side and then incorporated into a braid. This is usually regarded as the only feature of the hairstyle that slightly complicated to tie. Boho braids are one of the more attractive hairstyles as they can persist in place for extended times and need just a bit of touch-up. Usually, a boho braid goes with majority hairstyles and can complement various kinds of apparel. In the beginning, Boho braids made their debut in the year 1940s. With the name, boho, one captures the sense that this hairstyle has a very Bohemia appeal.

Here you can learn a step by step guide on How to do Boho Braid?

Here are Top 30 Boho Braids Styles That You Can Check Out:

1. Front Boho Braid Hairstyle

In this style, the hair is medium and left open. Taking a middle partition to keep the hair a bit tousled. Section out narrow strands from the front portion to tie a loose knitted braid. Do leave the lower portion of the hair. The effect is to give an impression of a very casual and carefree look. The boho braid raises the bulk of hair from the face and neck comfortably. Just like the French braid, it usually is adequate for boho braids to be held rather loosely in place.

Boho Braids

2. One-Sided Boho Braid Hairstyle

Keeping it minimal gives a very classy edge to the hair. This particular hairstyle abides by this notion. The braid is done in between the hair on one side. In between the hair, small hair jewelry is placed to enhance the beauty of this simplistic yet such an impact full hairstyle. This hairstyle can be a perfect beachwear style. You can also sport this hairstyle for a perfect vacation. These kinds of braids are especially prevalent with women who attend more dynamic lifestyles as the braids are comparatively effortless to produce.

Boho Braids

3. Tousled Up French Plate with Boho Braid Hairstyle

Boho braids look a lot like French braids but are not symmetric as them. The wide range of boho braids presents them as famous among stylists too. Hairstylists apply tousled design for the hair arrangement to form the loosely arranged bun braid that places to the center. To build this boho braid, a person makes a bun that fits loosely to one side of the head, through building a softly bunched appearance. In this style, the braids are done just on the center alignment with ending in a French plait. You can also style up this hair for your bachelor party or an evening diner date.

Boho Braids

4. Bun Boho Braid Hairstyle

Have you ever tried incorporating a braid in a bun hairstyle? It sure is a very pretty style where you get to tie your hair in an updo. The loosely tied bun is slightly in the side and the aligned braid comes from down the sides of the temple region and encompasses the bun. This hairstyle is extremely classy and has a very sophisticated charm. You can complement the look with a slit gown or a flared long dress. The outcome is so damn glamorous! You can also put this hairstyle on for your special day or reception party.

Boho Braids

5. Intertwined Boho Braid

This looks very intense and is a very graceful style. With some patience, you can very nicely tie this hairdo. Section your hair to 5 or 6 parts from the crown area. Start taking two twists from each side near the temple. Then taking a second parallel strand place the twists that you had initially sectioned below the second strand of parallel hair. The first strand passes through the sectioned strand from the temple and the second parallel strand. In the middle of the hair, bring them to tie a loosely knit boho braid. The hairstyle is elaborate and has a flared picturesque presentation.

Boho Braids

6. Two Sided Boho Braid

Well, have you ever come across a typical scenario of bohemian group chilling at a travel trek? If so then you would notice this particular hairstyle on women. This is so, as the two sided messy braid is so quintessentially bohemian. In this hair-do all you need to do is just center part your hair and let it be unkempt. Better if you do it with your hands. After you have divided do the braiding keeping the hair on the font side and the braid should be that of a fish-bone style.

Boho Braids

7. Side Braid Ponytail

The title explains it all. This hairstyle is indeed pretty and women who have thin hair can try this hairstyle. Section your hair into one side and taking a chunk at that side braid them with very loose end so that you can pull the strands to give it a broadened and tapered look. From the loose end till the neckline, after you finish the hairstyle, tie a pony. You can wear this hair-do at any parties and casual meet ups. Also this hairstyle is for women who have medium length hair.

Boho Braids

8. Twisted Centre Boho Braids

Style that is so picturesque is a sure try on. This hairstyle is so beautiful and charming that it creates a very delicate Aura. Take two sections from each side of the hair and twist them to join into one in the center. From there braid the hair just in the middle and leave the rest of the hairstyle. The braids should be loose enough so that later it can be fluffed and create a heart shaped look at the center. This hairstyle is great for vacation where all you want is to relax look well and have an incredible time. Also because the hair is tied in the front it’s great for a beach holiday and your hair won’t get messed from the sea wind.

Boho Braids

9. Temple Side Boho Braid

This boho braid is so pretty and minimalist. First comb you hair making a side partition. From the temple side take the hair in a narrow section and braid in the simple way. However do not continue much. Keep the braid short. Repeat the same style on the other side just like this one. This hairstyle if beautiful and very easy on the go as it takes so less time. So if you are busy yet need a quick style then this one is for you.

Boho Braids

10. Messy Highlighted Boho Braid Hairstyle

As mentioned earlier that boho braid is all about sporting the casual and carefree look and so is this braid. The messier it is the better. Braid as you like. If your hair is highlighted the effect will be even better. After the hair is tied in Brad. Secure them with tiny floral hair accessories which will look just way too gorgeous. Well this hairstyle can be a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

Boho Braids

11. Scarf Braid Boho Hairdo

Something new and out of the box is always excited to try. So this one is a sure novelty. With some colourful scarf you can get this hairstyle and that too in just minutes. Gather your hair and divide to two parts at the nape and tie two ponies on either side. Take one colorful Georgette or silk scarf that can be thinned and squeezed. Now secure it from the pony and start to braid with it as if it were a hair strand. Repeat the same with the other ponytail taking yet another colourful scarf. The result has a very free spirited charm to it that exuberates joy and grace and colour too.

Boho Braids

12. Boho Braid with Tapered Pattern

When hairstyles are simple the experience of trying it out enhances even more. With this style too the same happens. First pull out a section at the back of the head from the center and fasten it with an elastic band. Leave the second layer below it. Now taking the second layer of hair left below the pony braid the hair. It will create a second separately and thereafter pull out the strands to give that tapered effect. Simple yet elegant this style can be flaunted at all times.

Boho Braids

13. Side Boho Braid

If you have medium or long hair and you want something more than just a braid, or a pony this can be your go to style. Side part your hair. From the front start to braid taking a narrow chunk. Make sure the braid is kept in the side alignment. This hairstyle will reach an all new level of glamour quotient when one sticks dainty hair ornaments like stars from the braid. The Side boho braid hairstyle is something that will look good on almost anyone irrespective of age. This hairstyle is one such versatile piece of style that it matches any event and has an instant glamorizing appeal.

Boho Braids

14. Cross Braid

This hairstyle is very easy to make. If you have long hair this hairstyle will be even more perfect. In the side make two separate braids. From the first braid insert the second and then leave them as two separate braids. Thus the style is of two simple braids that has an intertwined connection. The look has a very free spirited vibe. This look is great for even every day wear for college goers. The Cross braid boho hairstyle will look great on women with oval facial shape and on young women.

Boho Braids

15. Pony Braid Hairstyle

Boho hairstyle is everything which can be described as having a carefully careless look. It is portraying this paradox is what the Crux of this style elaborates. With a slightly uplifted pony incorporate the braid within the pony. This hairstyle can be complimented with hair clips or bears and will look good on both formal and informal look.

Boho Braids

16. Fluffy Boho Braid Hairstyle

You can never get enough of this kind of braid for sure. These braids are easy going, super quick to make and if you are wondering whether the shape of it might get a bit distorted then that’s the essence. Well boho braids are the genre which makes careless beauty look prettier. One such style is this one. The fluffy braid is way too cute and has an adorable appeal. You can tie this hairstyle on a vacation and relax. Also even if the hair gets all over the place, the charm of it becomes no less.

Boho Braids

17. French Braid Boho Hairstyle

Simple and elegant this hairstyle, is a must try. It looks good on women with a little lengthy hair. In this style all that is required is just out of patience as it takes a bit time for the initial part to do. The hair when it is all tied up looks even prettier. Also this hairstyle is something that can be worn in parties and reception or such grandeur events. This hairstyle can also be paired with cute floral decors that can take this elegant hairstyle to a whole new level. Glam up your look now.

Boho Braids

18. V-Shaped Boho Braid Pony Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very classy and stylish. Take three sections of the hair and braid them on either side in the simplest way possible. After half the section is tied, knot the intersection and from there tie a knot and there after a pony. Now this pony can be of medium to long length depending upon your hair. You will notice that there is a v shape that has occurred in the intersection. Place a cute hair accessories at the middle to enhance the beauty of this hairstyle. This hairstyle is something new and not to mention a very simple bridal style. If at all you are wearing this hairstyle on your wedding, which will be a great idea, make sure to put the veil from the crown area so that ornament at the V shape of the hairstyle can be seen through the veil.

Boho Braids

19. Front Lock Braid with Two Side Braid

First bring out the front locks in section. Tie the hair in braids. There after the rest of the hair is side parted and like simple braid all you have to do is style up. This hairstyle is very easy and is indeed fashionable. Like shown in the image you can also pair it up with a hat to I crease the bohemian appeal of the entire look. Small feather tie ups at the end to secure the braids can also add up to the glamour quotient of this hairstyle. Pair the style with junk jewelers and give it a new look. This hairstyle will look good on oval face or girls who are a bit chubby as the side lock braid can cup the cheek and create an effect to cut the ace fat.

Boho Braids

20. Red String Braid Hairstyle

If you think highlighting your hair or low lighting is the only way by which you can incorporate color to your hair then you are hugely mistaken. Adding colored strings is the new trend. In this hairstyle ad a colored string like red and then tie it up within the braid. This will make the look instantly glamorous and also add a nice touch of fashion to the hairdo as well. For a quick travel session or a road trip on the go this hairstyle is very appropriate. This braid suits young women or is an ideal deal in college fests and such events where there is a lot of youth involved. The vibe of this style is extremely contemporary and chilled and makes for a cool trend of the modern era.

Boho Braids

21. Multicolour Boho Braid Hairstyle

Take some moment to first take in the beauty of this gorgeous hairstyle. The color combination the layer drop like braids and the complete appeal of the hair together looks just explicitly beautiful. Let’s get started with this hair-do. The color palate is quite intriguing. With green and orange, red yellow slight touch of pink this hairstyle has a vivid combo. After the dying part is over, next comes the braiding part. The braid night initially look a bit intimidating on the first go but once you start the hairstyle it will come naturally with the flow. This hairstyle incorporates messy braid style, fish bone and French plait and is a mixture of all. Probably that is the beauty of the whole thing.

Boho Braids

22. Dainty Rose Boho Braid Hairstyle

With boho braid one can style up with huge variations. These styles are so delicate and charming that the style is worth remembering. In this particular hairstyle the motif of a rose is made with encircling the braid. The hairstyle incorporates two types of braid, drawing from the sides and adjoining in the centers. The USP of the hairstyle is that the in between narrow braids drop down like danglers that look extremely pretty. With hairstyles like this one can vouch to be the apple of the show. This hairstyle can be made to look even more graceful by hanging dainty studs on them. This can be a great wedding wear hairstyle.

Boho Braids

23. Floral Bun With A Boho Side Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle you can look very cute. This is an ideal wear for girls who are in colleges or are looking for a great prom hair do at high school. Also this hairstyle is extremely easy to make. So what is the wait all about? Let’s get started with the making. First loosely gather up all your hair and then twist it to have a good grip. Placing in the center turn the twisted hair twice and then again through the center bring in another circle. And fix with pins at the base so that it is not visible. After you have tied the braid it’s time to create the appeal. With hand just stick out the hair from the braid. For the braid it’s simple. Towards one side of the hair, bring out a narrow section and braid them. The complete hairstyle when done looks picture perfect and of course stylish to the core.

Boho Braids

24. Intertwined Heart Shaped Braid

This boho braid is simply amazing. It looks a bit complicated but truly it’s not. The quick fix for this hairdo is braiding with loops. Also aligning it with intertwined ends will give it a net like patterned structure. In this hairstyle however one has to have a bit of both length and volume. It is due to this length and the volume that the base and the crown area will be able to hold up itself. This can be a hairstyle to be flaunted when you are going out with your friends for an evening hangout session. This hairstyle does take some time. However good things do take time and this hairstyle is one such piece. Start it and within no time the hairstyle will be complete. Not to mention that the end result is just too pretty.

Boho Braids

25. Double Tapered Boho Braid

This style follows by the traits of the quintessential boho braid hairstyle. In this particular style the free spirited nature has come out real well. With the unkempt careless look the whole Aura of the look is increased to a great level. To start with how to tie the the hair, first taking strands and braiding from the side temple areas, start to section the hair to a second braid which is simpler and also messier. This hairstyle suits best on women who keeps their hair long. This is because the long boho braid comes out real well when the braids are long and strands can be forcibly carefree. If you wish you can style the look with a hat to give that bohemian charm, which is ready to set to explore. Also this hairstyle is a quick fix one, as it doesn’t require you to be very tidy. If a strand misses out, it is completely fine.

Boho Braids

26. Boho Buffet Braid

This style has its own elegance and Beauty. In this hairstyle neatly comb your hair. Make two braids from the temples and then place the braid from one side to the other Repeat the same with the other braid. The style looks like a buffet crayon from behind and the rest of the hair is left open and the edges are somewhat curled up to give a wave like effect. This hairstyle is appropriate for weddings and such grand events. Women who have medium length hair will find this hairstyle just too perfect. This hairstyle is very pretty and is not that unkempt as the previous ones. Also you can style up with flowers and figs to add that natural charm to it. Indeed this style is a sheet try on not only because it’s easy to maintain but also it kind of holds your hairstyle look in place because of the braiding style. In this particular style the crown area is put to focus so in case you want to adorn yourself with a crown, then that too is possible with such hair-do.

Boho Braids

27. Twisted Boho Braid With The Pony

To get this hairstyle first gather up the hair and tie a pony tail. Now make a gap in between the hair at the center such that there is enough space in between. Now insert the pony that has been tied into this space. What happens is the hair in the center gets twisted and the pony comes out of the middle from below. The hairstyle is simple, easy and has a great style sense. If you are a woman who is busy and need a hairstyle that takes minimum time well this one is your bid to go with. Also if you want to deck up a little being a versatile style, this hairdo can be adorned with floral decors placed in the twisted side edges.

Boho Braids

28. Two Braids Dangler Hairstyle

In this hairstyle first make a plain and simple braid from one side. Do not do the full hair length. Keep till half of the head. Now keeping a parallel alignment make another braid just below this one. This braid can be a fish-bone braid. The hair can then be tied in a knot. Take both the loose ends of these braids and draw a knot. After this the unified section from the knot is designed into two hanging loops such that it looks like a heart shape. The rest of the hair this looks just too pretty and left as it is.

Boho Braids

29. Boho Style French Braid

French braids usually start from the crown area of the head and gathers up all the hair and is very neatly tied. However when the boho braid is in concern, the hairstyle need not be that tidy. Some locks can stick out here and there and add some extra charm to the look. On a beautiful windy day when you are on an outdoor spree, this hairstyle can be your ideal bid to go with. The hairstyle is all protected and looks Charming.

Boho Braids

30. In Ward Boho Braid Hairstyle

This braid is very easy to make. Take two individual sections of hair and braid them keeping a parallel alignment. Braid them taking the hair from the side and then till the other side in a curved line. Now the rest half of the untied hair from the other side is taken up and made a simple braid keeping a side alignment such that the two small braids if goes from left to right, this braid will come from right to left overlapping the two inward braids.

Boho Braids

If you are a person who loves the concept of beauty and fashion or just looking great is a part of your inner mantra of feeling great then this hairstyle is a definite try on. With so many variations you will just be too spoilt for choice. Wondering which one to try? You can try as many you like cause the end result is a beautiful happy you. With good hairstyle your look changes and the appeal of your persona is heightened to a great degree. Be it with flowers, headbands, veils, hair accessories and also any kind of clothing the boho braid goes so well. Get your favorite boho hairstyle now.

Boho Braids Hairstyles