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30 Two Braid Hairstyles to Bring the Limelight

Since the evolution of fashion and hairstyles of various kinds, the braids have been there. An age-old good-to-go hairstyle, the braids are a seriously versatile style. The grace, beauty, and charm of the braid have always been the same ever since.

Braids can make you look different in no time, and that is where the magic of this particular hairstyle stands. In braids, one requires to take three strands and then tie it with cross-sectioning the three strands with alternately placing the right over the middle strand and then the left from below the middle strand.

There are various ways in which a braid can be styled. Below mentioned are few such braid hairstyles that incorporate two braids, and you can jolly well flaunt the styles.

1. Two Braids in Bob 

If you have a Bob cut hair or any other cut with a short length, then you must be thinking that there are no more options left for you. Maybe just an open hairstyle is all that you have to go through. However, it’s time to shun such an idea. With short hair too, one can go to a tie-up style.

Follow the two braids method, and you can be all set to go and rock the party. First, part your hair and start to braid from the side hairline till the neck. After you are done with it, fasten the loose ends with an elastic band. This hairstyle is just too adorable.

Two Braids Hairstyles


2. Side Braid Ponytail

If you have long hair or even medium length hair, then this style will suit you pretty well. Gone are the days when you girls had to do away with plain ponies or just braids. Fashion is all about creativity, and when there is creation, there comes novelty.

This side braid pony- hairstyle is very classy and looks absolutely gorgeous. Make two loose braids taking hair from the scalp area of the sides. The braids will be from both sides of the head, coming and joining one.

Now tie a knot in the middle and fasten to make a pony. This hairstyle is also great for women who have thin hair. Now after the hairstyle is all done, the plates of the hair can be put out a bit to create a beautiful, tapered look.

Two Braids Hairstyles


3. Two Cornrow Braids

This hairstyle is very easy to do, and because it is in short hair, it is quite a popular one. In this style, the first side parts your hair to one side. After that from one side, taking the from the temple side, start to braid with a narrow section. The braid should be from the scalp area.

In this hairstyle, incorporating the second braid allows the style statement to increase to the next level. The second braid is done a bit lower than the first braid. However, both the braids are done till the mid-length of the hair, and then they are clipped. Leave the rest of the hair open and slightly comes over them, giving a beautiful effect.

Two Braids Hairstyles


4. Two Braided Crown

If you have straight long hair, this hairstyle will be a great choice to style up for. Neatly comb your hair and thereafter start to braid from both sides taking hair from the scalp area. The two braids can be thick.

After the braid comes to meet in the middle of the hair make the hair into one braid and tie it in the fishtail braid manner. The third braid will be just in the center and will be tied to a level where after a bit of hair will be left. The rest of the hair is left untied. The hairstyle looks like a crown in the middle.

Two Braids Hairstyles


5. Classic Two-Sided Braids

In this style, you have to detangle your hair fist and comb it thoroughly so that there are no knots. This hairstyle’s beauty is its neatness and tight way of styling. In this style, the hair is split into two halves such that the hair is divided exactly into two sections.

Start to braid taking the hair from the scalp area on the sides, and continue the trail down below through the entire length of the hair. Now, this hairstyle is appropriate for women who have long hair, as it will look great on lengthier hair.

Two Braids Hairstyles


6. Two Braids with Buns 

This style has a very eccentric feel to it. If you are ready to flaunt something new and explore new and exciting styles, then nothing can surprise you more than this gorgeous and attractive hairdo. In this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair into a lot of levels.

First, the initial section is made just after the hairline where the braiding is horizontally done in the cornrow fashion. After that keeping a central alignment, following the same trail of hair braid, make a vertical braid as well.

The left out portion on each side of the central braid is where the buns should be done. For the bun, you have to take some amount of hair and braid till the last and then twist the braid to form a patterned bun out of it. Repeat on the other side. For the third and the finals section of the hair, simply braid on two sides.

Two Braids Hairstyles


7. Delicate Bun with Two Braids

The method of this hairstyle is very simple though it really looks complex. Just as mentioned in the above styles, braid on the two sides of the hair from the two side scalp area. Braid for the complete length of the hair.

After you are done, take the two braids hanging and gather them in a bun in the middle. You can accessorize this hairstyle with dainty pieces of jewelry to increase the appeal of the entire hairstyle. This can be a great wedding day hairstyle, as well.

Two Braids Hairstyles


8. Puffed Up Two Side Braids 

This hairstyle can be great for hair that is medium length. Following the subtle touch of the buffet braid structure, this hairstyle incorporates the two classic braids on either side of the hair, and the puffed sides create a sense of volume to the hair. The hair looks dense and pretty.

Dressing up for a retro party look? This is the one then. The hairstyle has an extremely retro look to it. Pair the hairdo up with a pretty lace top.

Two Braids Hairstyles


9. Highlighted Two Braid 

The USP of this hairstyle is the highlighted color. The greyish tone makes for a beautiful and futuristic style. This hairstyle can be a great style for prom night or your own costume birthday. This hairstyle is a very stylish one. The braid is done with proximity to each other.

The hairstyles suit best in women who have long hair. So what is the wait all about/ Try on this beautiful braid now. This hairstyle will also be the best one for vacation as it is a protected style.

Two Braids Hairstyles


10. Horizontal Aligned Two Braid Styles

This hairstyle is charming and stylish, and the best part is it is very easy to style up. Also, another best thing about this hair is that it can be style on short or medium length hair that is thin. In this hair, the partition is done from the back to bring in a note of novelty.

The hairstyle has the two braids coming from either side of the head and then joining at the back. The center can be tied with a golden hair accessory. This look is a gorgeous and simple look, yet it can change the look completely.

Two Braids Hairstyles


11. Two Narrow Side Braid 

Are you tired of looking the same every day? Want some change in your look for your daily routine? Here is a simple bid to try on. In this style, the effort one puts in is absolutely minimal, and yet the effect it creates is so pretty. In a very minimalistic fashion, it tends to highlight your subtle style.

Keep your hair open. From within the hair, take up two narrow sections and make two very thin braids. That is all. It is so simple yet adds a note of newness and style to your hair.

Two Braids Hairstyles


12. Two Fishtail Braid 

Need to totally change your look with a different hairstyle and appearance? Then this is for you! For this design, the hair has been dyed with shades of red and brown and golden colors. Then a double fishtail braid is tied, keeping the strands in a pull out fashion to create the fluff.

The braids are quite comfortable, but there is a division in the center that is secure. Recreate the whole style or try the braids in your hair color. Braids like these will, however, need some amount of work, but it will be all deserving.

Also, as a tip, do hold your hair such that it is moisturized with a leave-in conditioner or a kind of sheen applicator for braids. In case it looks a bit messy, it’s fine that will add a bit of effect.

Two Braids Hairstyles


13. Two Dutch Braided Bun 

Create a Dutch braid with one under the other strand pattern such that the braids are dome till the entire hair length. Now tie up the two braids in a small and cute bun. This style is a very adorable and very protective hairstyle.

In this style, one can incorporate colorful beads and such cute accessories. For girls, this hairstyle is indeed great. A short trick to ease out on making this hairdo is to gel up your hair, thus giving it moisture. It is easier to hold the hair with a better grip.

Two Braids Hairstyles


14. Red Fishtail Braids 

Women all over the world just love fishtail braid. In this style, too, the fishtail is incorporated. These braids can be styled in several ways and thus are termed as one of the most they are such versatile hairstyles. This look is all about two fishtail braids that have loosely pulled out strands.

The pulled out strand creates an aura of having voluminous hair. Also, the color red and tinge of burgundy add up to the glamour quotient of the entire look. Pair up the dress with a high neck sleeve dress so that the hairstyle comes to the forefront.

Two Braids Hairstyles


15. Two Crown Braid

The braiding is done such that it looks like a crown. A loose Dutch braid is rounded and pinned circularly with the end of the braid tied with pins. It’s one of the styles that would be perfect for a royal occasion, like a wedding or a prom. Recreate the whole style or try the braids in your hair color.

Braids like these will, however, need some amount of work, but it will be all deserving. Also, as a tip, do hold your hair such that it is moisturized with a leave-in conditioner or a kind of sheen applicator for braids. In case it looks a bit messy, it’s fine that will add a bit of effect.

Two Braids Hairstyles


16. Two-Strand Hairstyle

The braids in this style is Need to change your look with a different hairstyle and appearance? Then this is for you! For this design, the hair has been dyed with shades of red and brown and golden colors. Then a double fishtail braid is tied, keeping the strands tight.

Braids like these will, however, need some amount of work, but it will be all deserving. This braid is great for vacation because the hair doesn’t mess up with your visions.

Two Braids Hairstyles


17. Cross Braids

The pattern of this hairstyle is stunning and attracts a lot of glances. Tie up two braids from either side of the crown area and bring the braid from the left to the right and vice versa.

After this tie up the loose hair from down below along with the braids that come down and considering the braid from the crown area as the middle tie the other two braids.

Two Braids Hairstyles


18. Head Steady Two Braids

This hairstyle is a very tidy style, and also it stays in place for as long as you want. One of the most protective styles of this particular number requires is styling the braid from the two sides of the head and trailing down to two sides.

This hairstyle is elegant and will look great on women with medium hair. Pair it up with a high-neck lace dress to enhance the entire appeal of the hairstyle.

Two Braids Hairstyles


19. Center Dutch Braid 

This hair has a jazzy appeal. The braids are center-parted and the middle braid incorporates twists. You can adorn this middle braid with a golden ring to accentuate the appeal of the hairstyle. This hairstyle is a great one!

Two Braids Hairstyles


20. French-Style Dutch Braid

Two Dutch braids are arranged close together. It’s trendy and unusual. Having a very flow and carefree appeal, the braid resembles that of the French style. This hairstyle has a boho appeal as it has a carefree vibe to it. Easy to make the hairdo, you can give it a try.

These two Dutch braids with French style can be a great hairdo that can match up to any given occasion. Be it a wedding or a party event, or even if you are out on a date, this particular style will never cease to put you in the limelight.

Two Braids Hairstyles


21. Two Braids in a Lower Bun

If you are dressing up for your special day or you want to select an elegant hairstyle, then this can be your most elegant selection of the day. In this hairstyle, the two Dutch braids are tied from the scalp area.

Thereafter the braids are lowered and tied in a bun. This bun can be decorated with accessories and flowers or figs and such delicate things. It can be visible through the veil. For a bride, this hairstyle can be appropriate.

Two Braids Hairstyles


22. Self-Tied Green Double Braid

In this style, the hair is short, and that adds to the trend. The color of mint green is much in fashion nowadays. This style cannot look good but also look extremely cute. You can look extremely funky in this hairstyle.

For a college fest or such other cool events like this, the hairstyle is a great choice. Pair it up with a t-shirt and blue types of denim, and you are ready to rock the show.

Two Braids Hairstyles


23. Two-Sided Tight Braid

This hairstyle is best for women who have a busy schedule throughout the day. The style is suitable for a hectic day, casual outing as it will keep your hair put for a while.

You can easily manage it and enjoy it who is into sports. Tight braids like this look fantastic. Also, the best thing about this style is it can stay as it is.

Two Braids Hairstyles


24. Mini Two Braid Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the length adds to the cuteness quotient of the hairstyle. It’s an adorable style yet done in the simplest way possible. This hairstyle is very easy to make, and there is no extra time needed to style up the hair-do. This hairstyle is great for girls and youngsters.

Two Braids Hairstyles


25. White Two Braid Hairstyle

This hairstyle is indeed a super classic style that looks very tight from the front. Also, it is one of the best ways to show the variation one can get by doing this double Dutch braids at the front of the shoulder.

This style incorporates the white hair highlighted part, and thus, the effect of the hairstyle is increased even more. This style is great for cool summer looks. Hairstyles like these take time, but the effort to do this one is totally worth it in the end.

Two Braids Hairstyles


26. Center Parted Dutch Braid 

There are various kinds of two braid styles to try on. It is a proper 2 braids hairstyle with a middle part. The style that is sported has an elegant structure.

The two braids are tied on the sides of the head. Starting at the front on each side, the effect of the Dutch braid continues. With hairstyles like this, a lot of depth and texture are added to the hair.

Two Braids Hairstyles


27. Pink Bottomed Two Braid

In this hairstyle, the simplistic charm of plain two braids is flaunted. In this style, the hair is sectioned into two parts and brought in front and then tied in braids.

Because the hair is colored in the blonde shade with pink bottoms, when you tie the hair at the bottom, the pink base adds a note of glamour to the simple style and elevates the look to be very classy and interesting.

Two Braids Hairstyles


28. Burgundy Two Braids 

This look has a very symmetrical appeal, and it is done so well. It’s so apt on this model with her burgundy colored hair. But it’s actually two simple Dutch braids on the side very close together. The braids are narrow.

The style looks terrific on women who have short hair and want to try on something quick but still has some appeal. This hairstyle suits women who have a round face

Two Braids Hairstyles


29. Creative Bun

Definitely an attention-seeking hairstyle, this particular number is all about style and trend. The top middle-part is sectioned to two wherein the two Dutch braids run through the top of the head toward the crown area. You then have to create one single bun at the crown.

The entire hairstyle is exquisite and cute. This one is a sheer rocking hairstyle. This bun creative look hairstyle shows how the Dutch braid technique with two braids can look a little different with slight changes.

Two Braids Hairstyles


30. Two Sides Dutch Braid 

The braiding throughout the head is done on every side really loosely. The back of the two queues is moved from the neck and the collar down. See how braiding strengthens hair with many hair strand colors so beautifully.

The braids combine a lot of texture to hair that has various colors in it from grey hair. The dual Dutch braids at the back of the head taper down to details at the base while thicker and more relaxed on either side of the head along with usual twists.

Two Braids Hairstyles


Braided hairstyles are cute and gorgeous that is getting popular each day. Creating a braided hairstyle can also have several other benefits. Not only are braids a convenient hairstyle, but it serves as a protective style that will help your natural hair grow faster as well.

Just an easy trick, simply use some water to damp your hair a bit – so it is easier to separate the sections from having more beautiful braids.

Braids will keep the moisture intact in your hair, and prevent excessive split ends my shielding your hair from heat damage, dryness, and over styling. No matter what type of function you are going to, or how dressed up or casual you want to be, braid hairstyles offer a wide variety of choices for versatile hairstyles.

Today braiding one’s hair has become more of a fashion statement than anything else. Choose from so many types of pretty, elegant, and classy hairstyles that are listed above to style up your hair with your favorite two braid hairstyles and stay in fashion.

Two Braid Hairstyles