Learn To Make 3 Types of Braid – Traditional Braid, French Braid & Fishtail Braid

Braids look beautiful on long hair as well as short hairs. It goes well with any outfit and gives you a perfect look for the function, outing, evening, office, etc. Braiding is a very simple process that can be done quickly. Instead of going to a parlor, Learn here How to Braid – Traditional Braid, French Braid & Fishtail Braid. Click To Read More

How To Make A Chain Braid Ponytail & Headband

If you are a proud owner of long tresses of hair, you would want to flaunt it in different ways. Today there are several trending buns, ponytails as well as open hair hairstyles to suit your personality, face cut, occasion, and outfit. Presenting your hair in a chic manner adds to your character and gives a pleasant, appealing look to people whom you meet. Best hairstyle goes with any outfit. Click To Read More